Pet Crazy: Pet Plastic Surgery

Part 3: From neuticals to facelifts, inside the world of pet plastic surgery.
5:45 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Pet Crazy: Pet Plastic Surgery
This little guy it's Frankie -- and today he's enjoying a blueberry facial at the so -- yup. The new -- dollars. -- to kiss their babies in the pace so they don't want that sour smell. Frank he's in great hands and I east -- -- taught not to canine creative star list. Creative styling it's what you -- a little bit of color but that's rhinestones. A little. It 200. Westminster. Canine creative styling is practically a competitive sports. They like they -- that well at least certainly has a flair for -- She keeps her treatment skin -- and that's good buds the apparent quest for beauty can go much deeper. All over the world pet owners spend millions from relatively simple procedures like pierced -- Tattoos and -- and embraces if there's crooked teeth just don't faze him to that complicates it. Face lifts for sagging skin and liposuction. For obese dogs know whose jobs for coaches with the breathing problems from. And to -- dogs wouldn't droopy eyelids believe it or not. A little Bo Sox. But why. Don't don't care how they look says top -- a veterinarian doctor Marty Becker. There's no bikini season in dogs there's no ultra -- dog models on Animal Planet. In England I met junior the -- act and his five boisterous Brothers. Junior has had a lot of Warrick Dunn I mean our law. When you tell people that you -- -- had a tummy tuck and facelift it. Together native Fredricka and -- -- -- not because that they got that isn't estimating. The owner Denise Smart doesn't care too much what he looks like he ain't no -- old dog. Junior surgery. -- a medical condition folds of excess -- skin so much that junior would trip when he tried to run it looks good matter. It looks -- those -- -- his -- for the man police say that. He's happier and healthier like millions of other dogs because plastic surgery fixed a serious medical problem. But there's one purely cosmetic procedure that had me saying -- must be pulling -- angle. So Marcy what do we have here that -- an artificial dog testicle or new vehicle. That's big -- that's a grain size. And that would be to -- law. You might just told at a bowl turned -- it and nearly a million of them have been implanted in new -- pets all over the -- There will be nothing wrong I guess if you will. Had to a little terrier that had a terrier size and you want to step up to a caucus -- I don't know an advantage surely that's unethical -- -- modestly better. The real big daddies go for 579. Bucks each and that's before -- speak. But they what you're gonna have a big screen TV -- you wanna focus artificial dog testicles as well it's gonna come best is that did you make the choice you wanna what's the the Super Bowl or the March Madness and high -- for do you want to have votes in the Sparky -- an affair which one do you want Sparky. Some dog owners it's no small decision as Bruce Jenner discovers in this episode of keeping open the -- -- since he. Agonize is over whether to new trip -- dog. -- that's what anybody else wallet -- -- tomorrow. Better it's let's go to smaller. He opted for musicals easing his empathetic. Hemophiliac. And now this -- thatched. This is months -- above the nine year old English Bulldog sporting. -- -- -- Even as a young -- -- amorous instincts were tough to control his owner Jim Davenport was born but. Had little choice but to have him well you know lampooned. I had another English bull dog that was neutered and there was Clinton -- -- -- was a limp around and mope around after that he was never the same. So when a vet friend to mention musicals to maintain Munson is -- masculine mode -- Couldn't believe that they have this available. -- country. Jim thought. Why not -- his funny -- and that. Surgery carries little risk it's almost like change and tires on NASCAR you know we just -- to Daytona 500 but -- there's no. I was not allowed but it's a pretty quick surgery. And how or there's new lug -- working out for months. And he's got a good report the female dogs on the street. And that's probably happenstance and I you're looking at -- like I'm saying. It's -- President delicate conversation. Jim and I reached a painful conclusion. Does -- make much of last month's none. So it's kind of values -- about -- people leprosy. But it. But you know -- It just might make a difference to months and it calls it makes a difference to gym dogs embraces -- grooming their -- and a tooth brushing -- calls. They know they're getting more attention but they dessert that's what -- -- is -- -- bang. Tend to enjoy that love and attention it just might take hold a cure and Christine cubicles. Or perhaps a brand new pair. Both musicals.

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{"id":15891140,"title":"Pet Crazy: Pet Plastic Surgery","duration":"5:45","description":"Part 3: From neuticals to facelifts, inside the world of pet plastic surgery.","url":"/2020/video/pets-pampered-dogs-cats-dancing-crazy-wild-animals-15891140","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}