Finding Nancy

Part 2: A stroke of luck helped police track down Tyler.
5:11 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Finding Nancy
Twelve hours of terror caught on -- once again Robin Roberts. Nancy Tyler have been kidnapped at gunpoint by her exposed. With just seconds before he grabbed her and call for help. This particular morning he received a call from the city of Hartford and they told us that they were investigating a possible kidnapping. Matthew reed as the chief of police and south Windsor Connecticut -- -- -- suburb where Nancy had lived for twelve years with her ex husband Richard -- It's -- -- so we really need to find out what was going. In a stroke of luck shape and had forgotten to turn off -- cellphone. I try it you waiting at Cigna police hope to learn where he was taking her -- -- -- location and that it was within. About two miles of the south Windsor police station. Sargent -- -- -- 22 year veteran of the south winds of police was on duty that. We hadn't vehicle description and plate number. Pretty much everyone that's in the building emptied out to go see if we -- this vehicle. Meanwhile -- terrified Nancy drove -- shaven behind turn his gun pointed at her back. We'll -- he's sat behind me I could see him in the rare man just shut up its. It wasn't long before Nancy realize that he was taking her back to their south Windsor home. Once inside it also became very clear and they shake -- -- shared a gorgeous day. Yeah duffel bag -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's yeah he's. Brought me into your living room saga Hillary monitors set up and turned Ramallah -- -- -- you could see the outside the house. And she started talking about -- They're going to be yeah. Was recorded by an -- for a police officer arrived -- -- Then hit a surprising move -- then called 911. I'll probably thought much about. It all up and -- the -- system will drive right after. I truly think that can't get happy it ended -- it has been wired for -- -- -- -- -- navy -- itself to finish tonight. 911 dispatcher Chris -- much so he told me that he had Nancy there and that everybody needed to get off the property that he had it booby trapped. He -- explosives. He had cameras all around it could see everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He. Got the police dispatcher and laid out the ground rules that he was in charge and they were gonna do what he sad or someone was gonna die. We did happen quite yet. I can't NB -- veteran -- like it it's -- it yeah. Within minutes police swat teams arrived disrupting the peaceful neighborhood. He had blocked a lot of the windows. By either drawing drapes drawn shades and he had attempted to block our view into the house. Inside sequence started to unravel as the police began surrounding the house. Every opportunity that's what I did property happened at the agency didn't thank you I'm needed clarity to why can't the other -- -- -- That's going to be distracted -- you -- walk. When they showed up he's got upset and said it's too soon I'm not ready it was screening them -- She's here and I've got a gun to her head and cannot do what I say. She's going to die. And they they did what he sat. -- and had a list of twelve demands threatening to kill Nancy and blow up the house that they were not -- Among them were a marriage license a judge and a priest. We got married I can't wait any Gutierrez it's. Do you really think that you were going to marry him again Europe -- being held at gunpoint he's forcing you. I don't know I don't believe he had any feelings left for me or for anybody. It was something to make the police due to demonstrate that he was in control. When that didn't work when they -- gets the judge or the priest. Then he lost it again. -- in his frustration when the police had terrifying consequences for Nancy. I had my hand on the -- gun at my temple and his finger on the trigger and he was doing accountant screaming at the police -- -- -- that if they didn't do it he said by the time. To ten. He was going to pulls the trigger. -- You mean and really all I'm not I didn't really hear it I'm Linden and --

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{"id":15461698,"title":"Finding Nancy","duration":"5:11","description":"Part 2: A stroke of luck helped police track down Tyler.","url":"/2020/video/nancy-tyler-hours-terror-911-marriage-abduct-kidnap-murder-15461698","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}