From Mom Politician to Sex Offender

Part 6: A parole violation sends Linda Lusk back to prison.
4:24 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for From Mom Politician to Sex Offender
The end of her jail term didn't completely -- mosques legal obligations. Last July -- former mayor had to register as a sex offender. Your biggest requirements you know each and every average teen case anytime there's change defenders you have to remember that. Here in person within three business. -- Someone who has spent their life being a mom I know -- -- politician and your business person I just put -- much higher than either of those things Cadillac. For you to have to register. As somebody who could be a threat to children. What does that mean to you. It's devastating because -- house I'm the kind of person that's always. Taking care of kids and tried to help kids and do anything I can for them. And so then to be told that I can't -- around wilderness just. Kinda hard to -- your brain around it. In fact as a registered sex offenders the restrictions on -- being around children are so strict. She now can't even attend her daughter -- -- swim meets. -- Linda watches instead from car. It's it's not there. It's -- more unfair tipping me an old brother means we can't have friends of -- it's a lot of restrict teen. -- unnecessary things. -- -- -- -- Can't tell you know -- it. What did you think about that within the mosque casinos. Sexual predator. I think that's a fair statement. Really you think that she would try to do inappropriate things without a boys after this. Maybe even -- I think is as bright that she should here. To excuse what she did was wrong. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Excellent picture from the stands here. If what happened between them permanently stamped the adult involved but it also marked the mind. -- was the -- school. They're set to speak it's all girls never really talked to -- anymore. Would they kind of like pushing you are a little bit. Gracie how hard it is for him to do with -- -- school. You know it it kills me it's like I know it's not -- it's high school he should be able to go to school and not have to worry about. Something big casino and I had to see that as a mom and it kills me. The news crews have left -- -- and the headlines have changed. Source stores -- you play this Friday. And now to families here are trying to move on as well. Hopefully merchants can now be part of the past more than anything else is just wanted to go -- exactly. But it's -- a small town it's an act. It would be hard enough where the frank family to outlive the past where Linda -- the stain would carry -- her future. Just this week someone told authorities Linda -- had violated her parole since she's back in the headlines. Mayor Linda -- back behind bars today on Monday -- was taken into custody at her store on charges she violated parole by crossing the county line without informing her parole officer. To attend a high school swim meet of her daughter held at a nearby college. Alan the -- is being held without bail -- the that county jail. A hearing is expected but not for two weeks. No work release this time. -- the -- waits for her day in court behind bars in the Benson county jail. Where she sleeps tonight. So why would the lost want everyone to hear this story. They say there's one reason it's not to change your mind it's to show what can happen with unresolved grief and depression. Linda -- Kevin hope their story is an inspiration. To those who need to get help.

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{"id":14937995,"title":"From Mom Politician to Sex Offender","duration":"4:24","description":"Part 6: A parole violation sends Linda Lusk back to prison.","url":"/2020/video/mom-politician-sex-offender-14937995","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}