Pageant Confidential: Transformations

Miss Montana Alexis Wineman says pageants have helped her manage the effects of her autism.
3:00 | 01/12/13

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Transcript for Pageant Confidential: Transformations
On top of eating right, looking picture perfect every second of the day, camera ready at all times and, of course, working those bodies to perfection -- ah, nice. Miss america contestants spend hours upon hours studying everything under the sun, from pop culture to politics, in preparation for that infamous interview portion. I believe parents should teach their children how to eat. Often seen as the most critical part of the contest. It oos the number one killer of men and women. If we could have more love in the world, why not. We should ban taxing and driving. Becoming well versed in so many different subjects is an incredibly tall order dreaded by all. I don't know why I'm drawing a blank right now. Not understanding the question is a contestant's worst fear. I haven't really thought about that. As we saw when we popped in on miss california, leah cecil, during a mock interview session. What's your feelings on euthanasia becoming legalized? That's one thing that I'm not very educated on. I need to look up on exactly what that means. But I do know it's a vaccine. Correct? No, euthanasia is assisted suicide. I felt so dumb, I felt so idiotic. And that's one of those things i don't want to happen in my interview. They can ask you about anything out there. How do you prepare for that? Just have a simple opinion. You don't have to be an expert on everything. I am no expert on the economy, i mean, not even our congress knows what to do right now. Each contestant finds her own unique way of handling what's thrown at her. When miss utah doesn't have the answer, she opts for humor -- so do you think we should be arming the opposition against the assad regime? World peace. Can I just say that and call it good? Miss wyoming also keeps it light. I can bark like a dog and i hope that they ask me, because i know they'll remember someone barking like a dog, right? Do you guys want me to show you how I can bark like a dog? isn't that weird? Do it again. Okay, okay. you can be well versed in politics, well versed in pop culture. And you can practice that, but you never entirely know what's going to be thrown at you. But she, too, learns that no detail escapes scrutiny. About the seventh or eighth minute, it seemed like your mouth is dry, you seemed to start -- yeah. When I get nervous, I can tell my mouth gets dry. Her coach offers a curious fix for dry mouth. I know that if you will bite the inside of your tongue -- oh, really? Bite your tongue, it will create saliva. That's a good idea. Just bite it? Just bite it a little bit, but don't -- hmm. I'm biting my tongue, guys, can you tell? This is a great choice for you. Across the country, miss kentucky, jessica casebolt, has a different trick. We put the swim suit over the bombshell bra, and no one will know. Bombshell bra. My secret weapon. The journey to miss america is, indeed, a transformation for all these women. Emotionally, physically, and in some cases, the changes are even more profound. I don't feel ashameded anymore. Miss montana, alexis wineman, credits pageants with helping her manage the effects of her autism. The 18-year-old and youngest to compete this year, claims that pageants transformed her life and her sense of self. I changed from a girl who wouldn't talk to anybody -- hi guys -- to a confident, proud to be herself girl. In our nation's capitol, another transformation is underway. Good to e so you again. Miss district of columbia, allyn rose, is going to have a preventative double-mastectomy, after a the pageant. She's made the controversial decision because a gene that predisposes her to breast cancer runs in her family. It killed her mother when allyn was just 16. And this is my mom over here in the corner. Oh, she's beautiful. Thank you. Wow, you guys look alike. I hope so, I thine's stunning. So great. No, really, you're like a blonde version of her. Allyn's bold and even controversial move garners a fair amount of pre-pageant publicity. My next guest -- in the talent portion of the competition, she will honor her mother by roller skating for the talent portion of the competition. Not surprisingly, allyn will be the only roller skater in the competition. People told me, "you're crazy. No one's ever going to pick a roller skater, it's such an offbeat talent." But I said, "you know what, I'm going to try it." And so when I was performing my talent at miss d.C., I felt my mom in every part of my body and I just knew that that was what i was supposed to be doing. You know, I cried a little bit. They are finally in vegas and things are heating up. How will they handle the tension? Or is it all just simply too much to bear? One contestant has some choice words for the others when she decides she's had enough. I'm always getting some kind of snide remark. And will a sudden injury keep another contestant out of the competition? When we come back.

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{"id":18200226,"title":"Pageant Confidential: Transformations","duration":"3:00","description":"Miss Montana Alexis Wineman says pageants have helped her manage the effects of her autism.","url":"/2020/video/pageant-confidential-transformations-18200226","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}