The Night Trayvon Martin Died: What Took Place

The defense and prosecution strategy and their version of events on that fateful night.
9:10 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for The Night Trayvon Martin Died: What Took Place
Of course we'll have to wait and find out from those six women on the jury about what made up their minds for the verdict they delivered but how would you have interpreted the evidence those fourteen screams about forty minutes. With George -- deciding not to take the stand all we -- was two teams of impassioned lawyers battling it out. The defense on behalf of the Zimmermann family and trade on Martin's family -- those prosecutors. Here's a look tonight of how they get it once again -- got them. Your verdict finding George -- either guilty or not guilty must be unanimous. The jury's long awaited decision came after eight hits three week trial -- -- courtroom fireworks. That -- 1 morning. Animal feed possibly long hours and short tempers. Busy week. He's not even the judge storming out legal team. Finally in answer to the polonium question why did George Zimmerman feels -- Von Muller who does it won't. Manslaughter itself thanks. Detailed how -- Nancy Herman's past legally collided started here at Sanford Florida. Small bedroom community for the fringes of the city. But it's a long way from the theme -- crowns an up roll off February night. Inside the -- -- communities. It looks like he's you know sooner you -- heroes -- com. That's the voice of George Sugarman and again he's talking about his trip Von Muller earlier seeing buying in Arizona -- -- skills at a 7-Eleven. Martin was heading back to his father's fiance is home in the housing complex where he was spending eighteen -- school suspension after getting busted. -- related offense something the jurors never -- Despite his youthful indiscretions of its family says Morton was just a normal teenage kids into girls rap music their flights. He was an interest in flying planes. On that fascinated him -- which led him to go to a program. Two you know try to pursue his career in aviation is a one thing that you miss most about him -- -- is now. He was a very affectionate teenagers so I dismiss him smiling any -- -- hope. The training future. Walking around looking and well. Initially Martin didn't know he was being tailed by Zimmerman self appointed neighborhood watch captain. By day and auditor -- Zimmerman had a past dangers and law enforcement. The women die out on behalf of his neighbors what was your first impression Zimmerman. He was weak and easy going and at first -- had a little trepidation that this guy's going to run into her watch petty thinking it is as a neighborhood watchman. Fantastic. You know his efforts and his diligence. Yielded results. That firearm but in court prosecutors painted Zimmerman as an overzealous wanna -- cops. His language in this non emergency call to police helped spark the racial debate over the case before her very different. Editor -- ground -- -- -- fueled allegations that he was an aggressively profiling a harmless teenage students. Reid of Nevada but -- -- it's. We always get a word. And pops. -- and they always get away. Those little worse and that won't -- and it's not. As he followed in the door -- seventeen year old boy. The prosecution wants to make it clear that he already had a mindset we got out of his car began to follow treat -- -- -- -- With a fully loaded semi automatic pistol and prosecutors -- -- Zimmerman was -- then donned stocking -- even when told by police to call it off. -- -- following up over the looking. India that we don't. Multiple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- More manageable -- being. When he -- blue creek trees anyway. Through my neighbors care. Gentile says she told -- to run away but. Then she says she -- -- being confronted by Zimmerman. Why can't -- afford. -- now. They're mini constitution. You can find here -- the -- things he at all you know. This is the path for the lines of trade on Martin and George -- collided that night to note here for about thirty or forty seconds it was a black hole of information. Until dispatches from -- once -- getting flooded by calls from neighbors all around. They're wrestling right in the back of my porch and someone yelling kill or account -- -- hollering help help help since then the gunshot that shatters the night. Look at this moment -- -- black guy down it looks like he'd been shot he's. George Zimmermann. They're not Cheap Trick on -- -- He shot for the worst of reasons. -- -- But in this police reenactment Zimmerman says it was he confronted -- angry trade -- -- -- go home now and then he was here in the country takes. Some are searching for. -- -- help -- love. Check this this week that anybody ahead and tried to slam my head down. -- says the confrontation escalated after Martin's father begun and -- Looked at. Say you're -- kind. -- -- -- He says look. You got me. About two minutes after the shots rang out this photo was taken at the scene. The defense says it confirms similar to count if he was attacked by Morton. And in court even a neighbor called as a prosecution witness. Appeared to -- -- Zimmerman to count that he was the one being attacked. By could tell that person on the bottom at a lighter skin color. The jury has been presented with -- completely contradictory accounts of what happened with no solid evidence to back up either side's claims. That is until a critical piece of evidence is introduced. The -- 911 call or -- voice -- heard screaming for help. Yeah. OK yeah it. Fourteen screens and forty seconds the critical question does. Desperate -- -- to trade Von Muller is what George -- If there was George -- screaming out for help that it supports his theory that he acted in self defense economist George. To identify the boys the defense calls a parade of Zimmerman friends who perhaps not surprisingly big city it's him on the tape. Do you know whose voices two -- -- yes definitely -- Yes I hear him screaming. There is absolutely no. -- -- The mothers of both Martin and Zimmerman also take the stand and they confidently identify the voice. Is that of their son -- you recognize that to be. Church on Benjamin Martin -- isn't this to displace. But then the defense calls -- -- unlikely weeks. Fred -- Martin's father Tracey Martin. Police say -- informed and just two days after the shooting he did not believe the voice on the tape was his son's. But on the stand -- seems to change his story saying after hearing -- He's now convinced it was his son crying for help. Boston's. And ask for a. Began taking. I was coming to grips that -- while -- was -- -- I think at the end of the day. The testimony of these witnesses will cancel themselves out. The jurors are gonna have to listen to that 911 tape and -- -- have to decide for themselves who they believe that voice says. -- deal. Person knows exactly what happened that night. -- Sarah. Decided not to testify in his own defense. After consulting with. Council not to us. But the testimony of this woman. So called star witness has everyone talking a lot of people criticized her for her here -- -- game. -- -- -- -- -- And her answers raised -- mostly taboo. Grace would -- did. To save his case is not a.

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{"id":19660228,"title":"The Night Trayvon Martin Died: What Took Place","duration":"9:10","description":"The defense and prosecution strategy and their version of events on that fateful night.","url":"/2020/video/night-trayvon-martin-died-place-19660228","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}