Taken: 12 Hours of Terror

Part 1: The story of Nancy Tyler and a marriage that went up in flames.
9:26 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Taken: 12 Hours of Terror
It wasn't the usual his and her split up of assets in a divorce settlement. -- all of these belong to him to be used on her. 65 pounds of explosives. A pair of handcuffs a gun and a -- to be turned into a news. And what had been their home now wired with surveillance equipment. So nobody could get again. And no one could get out. Win. Just three weeks ago Nancy Tyler with her children by her side walk and forceful like -- -- Final chapter in a disturbing and violent fox. Over the years leading up to the kidnapping extortion and stop me as she -- from her victim's impact statement and -- Connecticut courtroom. The man who has tormented her looks on her ex husband of twelve years Richard change. This just -- names the battle of the war of the but he was the only women -- the rest of us we're just trying to survive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have no one found this house I want and it and it flipped my money it's a lot easier. It honey I'm a popular film -- -- -- divorcing couple yeah played by Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner both his house. Nancy -- recollections of her abusive marriage to strengthen -- far cry from the life she imagined for herself in 1992. When she was set up on a blind date of the charismatic TV producer. -- I wasn't really looking for someone's. I had my two children and my father was ill at the time so things were a little bit. Upside down. And he came along and we got along well and was -- the first time that you can lean on somebody else and first time in awhile and I felt like I could. Because he seemed to be in control. And seemed to have -- altogether. Jenkins seem like to answer to Nancy's prayers she had suffered a heart attack just before they met. And now says that may have made her more vulnerable to -- charms. And blind to what he was truly capable mom. There are going out. I think he's going your life and experiment. There's an investment that's -- They were married after a year and a half of -- his third trip to the altar and her second. Nancy says things -- in the very beginning of their marriage. They lived in a prosperous suburb of Hartford Connecticut and -- a Victorian beach house on the shore. -- and over the TV studio and produced the Gayle King show. -- adopted Nancy's children Victoria and Peter. But it wasn't long before Nancy began to detect a darker side of her husband's personality. When did you notice the change. If things. -- okay for the first couple of years as a relationship. Went and he became much more controlling -- and he was angry. Everybody knew it and he screamed he yelled. Sometimes through things he would slammed his fist against the wall foul mouth and just. Just very obviously out of control -- he would be verbally abuses. -- mentally. Abusive physically and not -- now it was not. -- bruising and broken bones things like that. Is that sometimes harder to explain to people if you don't have the black guy area don't have the broken homes. It's something I think that's harder to explain that and it's also a reason why people don't seek help. Nancy's sister Marilyn says even her closest family members had no idea what shape and was doing to her that he had turner. Isolate. He hand evidently told her that her family didn't care about her. Which we have no idea Nancy son Peter. She made a very clear effort to shield us from an -- Keep -- out of the mix Nancy. Should she filed for divorce that -- would fight her for custody of her children so they try to make the best in the community many missteps. Even if we didn't know that it was -- missed -- could set off a mine field. Would be a fight between -- -- Nancy sixteen year old son over the use of -- car -- that would ultimately finish off their crumbling marriage. My old ex husband yeah. He yeah. Who ran out yeah garage and -- the license plate off of -- car so that I couldn't drive it starts. Screaming blood curdling -- -- Carrying the way he was. Talking to my son -- I knew that this was that it could not -- on any longer. Nancy assumed that filing for divorce would -- her troubles but as it turned out it was just the beginning. I probably have two or 300 emails that are very abusive and it got uglier and uglier. In one disturbing email shape and wrote this divorce is going places you've never seen. I've got nothing to lose that I hear about July -- risk it all. She left her ambitious -- hunting voicemail. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then he's initiated and began stalking her sitting outsider Jim taking pictures of her and that wasn't all -- Retirements and I would go to Jan and -- would take my car. You get your car. Because he had pools to. Your car because -- were cars we have had and Mary -- Nancy have been granted an order of protection and use it has -- been arrested but harassment especially -- Divorce became the war of the Tyler's. When the very first things -- did was send me an email from saying you can get new shoes. The husband in -- movie cuts off the heels all of the shoes belonging to his wife there was always. And that's -- way. The movie yeah. But unlike the war of the roses dancing was not forced to share -- roof but there seemed to be ex husband. She was living at their beach house and had just arrived at work 1 morning when she received a chilling phone. A friend of mine called me thinking I better turn on the news it's there's a house on fire in hand technical enlighten -- So I drove down here and the beach house it was just engulfed. Complaints from -- And it was completely. For. -- -- Nancy lost everything and shape and was arrested for arson he sees your home and everything alone -- and most people think that's bad and that's as bad as it gonna get. In divorce I thought he would do something. But I never thought it would go the way they went. After three painful years Nancy's divorce from Richard -- and was nearly over. On July 7 2009. They were due in court what Nancy home would be the last time. Unable to sleep she left for work -- -- When she arrived at her office he was startled to see -- those cars -- Outside my telephone friend Don myself and said. Sounds kind funny here and she told me that she sought Richardson -- Parked on the street but she didn't see any sign -- -- checked it was dark there was nobody there were still very early in the morning. The last person I expected to -- -- -- him and then in the course of the conversation. All of a sudden. She -- richer. Get away from. He came -- Trenton and showed. I have been phoned my hand and said to my friend -- call the police. He's got a gun and hopefully dad and struggled with -- other ways and since that car keys and dialed 911. Report and -- them. His on the case. Good luck to her because -- the background. -- call the police -- -- it's been racing has been -- for very frightened. Continued I felt that Richie was capable of absolutely anything. But what -- shape and doesn't really capable of what's shocking everyone. I'm needed -- -- the next twelve hours it's here. That kinda got tired of talking I don't need an OK I don't know I have the I know. On on --

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{"id":15461665,"title":"Taken: 12 Hours of Terror","duration":"9:26","description":"Part 1: The story of Nancy Tyler and a marriage that went up in flames.","url":"/2020/video/nancy-tyler-hours-terror-911-marriage-abduct-kidnap-murder-15461665","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}