Personal Questions for the President

Part 2: What trait does President Obama hate most about himself?
6:50 | 12/23/11

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Then you know we we see as many as 85000. People who come through for tourism. Hardy 85 pounds. Between her support for military families the health initiative to combat obesity and raising two -- -- news. The First Lady like millions of other women has been challenged to find time for herself. Mrs. Obama -- recently said something and that's I was very interesting for other women to hear you said. You put your own self highest on your -- -- list. That's unselfish. Now know it's practical something that I had been found that I needed to do for for quite some time even before the presidency and I I founded in in other women. Similarly situated balancing career family trying to do it all in a lot of times we just flip pretty low. On our own priority list because we're so busy caring for everyone else so what do you do. Make sure all right I get my exercise and so I work out as much as he works out I am more I do now -- a little busier. Spending time with girlfriends going out. You know the pulling the people in my life to give me shrink -- enjoy. I think there's a natural inclination for moms. To say. I'm not important -- -- and it turns out that. When she. Prioritize some of the things that are important to her she ends up been happier and wouldn't have mixer on about a month and then the girls notices girls -- -- She's feeling good and she's not is madly in. He -- -- sold itself with the I want to have some fun yeah. There is something called the faced questioning. From Britain's supposedly they often Marcel Proust who used to ask yourself and so on Howard isn't that -- -- Clinton and arcade game. All right let me ask -- how did illustrated the the -- What they -- that you would use issues to describe do you. -- who aren't over yet you go first OK quick beautiful Smart and funny. It's Smart. Sportsman. Father. OK who had heart -- and what is your idea perfect happiness oh perfect. Perfect happened. That's when -- Feel as if I am doing things that are making other people. Better and happy. That that I feel programs. That's -- I'm I'm at my peak. This is Obama happiness. Happiness just this families when my family's good time I'm good he. If you could change one thing about yourself what would -- I'd be more patient I think I've gotten more patient over the years. I -- is constantly working on just being patient okay. President you could change one thing about yourself over to -- I deeply regret not having. Learned. A musical history when. And I do. -- regret not having focused more on Spanish when I was starting at school I would love to be able. Speak Spanish fluently. What is -- biggest. I don't have one. -- -- -- -- -- but. But it. What's the biggest misconception -- Note attached. -- quite Cooper analyst -- I think that's a misconception about Thomas soft. Stuff can -- me up variously. My girls for -- Biggest misconception. You. Someone asked me a question about whether I feel confined -- trapped in in some way back. Couldn't be further from the truth -- couldn't. Do what. Barack does. But I think what I've been able to do raise my kids. Take on issues that that mattered deeply to me to travel to -- the world. I feel very blessed time in in this role. Are okay. On what occasion do you lie. Usually the only time my life. Is. Very personal. Interactions. Where his family members. Who. You say you look great and they don't. Wonderful dress. Not so much you can. Things that wouldn't it -- -- the truth would hurt other people. Okay what's the trait you most deplore in yourself and the trait you most deplore in others. Laziness Hoffmann -- -- You know its interest. There is a deep down. Under me all the work our group I think there's -- recently earlier it's there's probably from. Grow up in Hawaii and it's sunny outside. Sonoma Beecher. Good -- -- -- and the thing actually -- I most dislike is I can't stand cool people. I would say when people are unwilling to -- to compromise. And I don't like it when -- when I T data myself. How can -- Yet -- if you it should die and come back its owners let our Kyra Phillips what's gonna happen. If -- to die and come back as a person I think what would you want it to -- I know what it is flat. Eight I would wanna -- vote I knew then I can act as I know -- door behind -- Great is if you want it back as Bob. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because he's got the best life. Look at he's got a good. Mr. present god this Christmas millions of Americans who are still struggling. What is your Christmas message. Moment Christmas presents to them is. Stay hopeful. -- -- better days are coming. But. We're not very and and I just want people to have confidence. In themselves. And in the ability of American remake itself and I want them to know that they've got a president who is thinking about her single back. Thank you for sharing time with me this holiday has been -- -- -- because senate health and happy that -- -- your thing -- innocent fashion. -- -- -- --

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{"id":15225862,"title":"Personal Questions for the President","duration":"6:50","description":"Part 2: What trait does President Obama hate most about himself?","url":"/2020/video/president-obama-white-house-walters-interview-michelle-christmas-holiday-15225862","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}