Pat Summitt: 'I Can't Be Someone Else'

Pat Summitt talks to GMA in 2005 about her aggressive coaching style.
4:42 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for Pat Summitt: 'I Can't Be Someone Else'
And basketball the NCAA women's championships really heating up tonight the lady vols of Tennessee take on Purdue the second round game is extremely important. All the players. And a Coach Pat Summitt of Tennessee in fact it could be a night that's -- For the history books. At practice Pat Summitt as always pushing a -- Tim on a mission. But don't look like teaching. You don't get open she doesn't -- -- and praising her athletes. He -- her reputation -- intensity courtside yeah. Where she -- -- with a cold stare that cuts through its target Sports Illustrated. That was the one of the cobbers if say that trains -- part. She's intense -- demanding she's yelling he's giving units there when I catch myself now even. -- might break it with a smile do you think in some ways it's a little bit unfair. Known men coach like that. Nothing's really said. A woman does that and it's perceived as a negative humane if I'm Rick Pitino it's cool. Hurry -- and Yvonne Pat Summitt and crazy. I am reliant ha I can't be someone else. And I think if you try to be someone -- -- not get real. One more win tonight number 880. And 31 years of coaching. And summit will -- legendary North Carolina men's coach Dean Smith. What the big deal well when it happens the baby did there is one measure of success that means more to summit. Then the tally of her wins one and -- Iran and -- self sufficient. Young women. If they have to make it on their own they can make it on her rules are simple and firm if you miss class you don't play. -- three decades as head coach every single one of -- -- four year players has earned a degree from Tennessee. The lady volunteers achievement in the classrooms flies in the face of the notion that -- -- -- athletic program cannot demand academic excellence. She's in demand. Your respect student demands your best and she's not -- Clinton she gets an out of you. It that is how a farm girl from Henrietta Tennessee became an icon. When you grow up on a dairy farm you know cows don't like a day off so you work every day. To my dad always said no one. Can -- work keep. Kids see yourself anywhere but up the Tennessee. Not really that some of success is really a family story -- now fourteen square little. All spoke -- what Garnett who dark -- I don't. Yeah yeah. -- a lot of women want to -- you do it first of all I think. Are being my husband has been like my best friend you know -- that you you have to have them. And I have that I've read a quote who are being -- -- supposed to be hallowed grass supposed to be Green. Pat -- supposed to set a record like this during the NCAA to sounds like a charm and southern -- may. This summit takes southern pride and cooking for her team several times a year at her own home this is like a good -- Do like there's something that have a robot army about you unfortunately cooking does not want to -- -- I had -- -- like this -- slopes. Still hope for some people it's going to be harper -- -- except that a woman. Holds this record they don't have to recognize what I've done. I'm not out to -- a popularity contest. I'm just out ten to do what I love to do and do it to best -- my ability have you ever entertain the idea coaching them. Not really -- if you think -- this mean you -- player. -- status to decide the best and that the national championship few years they'll tell me had to -- we would run once every year senator I think this this is where -- can have the greatest influence and impact and mrs. smile laugh. I think this is where I'm supposed to be. And he thinks she's about to have. You know this walk off into the sunset you better think again she's only 52 years old and so no telling what the record -- -- -- look like -- Pat -- is all done with that. And she couldn't say enough about her coaches her players the administrators for. For taking apart and and this record and you could see her go for the record tonight on ESPN two as -- lady vols take on --

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Pat Summitt talks to GMA in 2005 about her aggressive coaching style.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"14853671","title":"Pat Summitt: 'I Can't Be Someone Else'","url":"/2020/video/pat-summitt-gma-14853671"}