Pet Crazy: Dancing Dogs

Enter the strange but serious world of canine freestyle.
5:26 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Pet Crazy: Dancing Dogs
We all heard the big announcement last week about the newest celebrities on Dancing With The Stars. What about dancing with the dogs. You heard me there is a championship dance circuit for colleagues who -- shot and boxers who ball. Room distinction. Dog gone it just when you thought you'd seen it all on the Internet. Along comes a Golden Retriever doing a morning. I'm razzle dazzle border -- I'm Britain's got to. For -- diehard fans from Texas. Just -- Rock and roll over a strange look seriously at a global dance competition called canine freestyle didn't. This is my first competition. And -- -- little -- Nerves go right around the -- -- In a moment we'll -- you brings home the gold in this Fredericksburg Virginia and but first we must give pause -- -- and to the grand -- and top dog of canine teams. -- -- here to pieces of god we were. Carolyn Scott and her dog rookie are the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of this world. Like that perfect hair and these partners prefer things three -- -- freestyle. It opened up. The door for me to -- very -- into. -- -- -- no one had ever seen before so that you're actually letting the dog improvised. Absolutely he actually had a say in everything -- choreographed. Please start the music I had hoped maybe once again put him the next again though he goes spinning across the rent units and has long I looked. I never knew what might be. Carolyn and rookies rendition of you're the one I want has nearly seven million hits on YouTube. And yet hardly anyone knows the real story behind their balance. Working was diagnosed with his displeasure. He had the right here and myself I had polio in the right split. Careless polio struck when she's just -- leaving her right leg inch and half smaller than her left. And I had a lot of promise that my balance. And I was very shy I did not go out a -- only with -- grandmother did she ever feel free to be yourself. We turn the radio on inside the dance -- I'd sing until very relaxed very safe and -- just let me no matter what. It would invention for Golden's. Nearly half century later rookie finally Phil Gramm -- -- This little yellow dog chalk it up against our thanks. And and enjoy life and different levels. So -- really taught you how to be yourself. And your true nature and -- yeah. I think have brought him to his full potential. And he helped me come to mind. Today their signature moves are emulated by -- -- everywhere like rookie moonwalk. The rookie -- Which brings us back to the Virginia competition. You never know -- to train for its perfect at home you get in the ring and the dog just sometimes it's like you have women's cricket. Teams are judged on technical merit. Okay. And an artistic impression. Today bridges and an Australian Shepherd mix diverse broad. But it's -- -- Omar -- recovering from a stroke and her elkhound -- blue steel will -- High technical score goals to -- and -- I've got the highest story. It's this thing with me. Dancing with me -- having fun. That sounds an awful lot like. Another couple weeks. In 2007. Rookie was diagnosed with cancer. And so -- last year I just took off and I quit teaching. Spend it together. -- tried to slow everything down and just enjoy each and every moment we had together. And so again he was teaching me even at the -- -- What was it that made rookie that. Truly -- story. He just loved life he was an internal -- -- -- -- Forever light on its feet especially in the arms of his best friend may we all be so long to. Sloan lucky indeed and that gives me some ideas about teaching KJ the fox trot. We want to thank Animal Planet for helping us out with so much footage on tonight's show.

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{"id":15891362,"title":"Pet Crazy: Dancing Dogs","duration":"5:26","description":"Enter the strange but serious world of canine freestyle.","url":"/2020/video/pets-pampered-dogs-cats-dancing-crazy-wild-animals-15891362","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}