Moving On

Amputee soccer player Bree McMahon helps a Boston bomb victim see the good the future holds.
6:35 | 04/26/13

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Moving on moving forward how was it possible -- -- woken up at a hospital bed to a doctor telling you that one of your lay eggs is now gone. Deborah Roberts found out but also discovered a secret weapon who's been helping the Boston bombing victims see the good things that the future can still hold. When -- smoke cleared last week on Boylston street. 264. Victims were lying in Boston hospitals. For most the physical scars will face. -- sixteen and life will never be the same. Just balanced image transfixed the nation he was rushed to safety after having -- his legs blown off. In east double amputee. Since actually seen here just steps away from that infamous bank -- allegedly -- -- -- -- 9 AM. Is also grappling with the new normal abusing them. She never forget the explosion in the flying shrapnel ripping into her -- It was a movie scene and it was -- that movie -- very. Did you know right away that you were seriously injured yes and -- I remember at the whole -- and I looked down eyes are full of flattened and I knew that it was bad. -- so many of these injuries seem incomprehensible. But not for this North Carolina college student when you heard that there was an explosion in Boston. What went through your mind. I was just shocked and I -- really felt for the people that had been injured. Winning one year old -- command knows about life changing moments of hers came three and a half years ago while pursuing her passion how important. Sports and the soccer in her life everything I mean if she wasn't studying. She was easier going to a soccer game going to soccer practice. Or going to see friends came. On a September day in her friends -- hosting a car wash to raise money for an upcoming soccer tournament. And send out my friend Chelsea because -- and really need help wash my car and -- and so I went tonight. -- in front where she needed to pull in and telling us and teller shot her foot slipped off the brake and the cartilage for it. -- 3000 pound vehicle pinned her against the wall crushing her legs. -- Squished. And all the color when her face. Do -- look of abject teen thanks screened and my friend back docile -- And then tried to stand and my knee my legs buckled underneath me and it fell. -- -- -- the future of three in vision for herself drift away. My friend tells he had me. This year he's going to be -- -- OK in my kids OK there's chaos. Chaos and -- you know you're in an ambulance. I thought I'd be on the -- the right leg. -- -- there was no way that we have and you be able to -- the last -- we had to make the decision then. Ha ha. Those moments just after surgery without her leg or pinched didn't -- mind there. This just shock. I reached down -- and check out nice and I couldn't really feel because and lost so much and then I agree this. Then I proceeded that asks the doctor my children again. Your next question was when can you run again yes after they told me. How -- did you find that kind of. Optimism at that moment I don't know I guess it's actually part Indian. Highly paid people and committed by any -- this isn't timid. -- Residents a toll issuing that same determination. And light breeze she admits the first days of recovery -- dark. Did you want to give us for a moment. Truthfully yes. I didn't want to live like this. Baby's -- Eight -- -- realistic person. And because of my family my friends. I I had I had to be here for a -- bank will be long but Greece is the key is sitting Goldman's. The first goal ever set -- -- locker cross -- yeah. And did you do. We don't. The next time was. Make -- college and start. Being a part -- the team. That's right grease actually playing soccer again but this time in a new position is -- only. And Brevard College even -- for scholarship. -- -- them around me that sudden pretend three eighths after the clear. She's never anything -- back -- This leg wasn't going to be there. Or. Now -- determined to help Boston's new if ET's get through their challenges her message. -- -- -- I think you may not really do big things he used to be the exact same way but it. There's still things he can news. Astoundingly. -- says she even seized blessings in her accident. I think -- -- you know backers. I feel like it's given me a bunch about the change that I would never had before. The same time -- Opportunities like connecting with -- answer to -- already in rehab and beginning the grueling work of getting back on her feet. A candidature in the -- -- you meet Roseanne. Roseanne this is dreaming man and a high -- -- Steamy -- CEO Harry you. It puts a smile on someone's face -- she's dealing with something that I'm going tearing down. Filing I can get you. He ever they just need it and take they just need to contact you bank plea for seven and he. Thank you so much. If I can put a smile on someone's face then. And done our credit.

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{"id":19054871,"title":"Moving On","duration":"6:35","description":"Amputee soccer player Bree McMahon helps a Boston bomb victim see the good the future holds.","url":"/2020/video/moving--19054871","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}