Prosecutor on conditions in the house where the 13 kids lived: Part 3

Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin said, "The conditions were absolutely deplorable. It smelled. It was filthy."
7:11 | 01/20/18

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Transcript for Prosecutor on conditions in the house where the 13 kids lived: Part 3
Reporter: In 2010, the turpin family heads west, ending up in golden, California. Its unclear why they moved to California. They don't have family out here. Perhaps it was for work. We just don't know. Reporter: Once here, the family lives in two different middle class homes in the los Angeles area with the kind of attractive well maintained exteriors that wouldn't raise suspicions. And for years, there were none. They did leave the house at times. Its not that they never left the house. Reporter: And some of the places they traveled to were where any Normal family would go. She was obsessed with disneyland her whole marriage they've had season passes and go regularly. They were obsessed with Disney and Mickey mouse. Reporter: Another spot the family enjoyed, Las Vegas. They were especially found of one place kind of hidden off the famous strip, a small spot called the Elvis chapel. ??? One for the money, two for the show ??? here, it's always blue suede shoes. Kent Ripley plays the king. And the justice of the peace too. It is my honor to announce to the world that the two of you are still married, husband and wife. David, it's time to kiss your beautiful wife. Reporter: Obviously feeling very love me tender. ??? Oh my darling, he loves you ??? Reporter: David and Louise came here three times to renew their vows. Twice they brought all their kids along. I remembered them ocourse immediately. The kids remembered me. I would say it was a loving family. Reporter: According to Ripley, there was nothing obvious that would make the turpins appear any different from all the others who come here to share a beautiful moment of family togetherness. David and Louise. It was a fun wedding because I got to see smiles on the kids' faces. Reporter: Like here. The smallest boy acts as the ring bearer. Louise danced with her daughters to "Suspicous minds". ??? Because I love you too much baby ??? David and the boys took a turn to "A little less conversation". Yeah! ??? A little less conversation, a little more action ??? At the end, the big finale had everybody up on stage. ??? Viva Las Vegas ??? Reporter: It was viva las Vegas all right. But backcalifornia, David registered with the state as the sand castle day school so the kids could be home schooled. And whatever was going on in the family stayed in the family. It turns out one of the oldest victims actually attended some outside classes. Did you ever see the kids outside? Not outside. Reporter: The neighbor who works the graveyard shift says he did see something odd at night. I'd come home anywhere from 12:30 to 3:00 in the morning and the kids were marching in those two rooms. That's when I would see them. How long would they March back and forth in single file? Hours. Reporter: Clifford says he figured the adults were doing some kind of therapy. She explained that she escaped out of a window. Reporter: So he was as shocked as everyone else, and for the first time investigators got some idea of what appears to have been happening. This morning the Riverside district attorney's office filed criminal charges against David and Louise turpin. When you first heard about the case, could you wrap your head around how monstrous it was? No. Because all I heard was there were some kids being held captive in a house. Reporter: He tells us he's only begun to learn the scope of the investigation. We're at the beginning, not the end. What were the conditions they encountered in that house? Deplorable. Absolutely deplorable. It smelled. It was filthy. It's clear that some of the victims when they're chained are not being taken to the bathroom to relieve themselves. They were fed obviously but they weren't fed enough. I think many of them were very hungry. Reporter: In a blur of cruelty, he a littlleges the parents would leave things like pies on the counter that the kids could see and smell but were forbidden to touch and eat. Perhaps more disturbing, there were perhaps two happy and healthy Maltese dogs in the home who, it's alleged, were better Feld th fed than the children. What did they do all day? I don't know. Were they allowed cell phones? No. Television? No. Books? I don't know. Were they allowed to have toys? The information I have is they were not allowed to play with toys. There were many toys in the garage that are still in the boxes. Still in the original wrapping? Still in the original wrapping. It's alleged it was all to maintain control over the children. They would sleep all day when the rest of the world is up. Then they would get up and do whatever activities they were going to do throughout the night. We met a neighbor who said he would see the kids being marched in circles for hours from midnight to 3:00 A.M. Is that something you're aware of? No. That's new to me. We're unwrapping this case. We're looking this case. We're at the beginning. We'll get to the bottom of all of it. Reporter: Part of that will come from interviewing the kids. Part of it will come from reading the hundreds of journals he says the children were allowed to keep. It's so strange, these parents took away basically every single human freedom from these children but allowed them to express themselves in these journals. Yes. What do you think that's about? It looks like punishment that's gone way out of whack. Reporter: For example, he believes the children were allowed one shower a year, and if they washed their hands above the wrist, they were punished for supposedly playing in the water. And put in chains. The punishments included frequent beatings and even strangulation. We are not robots. This is difficult for everyone who sees these images and hears these stories, but ultimately our job is to go into court and seek justice and we are going to do that. Is there so much depravity, so much cruelty here that its sort of this bottomless pit that it will take you a long time just to get to the bottom of it? It sure feels like that. It feels from our perspective that we are looking into a pit and we don't know where the bottom is.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin said, \"The conditions were absolutely deplorable. It smelled. It was filthy.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"52476813","title":"Prosecutor on conditions in the house where the 13 kids lived: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/prosecutor-conditions-house-13-kids-lived-part-52476813"}