Locking Eyes Across the Room

Part 2: How did Joe Darger end up marrying his wife's identical twin sister?
6:15 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for Locking Eyes Across the Room
-- darker has been very to a lean and -- for 23 years. But over all the years of their marriage one moment stands apart frozen in time. I. It was eleven years ago when -- -- identical twin sister valve paid a visit. And all of a sudden Joseph when Val and -- dies from across the room. Was that exactly. That's our -- of different different what they're received and there was this. Really is a strong connection thinking. Well it turned away because you didn't want to -- and -- is there yeah which -- already dead. I'm very faithful and I wasn't expecting. -- -- -- -- -- says it first he dismissed his sudden attraction Deval. But within months at the urging them both -- in the -- he proposes. Immortalized in a moment in this -- She she twin sister and the two of you are identical twins didn't think that would be a little weird I guess it didn't the timing. I -- I mr. -- to. It really was so what we add to the love of the creation of a family. No other way would it have worked and we knew that. Four months later -- and Joseph were married and immediately jealousy rears its head among the sister wives. Brought up the idea of going away for the -- and pleaded. I don't ask about -- -- now. Talk about that in a few -- Alina and -- laugh now but at that time it was hard to welcome -- sizzling new relationship with -- to their home. Long after the -- in their marriages had settled down did you learn very quickly I can't -- as they had the best time with -- I just -- -- certain amount not realizing what we're going -- I had really stepped back. Okay she -- -- family this is about this is about just heard. The blues rock hero a hero you're aware of the fact that the other two are struggling yeah I just know that's that's hurtful hard thing. How you balance that out there -- to trust I love all of them and then do the best they can. -- not all of them equally. Equally but separately -- Critics haven't done a rotation -- so every third night would be but we call my night everything -- -- isn't. -- -- No -- it's your night every night I don't know -- -- -- -- -- -- here yeah. We're -- Myron what's on the top floor of the house each if you -- your own bedroom that you don't have a bedroom. You just sleep -- one of the three bedrooms this is where I relax I watched TV sometimes it just kick back. Like to have this is my own space right decorated it myself and just everything is -- who I have my. Dresser. My closets. Where you keep a close is through bedrooms but this is little -- -- -- to joke. I don't -- much space or Joseph seems to understand that in each of his wives bedrooms he is really just aghast literate couple of the golden rules. We're very traditional marriage in the -- that -- -- three separate marriages and it's just about every -- There are rules to avoid jealousy -- rising at a even something as trivial as who sits there and the car Kelly take -- whoever it is. Was still that -- in the front seat and we worked it out so that we had an expectation just like tonight this night it was what happens if your connecting with a lean on Thursday but it's -- night. They have to look over -- PG for -- to say after all he doesn't have to share any of his wives -- even. He's spend time with me you must spend -- -- -- minutes tonight I'm not going to let you know it's not fair to hurt you need to go. He's midway concerns sex and jealousy polygamy is an emotional mind -- -- Joseph head out on a date arm in arm with one of his other wives can be -- -- how do you not feel. Human emotions. Jealousy is -- gonna like her more than me and be great if they're just flip a switch it will be right I don't feel that -- -- -- -- How do you ladies and hot and managing her husband. And intimate situations with your sister lives I don't know that you don't expect up pops up -- your mind and didn't sometimes and -- -- -- It's been really hard and you know cause me some tears like the morning Val went into the keys bedroom and made an upsetting discovery. Her daughter to -- here at four and became -- in the room. After -- -- tonight and she is pulling machines down to -- And she pulled out of there just let me prospective. And smoke I was like I did this. I don't I don't. And then turning to -- and you know made me think about and it's really hard. He was like -- -- straight out of big -- one husband juggling the emotional needs of three wives I started with seven nice. Didn't and a three and a half nods to and change I'm not going down a minute farther. And needing pharmaceutical help to satisfy their sexual desire. Hunter and -- -- Is it a challenge on a stamina level -- I think it is -- not for the faint hearted. It can be exhausting I think we all really learn to roll with a lot of things didn't -- hard not to take it personally. -- sometimes it is. Jealousy may be the biggest emotional challenge for the adults in this house but for the children it is for the year. They know the family from the TV show sister wives fled to Nevada they know they're great grandfathers went to prison for having more than one -- They fear for their father and they agonized over talking to 20/20. Does it make you nervous at all going on national tell -- to talk about your camera.

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{"id":14987533,"title":"Locking Eyes Across the Room","duration":"6:15","description":"Part 2: How did Joe Darger end up marrying his wife's identical twin sister?","url":"/2020/video/modern-polygamist-family-locking-eyes-room-joe-darger-marrying-identical-twin-sisters-2020-14987533","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}