Miracle or Nightmare?

Part 1: A controversial technique seems to open an autistic girl's world.
6:30 | 01/07/12

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Transcript for Miracle or Nightmare?
If you had a daughter with a crippling condition any parent would do anything to help -- But what if you chose a therapy that seemed to turn her against -- It even landed you in jail and a face off against the toughest enemy ever a justice system determined to tear your family apart. And here's another horrifying what if what if you came to find out that the therapy that started all of this appears to be no better. And playing with a ouija toward. You -- Stanley remind themselves -- in this. Hellish nightmare brought on by overzealous prosecutors. -- -- -- Julian and Hollywood throw had a simple dreams of domestic tranquility they're pleasant Detroit suburb of west Bloomfield. Pretty quiet life typical middle upper middle class community and in the midwest this community is exactly what we were looking -- They never imagined they could be charged with unspeakable crimes -- having your kids. From their homes Julian Block behind bars based with the possibility of spending the rest of his -- remains in prison. No one thought. Pounding in his brain by doing what am I doing its brutal literally. Raising us it's going down the rabbit hole Alice in Wonderland. This is not what Julian a native of South Africa expected from the land of the free when he moved here about twenty years ago after -- Holland. She worked in the county court system -- -- house dinner they had two children a.'s London and her younger brother Ian and family. Was truly the center of their lives. It's our primary focus was making sure that the kids were. Well taken care of and if there was an issue that needed to be addressed we would address -- And -- turned out to be for any of issues big drop a bomb on him basically they say. You know you have a big problem -- and was diagnosed with severe autism around age two. What do you do. Well you first cry. And -- -- a lot of that. She's a beautiful young weight but like the ten point two million families in this country living with a special needs child. They came to realize that -- -- was a blessing. You know being with you know one ever I can do an arm and chest. Dispute -- presence is just a wonderful thing she's -- from god. As the -- rose would discover autism is a mysterious condition a neurological disorder that impacts every child differently. Some kids can function well some like -- -- or profoundly disabled. Unable to talk -- -- lives in her own silent world. Frustration is that you had every reason to believe there could be so much more who are we could just find a way. Unlock -- what's holding her back. To understand the wind rose pain you have to understand all they've done to help -- one break out. They spent years researching every treatment under the sun in trying most of them. They tried various therapies special diets even autism summer camps. But nothing had broken through. Hazel and wouldn't talk couldn't communicate. In 2004. She's still in a special autism class at school doing work similar to this. Matching pictures. And connecting dots you believe that there was a person inside there was someone in there. It is some remnants -- -- But then what looked like a miracle a breakthrough autism treatment that took the country by storm I have seen something incredible. As ABC news had reported on Primetime Live in 1992. A new therapy had appeared on the scene. Something called facilitated communication. Or FC. Inside these autistic bodies here was someone who had something to say. It seemed like a revolutionary idea that if someone holds an autistic child's hand or arm a certain way. That child can tight. Their own thoughts and for the first time every parent's dream actual communication tell -- your favorite religious -- -- is -- there are no drugs were special equipment required just an ordinary keyboard and a properly trained facilitator. For the first time the wind -- feel that maybe just maybe. They found an answer. Their prayers and we believe that belief turns two on L Lloyd joy. When -- and tries FC and suddenly seems to be able to answer questions. Facilitated communication winds of being a breakthrough. -- absolutely. Interior initially was oh my goodness this is this is great but -- I -- I -- I found sooner. So of course the -- rose fight to get -- for is when -- school. Almost overnight stays -- days of matching pictures and connecting dots. Through. Now she's in a regular class doing the same work as normal students she supposedly -- homework does math problems. Writes poetry. The time she graduates middle school a teacher is reporting -- -- not only wants to go to college she hopes to become a professor. All these dream is it that we had that we thought were dashed are back. And now maybe she will go to university maybe she will have a real job and and have a lot more independence in her life. In his statement to -- twenty the district says that the results were surprising. This eighth -- valuation of days and claims she reads in comprehend at grade level. Later on -- even develop opinions about President Bush in the Iraq War ha. The -- pros think they've achieved the impossible Julian even travels the country to spread the word about the wonders FC. What would the family doesn't know is that from the purist desire to help their daughter this stage is now set for a tragedy that will tear them apart. Gays like he's about to send her parents in jail this needs. Erupted because -- tried sort of game or -- To help this child.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Part 1: A controversial technique seems to open an autistic girl's world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"15309915","title":"Miracle or Nightmare?","url":"/2020/video/miracle-nightmare-15309915"}