Moving Pictures: Firsts

See a woman hear for the first time and other transformational moments.
3:00 | 09/07/12

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Transcript for Moving Pictures: Firsts
For many parents like myself this has been a week of firsts your kids going off to school for the very first time we're just starting a brand new year. One on the FaceBook and it's all you'll see kids will -- boxer waiting at the bus stop. There's nothing new -- -- kind of sharing but now all sorts of firsts are catching our attention. Taken together they -- incredible family scrapbook that makes us all one big family. Here's Dan Harris -- You are about to see this single most dramatic event of 29 year old Sarah churn -- life. It was supposed to be just a private moment in a medical exam room. But now almost fourteen million strangers and have watched -- here for the first. Time is not technically -- Zardari had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Yeah now ray Hackett. The hard injury. And I have -- -- Came myself speak and then laughing and crying in just -- went haywire from him. And she was born with just a tiny fraction ever hearing. Here -- -- you're missing important person. You don't like it and -- the if you don't know liability -- laughing -- -- he missed out on. A joke or you know my kids would make faces her and noises and -- -- -- catch that. Last year she learned about a new surgery implanting a device called. -- costs 30000 dollars per year. And this is not money you have -- -- as well as at thirty million. Sarah's mother in las stepped up cashing in her retirement fund. To help out before Sarah and her husband Sloan left for the hospital her mother in law had one little request. She handed -- her camera it was like you know basically -- her reaction -- want to -- And when Sarah's husband did film it was for a mere ninety seconds buddy was ninety seconds. That would transform. Sarah's life. Even before there was any any noise anyway and spoke and I just knew it was like complete -- Clady. Like almost like a sense of peace or completeness and for me it was a miracle. This video now joins a whole host of similar and very popular clips of women men and children -- Israel and hearing for the first time I -- back. I feel better when someone sees a breakthrough moment that someone's life your first reactions. I questions at one. Because there's a warm feeling with sharing. And we like to be able to actually be good for mayor -- didn't just like you of this -- he's got sick -- spread. A life changing moment stranger's life. That -- publicize what -- what's considered private moments can also be seen in this growing trend. High school seniors finding out if they got into college. This is Conrad this Enzo logging -- of the stands for university website to find out whether he got accepted. Moments like this has become so popular. At the source target eating combined these online videos intelligence and commercial route -- -- In the news yeah. Companies are going to realize that. We can sell things by tapping into these feelings. I want to share this miraculous moment in my life so it here. Probably in the future goes forward going to see -- more not less. Intimacy. Blacks ever and the emotional -- between him. Aside from sex the bestseller Israelis. -- intimate moments that people are sharing online. These days are sometimes more lights than they are life seen. -- -- -- -- First -- the or -- learning the awful truth that the hardest Star Wars. And it's. But the clips that -- the biggest emotional punch are often the ones with the highest stakes. These women uploaded videos of themselves learning the results of their pregnancy test. A trend known as wound to. Thank god I guess I'll look at me this. Is -- -- -- good -- learning her results. Us. I watch and I feel happy for you why did you want to reported. I want that memory there because those reactions are just right -- that moment and now I have it on. On video where. -- -- -- exactly what happened. In the years since she posted her video Sarah turned his life has changed in extraordinary. And surprising ways. Hear the roar of this city and more importantly. Her own children. -- now. In the first morning I walked into the kitchen and she was with the girls just crying. And she looked at them she says it only sounded like this. Those -- sound so grown up an articulate belittling so sure of herself I don't know that was just -- that moment I thought this was born. Every team. And her world has expanded in ways she never thought possible she is now hearing. From people all over the planet. There's a guy that contacting me from Belgium at the terminal illness. And he was like you know has of course I had days break it down and -- and mad at the world -- like -- I -- -- look at your video and still find -- in the in the world and here. We're in a -- -- and history when. A guy and Brussels disappear into the exam room in Texas and comment on the woman in the room and her experience. It changes put intimacy means I'm not gonna have intimacy on a global scale what scenes. Almost an oxy moron but -- -- the feelings are real. It's so incredibly humbling. Basically little old me you know Ali did was he happened to catch a glimpse of something happening in our credit light. And the fact that it's affected so many -- just. But crazy. England --

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{"id":17188622,"title":"Moving Pictures: Firsts","duration":"3:00","description":"See a woman hear for the first time and other transformational moments.","url":"/2020/video/moving-pictures-firsts-17188622","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}