ABC News Digital Special: Nelson Mandela Remembered

People around the world mourn the death and celebrate the life of the South African peace leader.
3:00 | 12/06/13

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Transcript for ABC News Digital Special: Nelson Mandela Remembered
I'm Dan -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. The father of modern South Africa. As being remembered today a leader who inspired so many with his own fight for freedom spent 27 years in prison. Before leaving the country out of decades of apartheid Nelson Mandela died late yesterday in his home in Johannesburg. And as we take a look at some live pictures in South Africa where there -- memorials and tributes. Taking place across the country to remember the man that was not only the face of South Africa and the anti apartheid movement -- a face for freedom. Funeral plans are now being sets a large public memorial service and be followed by. Mandela's body lying in state for three days in the capital Pretoria before he is then taken back to his ancestral village of -- and -- Prepared. He sees its mark art news Johannesburg now with the latest on -- south Africans are mourning the death and celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela. South Africa has entered a period of national mourning profound sadness. But the loss of a man many affectionately knew -- -- -- my diva Mandela's death was announced shortly before midnight by president Jacob Zuma who called Mandela South Africa's greatest son. The reaction here in South Africa has been remarkable people of all stripes taking to the streets singing dancing. Celebrating Mandela's life. Mandela's death came as no surprise but as a new day dawns here in South Africa. Many are waking up -- deep sense of loss over this national and global hero. Alex Marquardt ABC news Johannesburg. This morning south Africans were solemn outside of Mandela's house in Johannesburg laying down flowers as the Mandela family and south African leaders made their way inside. But in -- the urban area of the city the atmosphere. -- celebration of Mandela's life and legacy south Africans march sang -- something that made south African president Jacob Zuma. Very pleased in response to the world this morning. We made -- on the second day. Over the past single. -- bailouts founding president. Of for free and democratic South Africa. His excellency. Medicine Monday. We sincerely and -- south Africans. For the dignified man and -- They have respect tent and despondent. To the -- momentum lost all of these in commercial and -- com. Was a symbol. Of reconciliation. Unit -- Loud. Human rights. And justice. In our country. And do it. A reflection of so many thoughts this morning. Joining us now Indra the -- -- lateral producer of a documentary the long walk of Nelson Mandela telling the story. Of the struggle the leadership in the personal life. Of South Africa's greatest son Andrew thank you for being with us today. In chronicling the life of Nelson Mandela is no small task and really we've been -- so many stories of that transformation of going from. From prisoner to president and we can see the reflection of that all today. Yeah and I've been taking there has long been since last night between. -- -- to -- -- people -- best stories but also reflects on lions and who stands then. I think one. Six maybe. People in in the US might -- Lisa Guerrero is. Among other things also just very very great politician and I think one of the times you greedy Chiluba. And Willis and they end -- this period and Chris. A certain way -- eat first was approached by the -- toxic elements. And he England's. Discussions with and he wouldn't -- negotiations that he certainly discussions are not close -- decision and I didn't tell. Case prison. Carter. We'll see you -- discuss almost everything he had told him. Anxious. People I think the government of the title they -- investment and in an -- -- -- concerned that the government wouldn't succeed -- manipulating him. I don't know courses in many ways -- say he manipulates -- he used its iconic status he used parent because he wasn't Chris. And I just turned that -- an incredible spent and it's. He noted that a number of things which -- -- now and time none of us here. Where they wouldn't prefer peace because the international press which was senate. And he all be released until the conditions were right front beauties he wouldn't be released until -- the disorganization CAC was -- bands. The Communist Party and we -- liberation movements. I that he cannot process -- he was automatic prison in some -- -- to control the hopelessly agenda. It in the fact the matter was -- is that he was fighting forces not only with those that were supporting of him but at the same time opposition forces as well within South Africa. In all of an attempt to to unite into -- a democratic south African and of course becoming the first. Black president in a free a -- of free democratic election of South Africa. In in 1994. -- the forces that he had to to fight through to reconcile the parties that were seemingly at eyes and seemingly never going to be able to see I'd I. Is something that so many people have been talking about. Yes and -- and I think it's difficult to you imagine I mean my children. God says saying no no wait a man tell his story. As we now see it -- -- an old great man. I don't usually the most rely Japanese beyond congress us these two -- has -- many many others is the -- of peace and reconciliation. When he came out of prison. The situation is very very different. Very few people trust -- trust that the -- sex. And and -- very very good reasons when he. And early ninety's flute sound docile and sound and confront. Tens of thousands of young people who in effect he's been fighting a hole in townships around and -- there. With mistakes and status -- -- songs that forces. He told them -- -- -- they age residency -- don't. He responsible position being close but for good reason it was difficult to see house trusts the sex was difficult. He went and they don't you know army the police ready by an army drove around in. -- -- -- trucks carrying weapons. It was very very difficult to see this -- to you a Democrat in each. And since he was very very residents' hands. Determines. And I think that's that's that they must -- in the -- it was a politician which is -- -- -- -- is -- takes -- a huge that power. He had been impressed the east are uncertain used. To you just to make it real and I mean I'm excited to deputy clerk. In 1990 not be fool. Before windows duties. And it you know he's saying about the way see this is trying to make a deal -- the liberation people's. And in his mind it was not democracy EE no news. I did and that's what he was negotiates. Which is looking into six doesn't know what he intended. So I think he unit based looks very very unique but the prospects -- Mandela happened -- Was very very difficult projects and -- key hubris. Buchanan one of the most he's on the most distant people Max. You have certain about that -- eat. And maybe that was calling -- spies and Chris is the key he never -- do things that I didn't too fast. Direction he -- he never appears. Injury if you can talk a little bit about the relationship that he did have with -- -- -- because it was something that was. Watched so closely throughout the world as we're watching some of the video there from. That ceremony with -- being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize a shared. Honor with FW de Klerk and he knew that spoke a little bit about the reconciliation in his ability to do that and Nelson Mandela in fact invited -- of his prison wardens from Robben Island. To his inauguration. And which -- I was. Very public and very visible way of showing that sense of resolution in moving forward but. Still the relationship that he had with FW de -- -- very complex. Yes I mean you know eight in speeding up reconciliation and -- dead you're looking back at it from from -- That's something -- very charming and warm and -- And saying hey I really don't think it was like I mean they didn't warm relationship the tool. Man doesn't trust o'clock. He was very angry -- declined because when the bonds continued. To B and C news and renounce violence and the number goodness come to you that was. Also that is all. Amid a country not officially passed through musical forces still amazing by the violence. And he didn't think to -- he didn't leave that to Clinton is doing everything he could start and he even I think many -- -- -- lead us. Obviously was actually -- it -- say he did not warm relationship. We can control us he was determined. To negotiate at peace with that and he was sent to get democratic -- -- And then bats and congress all of -- is and and that's way yet to you. Yet be very very determines. -- -- and supporters -- and Trevor Manuel -- -- and finance minister was speaking on the radio this morning. He was seeking about how that the -- has release a thousand jobs -- select. And when he came into -- house. He was meeting. You know some of the leaders that they suddenly just liberation movement that they sometimes the first time discussing what he's gonna say. And the one thing he was actually determines the saying was that he -- The bona Fides all. All to cook and -- government. Asked not enough. The people that the other leaders wanted to say that well tremendous things stand and you usually understand why they face he was -- -- -- To always know that he used his power to -- his colleagues say -- to be called citizens and not holding out this is in this process. So he -- even when the relationship with declared it was disclosed he wouldn't ready to say and it showed I think and you always later shortened holiday. I wouldn't -- was -- team in this. This campaign's confidence his own supporters as well as those who side with the enemy as well -- Chris mortars. You know he takes every teacher -- -- CAE say -- -- here. Every day C and -- use any opportunity to build those bridges to you to -- You're too -- possible but that a -- -- the Democrats -- -- could actually. Speaking to the strength of character and physical strength as well injury to -- -- Producer of the long walk of Nelson Mandela thank you so much and we appreciate that. Mandela was Nobel Peace Prize winner but he shared that prize with then president of South Africa FW de Klerk. And -- -- reflected on the passing of his partner in securing peace in post apartheid South Africa. He was -- -- It was a British official. I think he's great as -- make us. Due South Africa and to the world. Sees that emphasis which he has always put. On the need forty conciliation. On the importance of human rights. In the guise of South Africa and that applies also to other parts of the world. The need to promote equality. He was a mental -- in -- Equality and freedom obviously hallmarks. That drove Nelson Mandela. Joining us now also from Johannesburg. Is -- -- -- kind yeah editor in chief of the Sunday times of South Africa Johannesburg Monday. Thank you so much for being with us today. It's both a reflection. Of the passing but also a celebration of life that's happening right now in South Africa. -- It couldn't -- -- very -- being put it the people. Out is that in the we have beaten people have been seen vulnerability. -- -- on one nation. What they are going to be seen though he intimately but look at the deep -- your opinion expected it pretty mean and let it. Used immediate debate and in the currency. The ticket DN. Powell. Should be on hand to. And what I won't let -- what you -- to bit hectic we didn't -- But -- -- an act of the country. You've eaten or what can run. Into orbit and well nobody -- among many people let the people. Before all of the work that he did for South Africa -- and the anti apartheid movement at the same time. Nelson Mandela's personality. Was really larger than life and really very evident after he had. Left the presidency and we've heard so many times before and that famous quote of don't call me I'll call you it is his emotion his personality. Really was able to to move and and to make an impact on world leaders. -- that struggle -- Whitney statement. Nine didn't do in making all. He didn't speak to eighty accurately and and that one -- And that's one gets you wonder what but you know. Rick is -- We can only in Egypt at that point critical state parks and on tactic and -- -- you don't count -- commitment and he spent eight. It looked into it yet it also -- -- certain yet city. Brought Norman -- in the world want to get out. Certain and our goal and an art when you look -- to pay income -- that duty -- currencies. But -- Regional. Local department to pay their envelope. Kirk you know -- -- already -- -- -- incredible when you would go and it did not -- square Simmons. And it's no picnic table with a load -- Indian ingenuity. And predator can become expected that he -- -- -- you actually belonged to a wouldn't recommend it considered independent and get beaten. That -- -- unit of living in the apartment for our department Beckett. There was there was this is so much attention that was placed in the fact that he did serve only one term. But in that short period of time in that five years that impact that he made on South Africa was. Really almost immeasurable and almost unimaginable. -- -- -- -- I'm very much into the fact that he didn't indicate the price annuity they're instantly into power excitement or. He should abide become engaged in reaching out to rule to do -- into the light but he you know. And I think that people it. Do not have ended that you are and -- it -- -- the country to give details of its popular. There. The EP Egypt. -- points. It reported predictable it's between ninety and 99 well. Point win when they want -- get back in the -- it independently and in the opposite. Once -- take strict action and attacked the government -- But it Brittany Snow what -- of the -- to party and -- deputy people want to follow all add up to remember in. Basically I think is -- any. -- to be popular visit. -- -- -- -- -- -- Even being president governor but it was evident that he wouldn't it means staying under another president -- initiatives. The air and -- and students. That you keep quiet and comfortable and -- debate I'm amazed XP and it -- aren't now we are upbeat and people living in a dependent. And it. Instead it has been an advocate -- and it wouldn't want to exit and -- it and it being Sunday. -- bet that the market sentiment we're right in the -- it would -- it. Don't look over the concrete. -- Politics underground but on Thursday been enough that it should be teaching people pick in no -- and can be viewed that war. It's not what we -- but you see them debate it clear they would know beat -- and so don't don't don't. Everybody concrete spends -- that would change in people's life but it didn't look it here. Looks department but people need it looked intact you know what treat and -- it has been concrete and but be implemented coordinate apartment development program and -- it didn't think people feel that it will not -- The legacy that he -- obviously had an international impact in so many countries around the world. That may have looked nothing like South Africa but the ideals in the spirit. Had. A reaction and and and we're shaped largely by Nelson Mandela but almost twenty years later after that five year term -- -- South Africa still guided. By that kind of sense of spirit of reconciliation and direction that he had instilled in those five years. And that's exactly what you went there and RO year now what -- -- pick it. -- current curriculum deputy and the people coming. -- simply can't meet the how we wouldn't. And eloquently and -- treatment but it -- on orbit soon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good to me what they're real but he hadn't read it. You -- Apollo. -- not been -- done and I think it becomes the -- degree -- him. People now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These people would -- it would be bought back and and and can give -- -- -- and two. And they developed here in Vietnam and let the opulent look. -- have been -- me. Problem then we need in vision can be -- he put. Under the authority. To regain its people and it didn't take it pretty cool -- -- -- the industry and indeed being -- -- tool. It's kinda gotten. You know multiple blunt it poses to blow. -- He delivered to him in the -- Beaten and cool. Interpret -- speed record but it it mechanical. Groupon now and people will come into power in the -- our opinion it. And -- lose readers get what. Yeah. One. Convenient way three -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ability but it could play it -- being. This is currently the biggest and it right now in close below and let him but he did they couldn't. Could. -- then Dallas still being used as a as a guiding force as a benchmark. To. Advance forward -- -- -- I would thank you for your time and your insights from Johannesburg. The Johannesburg June 24 1995 Mandela had been president of the new South Africa for little more than a year. It was the rugby World Cup -- -- sport that had for so long when the pride of white south Africans. But Mandela since the moment and seize the opportunity. Where they're sure and so it -- Cain is now. And today the springboks national rugby team released this tribute to their leader. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Multiple -- -- content Bryant coordination. Has formed a sport couldn't -- While women. That are bigger word cult. Hit nine took an interest. You made us whole problem -- in South Africa. And doing -- who come much fun drink a -- thing would be many. According to check in to find out you know what's happening succeed focus OK and we walked out the stadium. It's Johnson -- -- back Nelson Nelson Nelson he's been reading around that statements -- It's good health. Thanks -- good. This time we'll. Indian and black alcohol related. When you watch them -- -- back. Character we'll. -- won't want the entire history. Paulson. -- small. -- reminder don't mention actually. One vehicle. Was one question we have Qualcomm -- Didn't like that particularly. You know. How I -- doctors. -- -- -- -- -- You'll have gotten almost extinct in New York. Well. Today who gave calling them a plug us. Compared to what apple had -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you -- Base Quantico and -- Quentin of the globe in that way. -- -- Film and -- this starring Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman who played Mandela based on the story. That 1995. World Cup. And once again the schedule for the next ten days a period of mourning in South Africa has set out by president Jacob Zuma. Sunday it will be a national day of prayer to state massive public memorial service will be held at a sports stadium in Johannesburg. On Wednesday and those body will begin line in state in the capital and there it will remain until the fifteenth a week from Sunday. When he will be buried at his rural home. -- -- Of course stay with ABC news -- for complete look at the life and the legacy of Nelson Mandela. And for live coverage of all -- memorial plans out of South Africa. Thank you for joining us for this digital special report and -- -- in New York.

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