Online Gossip Destroys Man's Life

Ga. man loses job, leaves town after vicious accusations surface on Topix forum.
8:21 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Online Gossip Destroys Man's Life
Very few people actually saw what -- room Robbie streamed on his webcam. But now we turn to an Internet story where anybody could see or say anything and everything and they did. A gossip web site that became -- graffiti wall free licks for anybody with a grudge real or imagined. So what happened when an entire town seemed to turn on one man. Welcome to -- -- Georgia population 750. Round here in the heart of the north Georgia mountains the morning traffic may move slow but -- gossip races along information -- -- -- something could happen on the north end of town. And it could be -- live reports from the up from one side of the county. In Blair's -- you don't need a good seat at the local diner to get the scoop these days news spread on a website called topix dot com. CEO Chris told says topix was created in 2007 to bring more news to small towns. We wanted them to have the ability to make that is better their town and report on. Where they let. But in reality. The site reads much less like a local newspaper and much more like a graffiti wall. On topics nobody is required to own their destinations. You have no idea who is saying what. How bad can get just asked Jeanne -- -- 2008 Gina divorced father of two boys had a solid job as a hair stylist and a second chance at love with Paulette harper. Had a beautiful heart beautiful soul yet before they could marry the unimaginable. Paul lets ax murdered her in her sleep. Gene was helping Paul -- family prepare for her funeral went out of nowhere her family turned on him. They started asking me some initial questions asking me about. Having a drug addiction and being in and out of three -- I had no idea of what was going on -- What was going on -- -- downright nasty discussion. On Blair's bills topics for. What it started as a -- discussion about pollard's death had morphed into a feeding frenzy on -- he was called a drug addict. A -- over who should be kept away from children and even possibly. An accomplice in his -- -- murder in the topics thread was populated by a venomous chorus of mystery names now. -- bugs -- it looked like a whole posse of people out to destroy -- -- one and what the world right that made this many people upset mad at me and account within days defamation cost -- his job. Were you trying to defend yourself how are you gonna defend yourself against somebody you don't who it is that's doing -- attacking. Scorned is despised and worried about the impact is all might have on his son's. Jean went into exile. You felt that you had believe mr. He moves south to Augusta Georgia. Desperately wanted to get even with whomever had ruined an on line. But he would need a big blow to get to the bottom of the anonymous attacks he's vicious pit bull. Fortunately for Jean found one players -- attorney. -- -- I confront people they won't say -- -- -- -- go to them and Aussie Chris here's your chance you can say it to my face. Despite his gruff exterior -- -- was touched by -- tale of woe. And soon came to regard his new client as a close friend he was chest. -- -- I was. I was worried about. He quickly discovered unmasking anonymous Internet users like -- and mouth will be no easy task. Here's wealth saying it's all about making a horror of this is absolutely. The worst thing you can say about it human and but still -- it was dog he figured out he only needed one vital piece of information to unmask anonymous to famers. -- wasn't really Internet protocol address a unique fingerprints -- connected to every device that accesses the Internet. So once you get the IP address you can go to your telephone companies and say give me the telephone number comes back to and you got. It wouldn't happen quickly but eventually -- labour would bear fruit. And that we find out who is -- -- no pollution laws that's right the majority of the comments were coming from just one person. Working under multiple screenings and health. The -- bugs and all the same person civil -- Balanced. With the navy then that. So we went looking for -- -- to find out the basis for all that -- We found her at her home deep in the woods and Chris Cuomo from ABC. So where is he invited us he's right onto -- porch. Eager and proud to tell her side of the story. She says all her -- opinions of -- stem from an alleged incident ten years ago and they both worked at a local departments to. -- -- test -- inappropriate. He tells me that he gives wonderful audience. You know toward the dinner -- now -- -- -- -- says after she found out about genes fiance being killed. She jumped on line supposedly to protect Paul let's daughter from him. -- -- it was a big time assassination he would have losing. Have you ever thought that maybe people whenever I post on there that their -- that's -- got to have proof of the case. Right that's the bar otherwise you wind up in court are talking. -- was like car -- -- looking into whether of murder suicide he may have had something to do with it. -- C'mon you can't just suggests somebody -- has something to do with the murder and walk away from -- that's serious charge patients that you don't. But you're supposed to know if you say. Mean and dome is always a bad combination. Still he was matter -- arraigned on rooster. He brought -- -- court on charges of defamation. And in court -- who was unable to come up with any supporting evidence to back her claims. We've got a verdict of 404000. Dollars. 250000. -- it was punitive damages -- not taken any -- -- back you're not saying any of -- untrue. You can see one red cent from you not one race. And what about the man who. He preferred to email us a statement. In it tolls rights topics does pre filter user commentary. And cooperates with law enforcement while being as respectful as possible with our users' privacy. I don't think they understand that he doesn't just live in this little community it's over the whole bloody world and it lives. For ever. So Russell Snooki is now on -- kind of one man crusade. All over the country busting the yachts and -- of the world trying to use topix dot com to ruin lives. These bastards are doing character assassination. And religious hatred -- -- -- they got away with -- they don't get away with it anymore. In the end gene may never see a cent from -- we already got something far more valuable than money or revenge. God -- life back. After his victory -- -- returned home layers. -- -- -- clear he founded job -- and friends eager to welcome him home. Everybody's. Lots more was what you were able to achieve here. How do you feel about -- fortunes going forward I am happy and proud. How we do here who do break.

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{"id":15991950,"title":"Online Gossip Destroys Man's Life","duration":"8:21","description":"Ga. man loses job, leaves town after vicious accusations surface on Topix forum.","url":"/2020/video/online-gossip-destroys-mans-life-15991950","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}