The Moment of Truth

Part 4: The ability of an autistic girl to communicate is tested in court.
7:56 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for The Moment of Truth
My stomach -- -- I'm sick. -- -- -- -- This is the first time Julian -- -- has returned to the Oakland county jail building since he was locked inside here -- eighty games. Almost all of them. In solitary confinement. -- -- -- -- Is -- buying on the concrete floor lights on 24/7. Two blankets. No clothes no nothing it's sickening. The man responsible for -- and jailing was this man Oakland County prosecutor. David Corsica and he claims he was just prosecuting a legitimate charge. That Julian was abusing his autistic daughter hazel. I am opinion that so there was abuse in the house he gave this opinion in a sworn deposition. You try to assess every witnesses' credibility. But that issues left for the Trier fact ultimately -- for the jury decide. Who to believe. Despite the questions about the legitimacy of facilitated communication. -- -- finds it hard to believe that is -- facilitators Cindy's Barcella. Was just by making up those accusations. To me. You know someone just pulling him out -- -- -- -- I mean and they're leading a mean and means or they're -- for the person means that seems to me a little -- -- It's a key question if the allegations aren't real why -- -- -- -- tight what she did. Why would she ever do that. I can't tell you what's going on. In the brain but I can tell you that that this is not the first time this has happened other facilitators. Have made open ended accusations like that absolutely it's. Jim and -- -- -- were shocked when they heard about the charges. Believe it or not it's true Allen waved back in 1994. Hugh downs reported on one such case in -- for twenty when it. -- and playing through facilitated communication. She was being -- Just like the -- -- case a facilitator came up with sex allegations. Against stunned parents and -- -- -- being dropped. That's when this man stepped in Howard -- he runs a communication center for autistic kids at Children's Hospital Boston. Back then Shane came up with a test showing one set of pictures to a facilitator and a completely different set to the child. When he asked what they -- every single time. The answer was would ever picture. He'd shown. The facilitator I don't think it's conscious chains studied what was going on -- concluded the facilitators behavior wasn't malicious instead it was a bizarre psychological phenomenon he called the -- affect. The facilitators want to help so much they don't realize they're making up what they tight if you think you really and helps them. That alone. Drives you to put reality aside. The charges were dropped in -- Just as they were in many other courtrooms where the same thing happened my understanding knew -- there are thirty to forty cases I was personally involved in twelfth. Now in an effort to prevent another travesty of justice -- is hired to testify. On the wind rose a half. You'll see a dramatic difference in her ability when the facilitators unaware of the information. But Corsica was on -- -- so retained defense expert -- say what the -- hired him to second and ready to prosecute. I mean when -- asked questions over facilitator. After the facilitated communication. But judge Mark Barron is more skeptical about FC news he holds a special hearing to see how -- and answers questions to her facilitator. I can't hear. Julian is there. That's him in the orange jail jumpsuit. This is the first time he's seen his daughter in two months. Is mind to order didn't. Cult experts as well I Colin -- I could. -- and how much. Have you ever trying to influence purposely when she facilitates absolutely -- Amazingly despite repeated warnings to find someone new prosecution continues to use -- -- self. And I have a finger. In front of her out -- and one behind at this point in time going to have. So -- to -- white -- headphones to honor the judge's demand that's Marcella not hear the questions the prosecution team offers to have her wears these headphones. To block out the sound. But wait a minute -- these they had thought that they were actually proposing to be used. Howard Shane actually uses those very headphones -- autistic kids in his clinic. He says they don't block out all sound they just block out ambient noise. Which makes it easier to hear what's being said. In court he jumps to his speech to warn the judge they -- -- little is -- I hadn't been there they would have preceded. The facilitator would have heard. The question is -- looked like she was actually typing that the answer and I think it would have been. The end dad would probably be in jail today. Thanks to change the judge abandons their idea and instead -- -- sell -- to leave the courtroom entirely. During the question. Sister Stella stepped outside for moment. And and me ask -- questions now the moment of truth. The court will see I saw for myself. -- based -- is asked a simple question. Do you have. He brother or sister. -- do what is unique. -- -- returns and facilitates. -- saddened DQ. And GT VW. I eat I eat accent and I. -- tanks and -- scientists -- -- -- -- question scores sellout leaves again so she can't hear the next question I have girl. I -- I have boy. Back -- -- -- -- becomes more gibberish. Can't Harry senseless sixth saint W. -- When everyone was just aren't who did he see what we just sold the casing the fall apart -- it did for a plot. Not exactly the -- pay close attention to what happens next Titanic I him and the letters he after the hour. AMR -- -- and prosecutors are convinced this means basically is afraid of. Often she says purposely tanking. The question because she didn't want to answer questions. Gore's it consists hazel and can answer the questions. But she just won't come how many -- Islam was capable of answering your questions. And then we got here and everything all of -- didn't make -- Of course all those other Times Square seller heard the questions and could essentially put her words in -- one's mouth. Jane says it's not easily and who's afraid it's -- cell that is my job and it went through during her class period. When she was unable to -- She resorted to the strategies that I had seen several times before I'm hunt for -- I'm afraid and didn't want to respond. -- had seen it before. And he thought that the court would see right through the mumbo Jumbo and that's not what happen this child can't syndicate she's not communicating. And they still would not drop the charges so what does he do -- -- they had the ball -- the whole thing crumbled. He shouldn't -- back to -- I could not eat lunch after what -- consensus greatly dismayed to watch this alignment was. Something -- will never forget.

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{"id":15310056,"title":"The Moment of Truth","duration":"7:56","description":"Part 4: The ability of an autistic girl to communicate is tested in court.","url":"/2020/video/moment-truth-15310056","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}