The Mirror-Free Bride

Kjerstin Gruys spent a year without looking in the mirror.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for The Mirror-Free Bride
It would probably take an act of congress to get most women not to look in the -- are on their wedding day. But that is exactly what what woman did or didn't do. She went cold Turkey off of looking at herself for an entire year to prove that the obsession of her youth with her looks and her weight. Wasn't going to rule her adult life. There was only one -- she needed now when -- was about to walk down the aisle with her once again here's Robin Roberts. Nine year old Kirsten rise is living her life -- free. Mornings begin with a typical teeth -- -- a curtain obscures the view. NATO has applied by instinct alone let's check. Driving to work requires quick glances in the -- But picking at her own face is not allowed and defense Austin now had asked her minor. Assessment -- here's -- is obsessed with its opposite. She's decided not to look into a mirror not for a day not a month look for an entire year. And nerve -- on national television. And you have not looked at in the air and share -- high. And it had no idea what my -- looks like it looks great -- -- car and it's an unusual experiment and -- -- she says to save her self esteem is in the process of wedding planning. That gave rise to hopes to be at their most beautiful. First to avoid fixating on perfection six months before her wedding. Here's to launch -- project a year without mirrors documented -- -- flawed mirror mirror fall below wall. Here's didn't mirrors often bring more pain than pleasure reminder of not living up to an ideal standard. There aren't owned by. Zinni role models who are about as high -- six -- -- me. Roughly -- size -- I had a very normal body. -- -- I compare myself to women who are Photoshop since they don't even look like the actual women. Insecurities about her -- have plagued her since high school when she developed an eating disorder as failing to find someone and you don't love me -- Montana's perfect all of my accessing this interactive toward. You know how much remains to he has some. Drew well -- this year is because when -- -- yeah. I ain't had kidney stones high times and black and body -- started affecting my my bone density. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think it's really scary and at -- -- -- really needed to get help. Distressed. I didn't want to live like that. I especially didn't want to feelings -- and I felt like -- -- things. -- -- With years of therapy here since successfully overcame her eating disorder. She became a Ph.D. student in sociology. And even began volunteering for about face an organization that teaches young women about positive body image DNA sample there is focusing on the thinking of about yourself. And mid 2009 she met the man of her dreams Michael. But the thrill of romance lost its luster during her wedding dress shopping which resurrected those. Old anxieties. I saw myself in the mirror and was being critical -- not -- -- a little weight and for the -- some triggers are going off I -- -- -- Coming back to obsessing about my appearance and anti -- -- need to change something about. My environmental. Just forests need to change and I just thought to myself. -- mirrors. First down -- transformed her apartment into a mirror free zone -- bullying one -- Any huge box. There wasn't really until a couple of weeks and the rest are realizing -- whenever I signed on for. In the beginning there were some maintenance mishap is the first month. Project when I was walking out the door is thinking they have 5050 shot that I had mascara yeah. But she learned to adapt at. They bring something fresh face and actually -- little this can feel it touching LA and then when it comes out boxes pastels -- -- back. I'm let me turn -- Sharon me you know your student does have held at the -- salon and looks great. But he can't CVB and resume play touch it. She says she strained herself to avoid eye contact with her own image -- I feel like I figured I. A lot of people that are saying -- Courant there's certain things you. Look at him there to do thank you see myself. -- -- the corner and I think every day because reflective surfaces are everywhere but I don't look into it I'm talking about. It better earnings toddlers -- -- -- Cops. Are looking and -- -- some people would say that. Not looking in the mirror he isn't really dealing with deep down they obvious issues and that you must have he. Do you feel they either. Really facing them head -- I think this is the most had I have ever faced them because I'm not looking in the mirror I think a lot more about how I feel. And how I look. -- not looking in mirrors has -- self criticism Pearson has not been able to avoid cruel comments online. Wouldn't it be easier just lose the weight that I -- -- her at a local AT she's ugly she admits they do stand. Their comments are so hurtful and -- swear I hadn't had played ten years in therapy. After eating disorder it wouldn't giving -- one. But the biggest challenge by far is the wedding day what -- can resist the temptation to see themselves on their big day. -- and was resolute. Bridesmaids puree until the mirrors -- from her view and loud -- and had helped put her hair care. Yeah yeah unbelievable -- she did her own makeup. -- bag -- aggression here than their race you know crimes are down here. This is actually Ohio later he hasn't any -- right today. Then the moment all bride's dream the -- of their own magnificent reflection in the mirror. For Kirsten it was a sight unseen -- don't get that I'm. And engineer I'm Brian -- -- I don't have any regrets about not seeing myself on my wedding day I think every day. And if she didn't she had plenty of backup no one you know let me markdown -- with -- -- -- -- -- -- and a husband and -- Their first dance as husband and wife fittingly it was to a song called. I'll be your mirror. -- -- This spring experiment finally came to it and twelve months no reflection left plenty of time for reflection I think you all here sharing -- -- -- a dissident pitches. About buying opportunity. Surrounded by friends and family -- stands in front of -- mirror covered by messages of encouragement. Here. -- out and sees herself for the first time in a year -- Okay. She says she likes what she sees a stronger woman with a year's worth. Well earned wisdom has this process hasn't helped to. It hasn't really has. Kind of opened up and blew away and closing at our myself as a whole incident just. Might look. She says she no longer seeks -- perfect image in the looking glass instead she trusts another vision of herself. -- -- -- mayor because when he easy he doesn't think about the things he wants to change she just these things that he -- It's wonderful. So could you go one year -- out looking in the mirror tell us by voting online at Slash 20/20.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Kjerstin Gruys spent a year without looking in the mirror.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"17016401","title":"The Mirror-Free Bride","url":"/2020/video/mirror-free-bride-17016401"}