Pressure From Police

Part 3: A young boy breaks down under aggressive questioning by police.
8:05 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Pressure From Police
It's I have to see -- -- -- with his sister raise -- to witness a rare and poignant intimacy. He's as close to her as any brother could -- Is adorable and she's the best. -- and that's a -- -- -- the bond like between the two. It's very strong. So strong in fact that when he and turned thirteen. He turned his bar -- into a joint ceremony and the -- do with war. -- is probably one of the best. The days of my life to be honest because there's just so much. Positive you know is involved nothing. What two months later it's all negative. Nasal and has -- it was outrageous allegations via. Facilitated communication. And just hours later hazel and NBC -- ripped from their home by state child protection agents as part of a safety plan. -- thought I was feeling what I would feel they actually had I think I felt that. Depth of loss and I didn't know if I wasn't gonna see them again. I look -- the through the window. And watched you know to sort drive away and I -- Hopefully this this going to be out of this student. Not -- a long shot. The machinery of the criminal investigation is already in high gear. And after that all important forensic interview with -- -- and her facilitators Cindy -- -- -- Police now believe Guillen is a witness and a fellow victim. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's perhaps the most troubling image of the entire case -- and is brought to an interview room at the west Bloomfield police headquarters a small boy. Talking to a season police detective named Joseph Bruce. Has not always visible in this video. -- And any day you don't know anything you know. For more than in our -- and is subjected to intense questioning accusations. And a kind of psychological warfare. The detective was so. This is a thirteen year old child he had no adult they're looking out for his interest. What so ever. You know play and you can you can use it. There's no doubt about it immediately. -- -- I know I. Russo tells the in the interview is all about the truth. But then proceeds to lie to him. More evidence -- aboard. Was clearly indicates that there's definitely. Health and -- are part of. He tells the boy a call is just come in saying the police have concrete evidence that goes beyond -- -- statements. Not true the police have already searched -- journal found nothing. Despite the interrogators mind games -- -- remains resolute insisting he's never seen his father abuse days. -- -- -- -- -- It has never happened. Now ready. Everywhere want to they had -- -- -- The pressure starts to break the young boy -- scared. Exasperated. Even brought to tears your mind. When -- so still hasn't gotten the answers he's looking for he turns possible. Hey hey hey hey how about Friday's -- -- Monday. News. I -- I don't that you're. -- -- -- -- -- Vienna you have never -- Frazzled by the intense badgering in offers all he can think -- That his father showered with -- Can't do it yourself. It is -- Hitters do when you -- here in the do you have -- I watch it you know our. Bruce -- report on this interview goes into detail about the shower as well as what -- calls his dad's jokes where he flashed him. But says little about -- denials of witnessing abuse and nothing at all about -- -- own lives to the boy. The emotional damage done by the interrogation is immediate and obvious. He and he shattered his stood by his father but detective Russo has corrupted their relationship. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- may be good at asking questions to -- -- but when we suggested he answer my questions he refused. -- sworn testimony he said when he did was acceptable. Calls the lies tactics. Necessary to get him to reveal all he knew it really. Came home to me how malicious and predictive these people how -- -- simply they want it to kick -- As the noose tightens around Julian and -- big kids get shuffled from home to home. Hazel winds up in downtown Detroit the end in Pontiac and this juvenile home. Shock facilities I was moved in with a kid's life. At that time 1718 -- much older than me who had actually been abused in colonies who is -- -- -- -- a scary. The ordeal is punctuated by heart wrenching moments like this. -- -- tries to call this mom but she is under strict orders not to have any contact with him whatsoever. And for a brief moment she EST hello I said mom Benji hung -- and I heard -- -- mom. And I hung up. Because I was so afraid. That if they somehow found out that I had contact with him. That it would be over that I just -- it was incredibly sad it was like to press the entire day -- Then the hammer drops on December 5 eight days after those people keystrokes were first tight -- and is home alone. Police in -- -- come to arrest him. Tartikoff in the -- that put the in the police car he how he told me. I'm between a -- -- -- to the court you gonna be arraigned in UV that come within an hour a team. That's not what happened instead -- and is held here in solitary. A six by six foot cell. All I knew was that counts they charge -- was mandatory. 75 years in prison. I'm not for its life to me I would never have the opportunity to hold much -- toll is also arrested. What makes bail and is allowed to remain home wearing an ankle bracelet tracking device and neither of them knows anything about -- how often. We torment. Malicious I don't know house -- -- -- taking -- for every day every day. -- even worse yeah absolutely and having no idea who was talking during the night who was you know hugging her all of them. With the whole family's future hanging by a thread that case is building group with a moment of -- He's -- my employer. And an answer to this question -- why would facilitators put words. Mouths of kids like is this is not the first time this has happened other facilitators. Have made accusations like that -- absolutely.

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{"id":15309987,"title":"Pressure From Police","duration":"8:05","description":"Part 3: A young boy breaks down under aggressive questioning by police.","url":"/2020/video/pressure-police-15309987","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}