Pageant Confidential: The Pressure Builds

When the contestants arrive in Vegas, the not-so-pretty side of the competition surfaces.
5:47 | 01/12/13

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Transcript for Pageant Confidential: The Pressure Builds
Pageant confidential, the road to miss america continues. It's been said a woman's hair holds her identity. Perfect. And as vegas week gets closer, the miss america contestants aren't just concerned with their continues -- they're worried about their dos. People say the higher the hair, the higher to jesus or something like that. Those blonde locks of miss south carolina's are part her own and partly not. In fact, many of this year's women admit they accentuate what they have with extensions. A lot of people have different views on wearing fake hair, but why not? It's so much easier to throw your hair up, throw a fake piece on it. And it always looks good. Up north in the prairies of the american heartland, miss iowa, the contestant with a f famous name, mariah cary, is poised to give the blondes some tough competition this year. I have had a couple people say well you don't look like a miss iowa. Maybe I don't look like what you think I should look like. If she wins, she'd be the ninth woman of color to take home the crown in the pageant's 92-year history. One of the biggest things and I do get asked that, "do you look up to the african-american miss americas more?" A miss america to me is a miss america, whether you're black, white house, hispanic. They're equal. And the world is about to meet their next one. With their crowns packed, their heads high and should earls back, the 2013 contestants are finally in las vegas. I donald need those right now. Loaded down with suitcases of gowns, heels, hair driers and makeup, they head to the rooms at planet hollywood, where they'll billion e virtually sequestered. Allowed no contact with family or coaches, they have only each other. You look great! They will spend nearly every waking hour together, as they assess, up close and personal, if all the hard work really measures up. The schedule is rigid and packed with fittings, autographs and rehearsals. Come on, sassy group of people. Hoping to be your first lady tonight. I'm miss district of columbia, allyn rose. When you're in it, you're in the go mode, you never know if the claws come out. I think you can get caught up in the competition. A lot of mind games? Yeah. If you are yourself, it's really easy. It is just the second day, and already, they seem overwhe overwhelmed. Even a little dazed. Doing pushups? But they do their best to stay discipline and keep a sense of humor. And, one, two, three -- I'm a ballet dancer, so, jazz dancing kind of trying to look cool dancing doesn't work out very well for me. I had to get used to, like, doing this and pointing. All this coordination kind of thing. Some make no secret of an extreme need for beauty sleep. Catching cat naps wherever and whenever. We did get up really early today. We ate breakfast at 7:00. That made me a little more tired than normal, but -- this dancing is breaking a sweat kind of woke me up. South carolina? Here. And there is no rest after rehearsals. The nights bring required outings. Okay. Alpha? Lipstick fresh, crowns affixed, this is a contest of stamina. I'm used to the desert. Tonight, the women will be bussed to a nearby show. Where is my crown? And the conversation starts out innocently enough. At this stage in the game, how hungry are you? I want mashed potatoes and ice cream. When I ask them how they're feeling, the conversation takes a turn. Tell the truth, who is nervous here? I truly am not -- because I am always getting some kind of, like, snide remark and no matter what, no matter what, I always kind of feel a little infear yot at moments. The other contestants are taken aback. But miss maine has to say. Today was one of my hardest days, actually. Why? Another contestant flat-out said some really rude and unkind things to me and I just kind of sat back and I thought, you know, we're all here as miss americas and I don't understand why you're kind of lashing out. Where -- what's coming from behind that? Yeah. So, that was my day today and that's okay. You know what I did to change that? I put on really great shoes and have an amazing clutch. With a knack for turning things around, miss maine put as smile on for the rest of the night, but sensing she was still upset, we caught up with her the next day. Everyone was like, it's all perfect, and you're like, it's not. This is hard. No. The daggers have kind of come out. Just in small moments, but it kind of came out of left field. Resilience gets maine back into the competition. Ready. But will she and the rest of the contestants hold up when they meet the judges for the first time in the interview room? How are y'all doing today? And then, a nip, a tuck -- one contestant with the real story behind plastic surgery. I've always been taught to keep my chest up. Will a sudden setback keep one contestant out of the competition? I think it's broken. When we come back.

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{"id":18200268,"title":"Pageant Confidential: The Pressure Builds","duration":"5:47","description":"When the contestants arrive in Vegas, the not-so-pretty side of the competition surfaces.","url":"/2020/video/pageant-confidential-pressure-builds-18200268","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}