'Six-Pack Abs in 60 Seconds': Behind the Before-and-After Curtain

Will lights, grooming and other tricks make average Joes cover material for Men's Fitness?
6:29 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for 'Six-Pack Abs in 60 Seconds': Behind the Before-and-After Curtain
Don't hate him because he's gorgeous. Hugh jackman. We know he works out like crazy and suffers for months at a time to get into shape to play wolverine. But does it have to be that hard for everybody? Well, yes. Unless you know the tricks of the trade. So, we put them to the test. Could nothing but some baby oil, a razor and a very good photographer turn your fat into fit? And with this, we would like to welcome our new nutrition and wellness editor to. Translator:20/20." Nice, perfect. Reporter: Go on ladies, feast your eyes on him -- hugh jackman! Fitness icon. Box-office superstar. And this month's "men's fitness" magazine cover model. Hey, baby. Reporter: We know you've probably wondered what it would be like to wake up next to the boy from down under. Looking good! Reporter: Our thought, "why can't my husband have hugh's rock hard aussie abs?" While you were dreaming, consider this. To become this summer's ultimate sex-symbol "wolverine," jackman put on 25 pounds of lean muscle, ate all-natural foods for six months and scarfed down 6,000 calories a day. Look over your shoulder to the right. Yeah, that's perfect. It's definitely a lot of diet, a lot of training. Reporter: Fitness model ryan hughes says getting amazing abs and broad shoulders requires hours in the gym. But warns there's a whole weight loss industry out there that claims you can go from flab to fab in no time. You're always going to have people trying to take shortcuts, but the bottom line is, to get real results, you need to put in the time. Reporter: Okay. Maybe some of those amazing weight loss ads are legit. But andrew dixon says, buyer beware. The los angeles-based trainer set out to prove how easy it is for the pumped up weight loss industry to fake us out with the too good to be true before and after foechl toes. I just took a photo, let my gut hang out, shaved my chest, shaved my beard, got the lighting optimal. Reporter: Six pack abs in less than 60 minutes? I decided to put his tactics to the test. This week, I hit the streets of new york with my good friend, hugh, in tow. Searching for a few good men willing to take part in an instant fitness fakeover. With just lights, cameras and a whole lot of attitude. Think we could get you on the next cover of "men's fitness?" Probably not. Reporter: At first, we strike out. Your shirt says "just do it." I'm just saying. Even this 23-year-old with a solid six pack wouldn't play ball. Let's see what you got. All right, thanks. Next time. But then we saw him, as if by fate. You want me to put you on the cover of men's fitness. You think you're up for it? Wolverine wannabe casey braxton. Could we convince 33-year-old casey to let his inner jackman claw himself out? I don't know about the abs, though. I like to eat too much. But I think we could do it. Reporter: And so, casey was in. Sorry spidey. It's just not your weekend. 18-year-old hitch from new jersey -- think this could be you? Yeah, sure. Reporter: On board, too. Still, I wanted to clinch this. So we head downtown to where we are all but certain to find some fat content in the trendy meat packing district. So, I spotted a friend. He's having brunch. I'm going to see if he's game for this? Hey! Kurt walters from brooklyn was enjoying his eggs benedict until I showed up. The whole idea is, we're going to give you a little tan, maybe oil you up, get you appropriate man-scaping. And we're going to make you look 25 pounds thinner. What the viewers don't know is that he's 50. So, to recap. Three guys, ready to strip down -- take it off! Reporter: Trim up and take part in "20/20's" first ever ultimate fitness fakeover. Blocks away we've arranged to take those ever important before photos. Casey, aka "wolverine," arrived first and with a little prompting, the shirt was off, his gut glaring. Full length shot. Next up, mitch, who quickly lost his smile and suddenly, we lost ours, too. Is that a farmer's tan he's sporting? Sideways. Finally, 50-year-old kurt, a self-proclaimed artist by day, silver fox by night. That''s perfect. He was going to need more than a coat of paint to make himself camera ready. Are we going to keep the mask on? Yes. Reporter: Upstair us, the "men's fitness" dream team. A stylist, a groomer, the photo director. And sticking with andrew dixon's edict, we gave them just 60 minutes to snap those six packs. You have two brothers? This will be quite a harassment deal for me. Reporter: There were lots of touchdowns. You know I only do this when I got a date. Reporter: Cleanups and plenty of last minute situps. Then, it was time for the big reveal. An hour ago, casey was thrilling tourists in times square for tips. Would all that man-scaping make him a sexy super hero or our first fakeover zero? Remember, this was the before. And now, here's the after. Like the retired super hero comes back, ready to save the world. Reporter:18-year-old mitch is up next. We'll see. This fall, mitch will be a college freshman. Yeah, that's good. Reporter: And now it looks like he may just be the next big man on campus. You look really great. Surprising. Quite the deal. Reporter: Okay, our final fakeover candidate. Keep in mind, kurt, not so buff before. And remember, he's 50. And here is his ageless after. I'm kind of in shock. They had fun with it, which was the intention. And they look good. Reporter: You've done over 200 covers. What do you think is most important? Personality. Confide confidence, being a celebrity. Reporter: That will get you on the cover? It helps.

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{"id":19859825,"title":"'Six-Pack Abs in 60 Seconds': Behind the Before-and-After Curtain","duration":"6:29","description":"Will lights, grooming and other tricks make average Joes cover material for Men's Fitness?","url":"/2020/video/pack-abs-60-seconds-curtain-19859825","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}