Mindy McCready: Country Star on Custody Battle Over Son

Country singer's son was taken away but she says she has reason for hope.
12:15 | 12/10/11

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Transcript for Mindy McCready: Country Star on Custody Battle Over Son
Nobody sings about tough times rough love a good country singer and maybe no one has lived those lyrics more than country singer Mindy McCready. Headlines about her exploded last week saying she was on the Lam with a young son -- kidnapped. On the heels of a litany of troubles drugs -- -- suicide attempt. Many people feared for the worst but a scene in case of on the run for the singers six months pregnant with twins. Has not turned into a case of on the record as she sat down with ABC's Andrea canning to tell her side of the story for the first time. I have. At 818 Mindy McCready was a -- Nashville sensation. Number one -- ninety. For album went more. We'll keep platinum. That was in 1990 cents. Last week she became famous all over again. This time or something very different. That troubled country star Mindy McCready McCready Mindy McCready curse on -- Yeah handyman makes -- and no word on Blair's candor -- could land her in jail. I'm not -- kidnapped her son managed unfit mother. I'm not a drug addict and an alcoholic and none of these things that has been -- about me. Just last week McCready and her bond year old son Zander -- were portrayed as the most wanted mother and son in America. Until US marshals came -- her boyfriend's home in Arkansas looking for Zander. He was screaming. Screaming please don't touch me please don't touch me please don't touch my mommy. Please. Leave me alone I want to be with my mommy for -- and I -- McCready six months. Pregnant with twins agreed to an exclusive interview with when he -- money. -- saying she is finally ready to tell her side of the story she describes the night one week ago -- -- law enforcement overkill. She -- she was terrified. Was it a polite knock on the door was in the slot fashion they were all dressed up in swat team they had. Riot gear on more guns drawn -- assault rifles to Sanders see any events its interest all the. The US marshals tell 20/20 McCready was hiding in a closet was Zander in a neighboring house. McCready tells a different story where you hiding on the closet like. Everyone -- -- now where were you when you're sitting on accounts where those come from that you're hiding in the closet. I think that it just makes a better story. Once upon a time she opened for legends like Tim McGraw and George Strait. To -- set to marry the man of steel TV's Superman Dean Cain. Always cruise -- I run -- career stalled and personal problems lately the girl who sang about 101000 angels in tabloid hell. A rumored affair with very baseball pitcher Roger Clemens which he denies. Sex tape suicide attempts stories of substance abuse jail time. And she says an abusive relationship with aspiring singer Billy McKnight. -- man she stood by even after she says he beat her nearly to death. There was one saving grace and that relationship and their son Zander born in 2000 sex. And. -- interstate my life I just. I couldn't imagine letting something so much that instead of warning did just lay down and die I -- to stand. And -- McCready says her lowest point was in 2007 -- she was serving six months in -- county jail related to a drug charge of the time she got the best option for her son. Was to leave him with her mother Gayle Inge. Says -- -- visited her in jail and acted as if she was a stranger. That I have I got to change every everything -- -- -- changed -- From that moment on I really starts. I wanted to be when he when he -- And -- decided then and dare to turn her life around and -- gone out of jail. Nights and in an attempt to reclaim her life and you're on the reality show Celebrity Rehab knows -- his son away. Was in jail -- -- still. Do you. Thing. Oh yeah. Yeah. Not Glenn zero. This and the lyrics are very telling about your life they came from my heart my soul. I had just lived through the impossible I lived. In spite of what -- really felt like doing which was giving up. Lived for -- I have -- himself. Little did she know her greatest challenge was still ahead the battle to get her son back. McCready says her mother refused to hand him over in the state of Florida agreed saying the child belongs with his grandmother and not his mother. They had been fighting over Zander in the courts for years until finally this Thanksgiving and fed up with all the legal wranglings. -- violated a judge's order taking Zander from Florida heading for the hills of Arkansas. I have tried to comply. I have tried to follow the rules. Of the court I've tried to be hurt. Through this system I did with the system told me to do an over abundance. I did it for four years and after four years to you know what I -- -- I didn't he can get unsupervised visitation. Did you worry about the risk you -- taking by taking -- from Florida to Arkansas. -- -- his mother I would risk anything. My life. -- my freedom. I would -- anything further my child these two children I would risk anything for them still -- today. Did you knowingly break the law. Taking Zander from Florida -- Arkansas I do not to this moment and will -- everything that me taking my own child that I carried for nine months. That I gave birth to in the hospital -- self. Would ever be breaking the law and what I did was to protect my child. And there's not a person in the world it's ever gonna tell me that that is wrong. Surprisingly police in Cape Coral, Florida seem to agrees. They tell 20/20 in spite of what you may have hurt the -- didn't break any laws or commit any crimes. And what was reported as a hare -- kidnapping say -- turn out to be a shrewd legal strategy. It gives McCready another shot at making her case for custody this time in an Arkansas board. On Monday she -- the judge a picture of Sanders life with his grandmother and legal guardian -- -- Who went on TV tearfully calling for her daughter to come home. I'd like to see her reconcile with -- -- -- On the grandmothers FaceBook page they aren't loving happy family. So it. Peers she looks like -- -- 55 year old grandma that sweet grandmother is not sweet at all. What kind of things to -- tell you about what went on in the house. He says that -- -- -- -- all. -- so me that her parents. Chiefs who means he doesn't know -- -- But it's not. Only the word of a five year old -- his own mother means he's grandmother swears in this affidavit obtained by twenty twining. That she witnessed -- being subjected to harsh discipline -- by the arm hit with a wooden -- she says she feared Zander would be physically harmed. Permanently. There are scars on Sanders back their scars on his bottom in his legs do. From the -- in the affidavit also cites the changes bizarre cultists beliefs. Do you know anything about her religion treasures of the snow. -- and what it's about and how it might be affecting -- my mother you know believes that she is a prophet sent from god. They see that people in their home all the time -- spirits. Demons. Gusts. Gayle -- denies she believes those things. McCready says there was very little happiness in her childhood home it was so bad she says she and her father's -- as soon as they could. I grew up where I suffered every day -- I -- every night. Where. The mental and physical abuse never ended. Gayle -- denies she abused her own children and she tells twenty -- money. I have been Sanders guardian for four and a half years there has been all kinds of scrutiny he has never been used in our care. But on Monday McCready came out of the Arkansas courtroom on cloud nine. Talk about I think I'll tell you where. -- But judge yeah. Yeah. Love that man. His big man why you love you love it -- I'll let Aaron Hill and. -- were all smiles when you left that courthouse what -- it was so good that happened in there how gosh I would -- Italian that. Everything is sealed. It this way. Sanders an -- this is where he's going to Stephanie. For the time being you've had a rocky road to get to this point where you are right now. How can anyone trust you that you will continue to be a good mother and stay on this path that you -- I -- you know. Vigorously gone out and tried to learn from my mistakes and tried to better myself in every way possible. There's nobody that wants to be better being mean to me. McCready says things are finally going her way. -- She's in a committed relationship with the father of her twins who are -- this winter. She's also writing new music inspired by her journey. Would you sing a couple lines for us from -- -- news song are you kidding. It's. When I was missing they understand my -- I was lonely for him and one of the songs that we've just recently recorded its -- like -- -- on the anywhere and and though it's hard to -- right now it may be crying that. And that could being told me as crude being alone well -- -- -- Little old he. I have Ukraine. You singing about standard when you -- that -- I'm -- anytime you -- -- recent. And this year's Christmas wish if all goes as planned for you. When do you think you'll be -- Sander permanently date could it be by Christmas time have professed psychic Christmas. I have -- I really do. Zander is currently in Foster care in Arkansas where Mindy saw him today. Her next court appearance is next week when she will continue to argue to bring him home permanently.

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