Pet Crazy: Cats vs. Dogs

Part 5: What's the difference between cat people and dog people?
5:48 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Pet Crazy: Cats vs. Dogs
OK let's say we get down to brass tacks here the real future of mankind question you know the one I mean are you a cat person or dog person. Wars have broken out over that answers so we put Dan Harris in the line of fire. In sub prime mold dichotomy one of life's most basic either or an us against them situation. Like Coke or Pepsi. Chocolate or Vanilla and -- -- the Rolling Stone. We had chosen sides. -- Decided he didn't do pouring hands. -- -- Gary even -- -- not yet he's now. This mutual antagonism was on full display when I went to this -- show. What's different -- people -- -- people intelligence. And when I lifted this -- We think of cat people feel like I'm going to -- -- -- -- Scientists at major reputable academic institutions are now studying why we become fat people or dogs -- them. -- -- practical level research shows we tend to gravitate toward the animal we were raised win. Another big factor in the country we grew up being. In some places dogs are either culturally reviled like in Saudi Arabia were canines are considered dirty or seen as -- -- like in Korea where they. Done well in other countries like Egypt -- had been revered for centuries. But -- -- and geography or our upbringing scientists believe our selection as. Take a lot about it not only is there a study from the University of British Columbia that says we tend to take home animals that look like -- There was also a major study at the University of Texas and it shows -- people like their pets. And to be more extroverted. Agreeable and conscientious. Wells had people like their -- And to be less traditional more creative. And war in Iraq. Doctors and -- has -- studies their relationship between humans and animals. -- that we think of -- people as being the guy at the beach with his Labrador and throwing the frisbee -- talking everybody. You know sort of the cat lady who sits in her apartment alone with her cats -- But besides also shows that the -- tags are often dead wrong. This is a subject near and dear to my heart because I and a -- GAAP. Raised with a feline this is a picture -- -- practicing my interview skills that a cat named -- And now my life and I have three cats all rescues. My affinity for -- has been the source of -- verbal abuse from my colleagues -- -- -- violating man mom. Now I will admit that I am not especially tough. And invited her but I never thought of myself as -- Manhattan I mean I covered wars -- review and my wife is hot. What's more there are plenty of very -- -- men who love -- Winston -- -- and Bill Clinton Don Corleone. And doctor evil. More important I -- did this -- Jackson galaxy. Would you 275. Pound bearded and heavily tattooed pigs are playing. Convertible driving -- -- a week. News for cats I have a bunch of male colleagues. Say. In no uncertain terms that having cats is a sign that I'm insufficiently -- What how do you respond to that. What can -- had. The guys who call you can sufficiently masculine. Are the guys -- have a hard time neutering their male dogs because. They're just afraid of losing their testicles. It's it's that over compensation think there's certain cats and -- identifying and here that I would really like to work with this one. Jackson loves cats so much that he became a professional cat behaviorist. The star of a show on Animal Planet called my cat from hell yeah. Where he transformed -- I like this one. Seemed to. -- -- cats but they'll attack I want pointed out to Munich -- -- a perfectly designed killing machine yes. -- -- -- -- -- No recognizing cats as. One of nature's perfect creditors is is -- and -- to the masculine. So if this aerial attacks often do not -- it raises this question. Is it possible to love both cats and jobs. Norwood Bill Murray right in ghostbusters when he called it a sign of the apocalypse and sacrifice talk and can't planning together. Harry did the obvious answer is yes of course it's possible I'm for example yeah. And Yangtze galaxy. -- as a we have to stop this ridiculous this. -- tigers. Heck I have a dog guy is their word for it. You know by a perpetual. This thing where it can infect millions of people in this country have both cats and -- Although it is worth noting vicious cat people are more accepting them dogs and -- -- -- things pants. Noting Muir scientific opinion is that because. It can't be worst -- While we talk about politics and religion news.

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{"id":15891261,"title":"Pet Crazy: Cats vs. Dogs","duration":"5:48","description":"Part 5: What's the difference between cat people and dog people?","url":"/2020/video/pets-pampered-dogs-cats-dancing-crazy-wild-animals-15891261","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}