Police interrogate U. of Arizona coach about inappropriate relationship with student: Part 5

In a statement to ABC News, the school said of Craig Carter: "The university and the athletics department condemn his behavior and the impact it had on a student."
6:57 | 11/11/17

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Transcript for Police interrogate U. of Arizona coach about inappropriate relationship with student: Part 5
Reporter: Renowned college coach Craig Carter is used to being in a position of authority. But on this day, he's answering to the authorities, arrested and later charged with assaulting athlete baillie Gibson. . Accused of stocking an athlete. Reporter: After years of silence, baillie had finally given the police an account of the sordid saga. And note interrogation room, coach Carter is making there some shocking admissions. You know, we had sex and more sex. Reporter: Fully admitting not only to a sexual relationship -- How many times a week? Once, maybe twice, but that was not every week, you know. Reporter: But also to attacking baillie Gibson with that box cutter. You said you had a box cutter . I think I said I'll cut your face up so nobody can have you again -- Reporter: He offers an explanation. I told her when we got in that fight, I was like, you're the devil. You. You ruined a family. Reporter: And as for their relationship? He maintains that she started it -- I have to say, it's all my fault, but yet she was the one that was kind of coming onto me. I'd never been with another woman in my life besides my wife, and I just was like, I don't know, I just felt like, I fell in love, I don't know. There was app point on the video where the detective left the interrogation room and left Carter alone. He must have been starting to grasp just what he had done and what the consequences would be. Reporter: During the investigation some striking messages that baillie sent to Carter begin to emerge. Raising questions about the nature of their relationship. Messages like this one. I was falling in love with you. I don't just fall in love. That is because I'm sick and need the correct help. We both need to be fixed. That doesn't sound like a girl who's being forced into a sexual relationship. But you have to realize that if I didn't say those things he would try to hurt me. To some people, that sounds like a young girl maybe who's got a crush on her coach. Yeah, it's not though. It's clearly me saying what I have to so he doesn't either hurt me or hurt anyone else around me. But you understand how to some people -- Oh yeah. These would sound -- I definitely understand. Like consensual. Yeah. Like a consensual relationship. Yeah, and I do understand that. Some people would ask you baillie, how could he force you to say, I love you? Well it's easy when you're trying to protect your life. Reporter: Another puzzling detail? Turns out, when bailee finally told campus police about her situation, they understood it to have begun as a consensual relationship, and bailee first told them it all began on campus before those olympic trials. Bailee now says what she told us happened in Oregon is in fact the true story. Within two weeks, Carter is indicted by an Arizona grand jury on four felony counts including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and stalking. He pleads not guilty, but curiously, no sexual assault charges are filed. These prosecutors believe they can prove the stalking and box cutter incident but sexual assault would be tougher for them to win. Reporter: Craig Carter is released from jail on bond and resigns from his coaching job. She says the excitement of the day is overshadowed by fear. What are you thinking as you're getting your diploma? Please don't let him be in the crowd and shoot me on the stage. Please can I just walk across it and get my diploma and be safe? Reporter: The college graduate's special day comes and goes without any Carter contact. But at one point she does receive a text. This one not from Carter but from his wife. What did she say? Will you just please stop this. You know he's a good guy. Reporter: Joanne Carter pleading with baillie texts I know of Craig's actions which I'm sorry and I'm asking woman to woman to not make anything worse for us. She's apparently standing by Herman even after her husband admits to a three-year long sexual relationship with a student. Even if this was consensual. Him being coach and her being student makes it a violation certainly of NCAA rules. And potentially worse. There's no question that this relationship in and of itself was an abusive power. By him. Towards her. Reporter: Six months after Carter's arrest baillie files a civil suit alleging that Carter committed acts of rape and that the university of Arizona, the head track coach and athletic director failed to protect her from inappropriate sexual conduct. Greg Byrne wouldn't comment. The essence of the report against coach Carter was you did this to me. Against everyone else is you could have and should have stopped this. Reporter: Reporter John Barr investigated the story for ESPN's "Outside the lines". We spoke to a number of different attorneys and all agree that the university of Arizona just did the bare minimum when it had information that there was something inappropriate going on. Reporter: Arizona residents may be interested in this tidbit. Because U of a is a state school they're obligated to foot the bill to defend that civil suit including Carter's defense, more than $600,000 to date. You can understand why taxpayers in the state of Arizona are saying what? We have to help foot his bill? Reporter: In a statement to ABC news the university of Arizona said it took immediate action after baillie spoke up about Carter. And it and the athletics department condemn his behavior and the impact it had on a student. Coming up -- You admitted to grabbing her and threatening her with a box cutter. You don't know that she got in my face and pushing me and

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{"id":51074655,"title":"Police interrogate U. of Arizona coach about inappropriate relationship with student: Part 5","duration":"6:57","description":"In a statement to ABC News, the school said of Craig Carter: \"The university and the athletics department condemn his behavior and the impact it had on a student.\"","url":"/2020/video/police-interrogate-arizona-coach-inappropriate-relationship-student-part-51074655","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}