We're Just Normal People'

Part 3: Darger children say they're no different from anyone else.
6:40 | 11/18/11

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-- got provides home from work to the usual scene of organized mayhem. There's homework to be done. They were believed to get football practice meals to prepare kids to manage babies to wash. And load after load of laundry for a great tests on -- machines -- itself consumer reports -- hope that the -- if but everything gets done and this household runs like a fine. She gave -- five years of age to -- children all have chores cooking. And caring for their younger siblings. It's not just commit adultery than those that think adulterous thoughts. The underpinnings for everything in this Stanley is visible on Sunday mornings when Joseph Berger leaves his flock who religious worship. Schools should be in danger. He's speaking speaking about our spiritual state. Their home made Sunday services mostly a private affair. Even the small children know what's best not to share their belief in polygamy with neighbors and school friends. Yeah yeah. The -- teenagers are acutely aware of the outside world's dim view our families like bears. Some of them agonized over whether they should appear on 20/20. And risk facing ridicule in high school does make you nervous at all going on national television talk about your family who never learned Monday morning. Could kind of them from -- kind of a little worried. There won't -- Owners -- my friends think that don't. And there have been people who decided not to be friends with you after the fact that. If you look skinny to deliver a message outweighs Logan's three years and -- Fisher thanked her behind in uniform who flew to -- the world group. Groups to move people. Can't get rid of your family them. I had an -- -- to something as a part of you. I've had people start to indict you wanted to must know what kids are now and -- -- and if -- -- and I'm that point they didn't know that few months. I'm still want him. You know no different than anybody else. The reasons people are afraid -- it is because there exist I mean if you knew. And you knew all about it there would be no problems if you just knew all about -- what don't people know about it. I don't know I guess they don't know. Why we live it and like we believe it's like this is the way the lord told -- the -- Jet makes the point that the widely reported news of Warren Jeffs. His underage brides and child abuse are -- rare and bizarre exception and not what polygamy is all about for the burgers. There's some sick people but there's lots of people that -- monogamy or are married and all to yourself you can't just stereotyping them we don't. We're not abused -- threats and underage marriages -- They've been ridiculed by teachers ostracized by classmates they get called names like plague which to them is a slur. They feel bigotry and they hope against hope that their parents' decision to put it all in a book. We'll bring them the acceptance they -- penalties. People she -- differently. Most of the misconceptions their own country. The people. You know if you look at our -- you saw how much love there wasn't here tonight Karen of those misconceptions and link -- that should change array of thinking. Your kids of all described varying degrees of teasing at school some harassment. It is hard for parents aren't you worried that with this -- that they're going to suffer more consequences. I hope -- that it will open people's eyes and -- Really they should be treated any differently. As a younger children head off to school and they may not understand the bigotry they could face in the future. But they do know the bottom line and it scares them. If you guys had any single wish come true what -- Jewish born. -- -- Are you worried about that at the rest of you read about that at all its. Kind. -- okay. -- can't hang your kids your little kids admitted last night that there are afraid you're gonna go to jail show. That's just my heart -- -- We expect that from a little kids who do you think that what he's doing is against the law. -- -- Do you think it should be against the law. I want you -- you do. How many do you guys think that you want to be in polygamous families yourself when when it comes time to get married nothing -- -- -- anything. They say they've been raised to understand the choices players -- -- individual ruling. I'm not ready to make that decision myself right now I'm just worried about high school get through it. The the Gardner's oldest daughter of Laura the. The decision is at hand and it's really hard when you're actually fall and you love somebody so much to think of Sharon and somebody else and becomes our. And that's part. Laura is her new husband's first wife and for now at least only -- But she admits that could change god changes people's hearts and -- sometimes there's things you don't think you can do. Back when god asks you do you know and I think if I felt like congress asking how would you. And -- on all of. A darker children will face this same choices someday. For -- to be effective people have. He -- learn to stand for principle what's correct and even if that's uncomfortable for society as a whole. It's something that we're ready to do were willing to do. I it's a way -- One husband. Three wines. 24 children. One family. Choosing to stand up and be counted in the face of the -- the morals of society and popular opinion. Portrait of tiny minority that says.

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{"id":14987689,"title":"We're Just Normal People'","duration":"6:40","description":"Part 3: Darger children say they're no different from anyone else.","url":"/2020/video/modern-polygamist-family-darger-children-we-are-just-normal-people-no-different-2020-14987689","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}