A Mother Becomes Doubtful

Act 2: Police say Sheena's death was a suicide, but Kelly is not convinced.
3:00 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for A Mother Becomes Doubtful
120 continues with suspicion. Once again. For most families -- New Year's Day is a celebration. But it would soon turn into the worst day of his mother's life 1224 that afternoon Kelly Osborne gets a call from Joan -- who -- her daughter's fiance. -- Kelly -- -- having trouble getting -- machine she became concerned for her daughter and one overturned car. Then suddenly that 1 cell phone -- evening that comes up offers little I answer the phone and I -- shame -- there's no answer now I'm screaming into the phone moms calling for her. And then all of a sudden I hear a man's voice in the background. Police one of two police officers -- daughters and hotel room when -- turns out Kelly says they inadvertently called her and her daughter's cell phones and that's when you something was -- halftime -- -- Was -- -- accidentally called him from her -- -- -- -- need -- to get us here. Your address. The fiance Joseph who summoned -- -- mother's house two and when police arrived they tell them she knows he's dead found alone in that hotel room. Getting notification like that is the most horrifying. -- -- to make -- happen in life and all you know. -- that she was deceased we didn't know how home from a mother and begging for answers and asking them where did you find -- And they say that she was found in the shower or what we're thinking place you know did -- slip and fall. Did you hit or hacked to -- the answers or more heartbreak the police never told us. So when me medical examiner just call us. Today we've just completed the autopsy and it's consistent with the hang up -- just dumbfounded. She was found with her clothes on hanging in the shower -- -- precious dogs leashes around her neck and with no signs of a struggle in the room and no obvious injuries -- body. The detective in the case Leonard. -- moment I got the call -- news attack. Something was not right about the situation. And Kelly says her daughter was hardly someone planning her own demise. The smiles in that video just days before. Yeah. So many other telling signs days before her death. She -- -- subscription to a magazine yes she did she renewed her -- sitting here but for -- check yes. Can't rent check is out filled out ready to be paid for that -- -- month of January. And she says would also didn't make sense but those joyful text messages she dissent from that New Year's Eve dinner. The joke. And that night. She knows texting. All her friends she's all excited saying I'm going to be a little TM in the morning and take Kelly says she immediately wanted answers from one person. Three days after she died I had. Ask Joseph to come out to the garage that I wanted to talk to -- and she delivered this message this isn't over. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Julie was done seven houses Gallup mother trying to solve -- crime but no idea where to start. I have every police report. And here she studied hundreds of other suicides -- looking for patterns and the one common pain. It kept coming up for drugs and alcohol test -- opinion the amount of alcohol in her daughter's body was under the illegal and that she couldn't legally -- and. -- might have them. One drink -- and any drugs known none. In that was just the first discovery. She began poring over her daughter's cellphone records and discovered a call to 911 that night not the one from the neighbors heard that screaming. But it turns out there was also -- call from she -- herself. Yeah certainly -- polish born. Mother says police never revealed that I call detective Diaz and he said. Only that people in the room next door and made -- 911 phone call I had to go and learn how to try to retrieve. -- 911 phone call and when -- dead. I delivered it to detective. That morning. You can't completely believed. Well I'm glad -- Marines -- They had had many fights before. She chose to call the police on this particular night for a recent. This morning had to be quiet and -- his mother discovered something else the text messages her daughter sent to joke after that 911 call. -- at 1:53 in the morning -- evil and scary. She -- -- to -- to twelve stopped being an alpha male and stop putting your hands and a woman. And there were images to. How did you discover the pictures they have released the camera tell us. And that's where we found that she was actually taking pictures of herself. From Washington to her clothes on her camera -- -- -- up for next. Finger to the police they never look at the pictures -- know what was -- her camera. -- -- -- It is -- quietly pored over every piece of evidence -- was someone else who got a tip over Porter a former cop himself. She Williams got a call from a source in law enforcement percent -- news look at this case I went to the website and talk to Kelly I was. York. There were enough red flags for us right away. Lee Williams has reported extensively on the case for the Sarasota herald Tribune and fighting -- to lead detective in the case. Had never been -- out -- a homicide investigation alone before. Asking how would he know if he were looking at one now any suspicious death should be initially viewed as a potential homicide he walked -- he saw her and I think he's just in his mind became suicide she news mothers started calling that detective. Convinced -- investigation had been bondage. I had called -- And said have you questioned the boyfriend yeah. His exact words to -- -- now live -- Return to win -- 22 days before interviewing Georgia -- During which any wounds or scratches and that he had on his body -- -- he'll do they write a report now enough. I certainly can't do not document I certainly would have documented conversation probably videotape to -- and the big question. Just -- did Joseph go after that hotel room that night. He told police he went home and it was a tenant in his town house who saw him hitching his mother said police at first never went to check -- -- -- We've reached out to the Bradenton beach police department and to that detectives they declined to comment but -- reporter the former -- Did tracked down the witness who offered that alibi when you asked did you see -- on New Year's Day he saw -- doesn't remember what times. You've been drinking all that are kind of hard to establish an alibi time. But the Bradenton beach police have long said they didn't rely solely on that alibi Stacey they have cell phone records. -- from Joe's cell phone calls that his text messages revealing his locations. In fact they say those pains -- his route home. I've never seen things through concealed by a judge I'd love to see him.

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{"id":20619672,"title":"A Mother Becomes Doubtful","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 2: Police say Sheena's death was a suicide, but Kelly is not convinced. ","url":"/2020/video/mother-doubtful-20619672","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}