The New Help: Personal Assistants

Malibu mogul Kym Gold is a demanding A-list boss. Will her assistant, Amanda, make the grade?
9:27 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for The New Help: Personal Assistants
Good evening and David I can't wait to see you in your suit playing Butler -- boot camp is not he's right but it is wonder. Where there any Butler positions in the new job numbers that just -- today. 175000. New jobs created in May and there's a good bet that some of those jobs are in the servant class to the very rich. So rich state make Downton -- look like they're slumming it must be -- -- pair. -- the new gilded age is back for -- never before have there been so many rich people -- the new help. And paying big bucks to hire them just this year nearly 450 billionaires close to nine million millionaires that's in America alone. The numbers almost tripling -- tonight -- nick -- Gives us a look at that newly rich and the booming class. Their new help. It's a world inhabited by the end their dreams -- And -- living behind high wools overlooking manicure -- -- every. Housekeepers nannies -- children's -- thought about personal things -- you name it anything for the private household -- provides. Actors have agents and many did he might expect coming up. Course they did this is and they matinee. Motorcycle riding player. -- Lacey who owns the Elizabeth ratings agency in Beverly. This is the nerve center for the richest. Premieres -- that place is the best in the business and it's just the rich and -- -- -- industries fortune 500 company and -- athletes Oscar winners we work with households who have one staff member. -- clients who have. Twenty -- more. Twenty stop. In a single -- Luke Jensen I mean it's like that showed -- antenna. That was a hundred years ago and it's still going off. 2050. Today's stop for men like butler's round -- Monday largely. I was an undervote or for Nicolas Cage Nicholas H hasn't -- -- -- -- And is also -- -- rightfully Crawford Daniels and Clinton who works for a billionaire I wouldn't do anything down anything. It's a line that. He's going -- and G Daniel Bentley is mr. Costin threw -- we've grown -- What do you call him on his back. Conflicts. That money so much old school pampering fit into the hands of the -- -- -- and little touch with -- reality. Cookies. One guy wanted to nanny and he described the type of man he wanted Redd had beautiful bubble blast how the kids -- just don't have children. How -- nanny who can no nanny for the jobless Mendes and Jacqueline millionaire -- -- -- She and her it is wrong marquis this -- for her pet monkey might keep -- -- and the mark. As the monkey -- -- monkey -- and reading spends his days tending to -- -- of Nike's needs. -- -- -- -- The whole way he's awful let you know like a regular bait and spoiled -- his favorite -- which created. He's a perfect child -- -- their demands seem really out there to normal person but to me. It's part of my day. -- -- -- -- -- -- Piles of resonate finding stop for clients who can afford their wildest dreams and who expects perfection. That's a tough game so -- calling desperately -- work in the morning the news agency -- placed -- where is she. I'm so -- you -- for a -- tonight. It is is a show this is it shows you can't write. Tonight we're bringing you that show we're boldly going -- sign behind the -- -- State and Penn State. Stars and Tom strange paradox. Well. Cliff don't even then how would that true religion's -- mogul. Let him go -- it. I'm a woman of integrity and the woman is not commencement. My ex husband would describe me as a -- tornado he is kind of like move minute -- she spits you out. -- who has three kids and few divorces behind her. Might be demanding network which just launched a new clothing line. Tenet probe -- day nick. That's terrible and even if it. I feel like Robin Leach salivating over such some troops some kids who should pay even -- dog attacks. -- step is to housekeepers teaching my. Amanda my sister Amanda syringes and doctor's daughter from Arizona is in constant. My assistant has to pick up. When my brain has left off hit -- in many ways that modern equivalent of the ladies made from -- and two days. I like working for her I wish I hi for a more greens remarks on the accident about ten more arms -- -- personal jolt. -- she clung onto it for an impressive eight months. I'm wearing my kids we're going to take underdogs opportunity -- today. He's like a parallel personality -- -- -- as well Carol -- that won't count. CC. Yeah. You know she she says she wants someone at warp -- But analyst you've never tried being forced into her words speed and -- a little frustrated and disappointed of how many times I. Looks like myself committee -- Model of how. Tough so I'm I'm gonna go as a good eight. David -- -- a couple years then you are paying him back Midland. Smoke marijuana -- -- but -- -- could this be the breaking point. You know I'm not perfect. There are times -- where there are Times Square. And -- forget it's I am only human. But sometimes I feel like the room. -- I am. That at this point despite the drama I must say -- his -- -- gold she's not mean for FCC just. Knows what she wants knows what she needs a month for affection and the money to pay. The going rate is. I would say between seven and me and hundreds they want is Obama 401K plans. They want a piece of the action here let's put anything in health insurance isn't. You know here the -- 100000 and take my -- -- we're just effectiveness. And the demand is only human and bulls far. -- -- I wanted to homeless emergency people. Okay. Just just am I I can we just can't for 12. And Amanda possibly lost. Would you describe yourself as ruthless. I would not describe myself as ruthless I want my household like a business just look at her closet case -- this comes -- and goes he's -- It -- -- -- an array of fabulous footwear clothing coordinated by season twice colored. Sleeveless. Here we'll acting chops this shouldn't be here CNN -- yeah -- -- it has to be done -- like to -- the -- -- -- check in 27. On cold here and make them who lives little -- -- The backyard. Has the stars if you think these are at red entry positions well. In light of the -- from my it was like six. OK yes that -- -- no longer yours is. -- yes. And remember komando. Swanson dinner there's a lot of I forgot I forgot I forgot so I don't know at what point when do you just say. It may mean we just say this give her three months to see what happens I don't want to -- that's not my intention my intention is to get and night. Yeah -- Amanda didn't he -- -- might get hot mutual parting of ways they told us so that's pretty -- Clinton or -- business news. But I don't see anything and everything -- can't see. Back in the Elizabeth rose agency -- -- lines up the next soldier in the firing she was very clear with the type of assistance she wanted. Well I knew better meet Derek used to work for celebrity -- unpredictable temper. My other position because it can't be two where I was coming home and. I couldn't relax so we should do but -- -- -- once the honeymoon is over can he possibly live up to the gold standard. I feel like this it's -- going to be a great experience the only time -- Think you could survive those kinds of demands of the money was right. Let us know on Twitter user has -- ABC 20/20.

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{"id":19352814,"title":"The New Help: Personal Assistants","duration":"9:27","description":"Malibu mogul Kym Gold is a demanding A-list boss. Will her assistant, Amanda, make the grade?","url":"/2020/video/personal-assistants-19352814","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}