Mother Nature Wreaked Havoc This Year

Act 4: A devastating typhoon, tragic tornadoes, deadly wildfires, and extreme weather hit 2013.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for Mother Nature Wreaked Havoc This Year
And from mother had to mother nature. 2013 was a year when weather also dominated the headlines. My new colleague at gma, ginger zee has the amazing video. ♪ Reporter: From a devastating typhoon, to tragic tornadoes, to deadly wildfires, this was a year of extremes. Oh my god! Announcer: The worstrm of the year, super typhoon haiyan, philippines in november, destroying nearly everything in its path, killing over 5,000 people. Like a thousand bulldozers that were put on the ground and just pushed everything in its path out of its way. Reporter: But in the midst of destruction, extraordinary rescues and new life. This miracle baby born on the floor of an airport right in the middle of the storm. From typhoons abroad to twisters back home. What you're looking at right here is homes flattened right across this. It's a very raw situation. Just last month, a record number of catastrophic tornadoes rip through the midwest. 72 hit 7 states in one day. There it is. It's on the ground! It's on the ground! Reporter: Washington, illinois, getting the worst of it. Nearly wiped clean. Reporter: For one survivor, though, a small ray of hope. I cant believe I found my cat. Reporter: And in a cruel irony, an ef-5 tornado, the strongest there is, touches down in moore, oklahoma. 13 years after another twister took 36 lives in the same community. Hey, it's coming. Oh, my god. Look at it. Reporter: Debris found a hundred miles away and 25 people killed. There were people crawling out of anywhere and everywhere. It's a war zone. Reporter: I was there as the town picked up the pieces. This is what it looks like hours after a tornado. The emergency of workers working. Reporter: Then, less than two weeks later -- el reno, oklahoma. A monster 2.6 miles wide. The widest ever recorded. That was just insane. Wr we have to pull over. We're trying to get to el, reno where all the damage is. But hail so heavy and flooding rain still affecting hours after this tornado. Reporter: Among the 22 killed, 3 tornado experts -- tim samaras, his son paul and carl young, all close friends of mine. I have to tell you that tim was one of the most brilliant i ever met. Sadly, this tornado took the lives of our great friends and mentors, and pioneers of stormchasing and tornado science. Reporter: Mother nature's fury also came in the form of wildfires. Reporter: In arizona, the yarnell hill fire in june. This fire is about eight miles away. It's unpredictable, dangerous, and as we know, deadly. Eric, shane marsh. Reporter:19 hotshots fighting the blaze were killed when winds shifted direction blowing flames right in their path. They may be gone, but they will never truly leave us. Reporter: From wild fires to record floods in colorado. Where relentless rains turned creeks into angry beasts. This is or was a street. And I want to get you a wider perspective so you can see what's happening now. It's now a raging river. Reporter: And in minnesota, a strange sight. People couldn't get enough of this viral video. Ice creeping towards this home. It's overpowering that bush. There it goes! It's a phenomenon known as ice shoving. Reporter: But mother nature wasn't all destruction. Look at these spectacular northern liekts. Some of the best in a decade. And this, the biggest wave ever recorded. A 100-foot monster spawned by an off-coast storm. ♪ so here's to a smooth ride in 2014. Announcer: Still to come --

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{"id":21285256,"title":"Mother Nature Wreaked Havoc This Year","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 4: A devastating typhoon, tragic tornadoes, deadly wildfires, and extreme weather hit 2013. ","url":"/2020/video/mother-nature-wreaked-havoc-year-21285256","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}