Parents see son for the first time since he unplugged from technology: Part 5

"I didn't really notice that video games were destroying me mentally," Josh said of his video game use.
5:57 | 05/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Parents see son for the first time since he unplugged from technology: Part 5
It's 10:30 A.M. Local time. Reporter: Al and Christine travel from Michigan to Utah, and then make the long journey over rough roads, tracing their son Josh's path into the western desert. I can't imagine what Josh was thinking the day he came out here. Yeah. Reporter: Josh has been unplugged for more than seven weeks. They can't wait to see him, but first they have to find him. Josh is somewhere out here, and you guys are going to signal for Josh using this. Okay. Reporter: Wyatt, a field staffer, gives them a wooden device called a bull roar used in ancient rituals to send signals over long distances. They stop and listen for a response from Josh. But nothing. Off in another part of the desert -- Oh, come on. Reporter: Josh is having trouble. Swear to god it was working. I know. It was working yesterday. Reporter: It's not a bad metaphor for the family's communication problems. When Josh would shut himself away in his bedroom, gaming all night. It's 3:00 in the morning. It's time to get off now. Reporter: Christina takes a turn. And at last, Josh responds. Was that it? That was it. That was it. That was it right there. Okay. Reporter: Moments later, after the longest and most difficult separation of his young life, 54 days apart. There he is. Is he there? Oh, there he is. Hey Josh, how are you? Good. Good to see you. Oh, my god, you're getting bigger. Hey, Josh. You doing all right? Yeah. Look at this! So this is your camp right here? Reporter: As he did during my visit, Josh tries to show his mom and dad how he can make fire without a match, and this time the glowing ember in his hands comes to life. There we go. That was awesome. Oh. Yes. Reporter: Remember the boy who could barely put a few words together? This is a different Josh. Like at home I didn't really notice that video games were destroying me mentally, and how it's just as bad as substances, like mentally. I just didn't notice that. I didn't like care at all. I just wanted to play video games, that was it. That's all I really cared about. I mean, I literally skipped school for a month just to play video games. Here, let me. Reporter: Josh paints his parents' faces. Even though like, you were dealing with my gaming addiction, you could always like, seek the light. You were always trying to find help for me. Oh, that's cool. Reporter: Al is moved by his son's recognition of their struggle to free him from his gaming obsession. Are you okay, dad? Could you cut the camera? It's okay. When you're ready, dad. Reporter: For his dad, two figures, representing before and after. You've changed a lot. I can see that you're trying to change. Okay. Thank you. All right. Love you. Reporter: And then it's time for good-byes, a dusty hug, and Al and Christina are heading back to Michigan. See you guys in a couple weeks. Reporter: Josh will remain behind for now. He has more work to do in the end We're going to get started

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{"id":47524879,"title":"Parents see son for the first time since he unplugged from technology: Part 5","duration":"5:57","description":"\"I didn't really notice that video games were destroying me mentally,\" Josh said of his video game use.","url":"/2020/video/parents-son-time-unplugged-technology-part-47524879","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}