Prosecutors, Defense Accuse Wife

Part 5: Prosecutors and defense lawyers believe widow had a role in the murder.
3:00 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for Prosecutors, Defense Accuse Wife
Is this the face of madness. Is this the face of evil. Those are the questions facing the jury -- the trial -- -- he's admitted killing rusty snyderman but the central question remains. -- was -- crazy or just crazy love. It was resting place Andrea. Three psychiatric witnesses for the defense agree heavy -- was insane at the time of the murder. Winds heat shot producers I don't think your screen IMAX -- -- -- and enhance and we heard magical thinking that he suffered from bipolar disorder and at that time was manic. And delusional. The defense witness doctor Traci marks says Andrea also share some of the blame for what she calls the explosion of madness -- -- home. Whether it was intentional or unintentional. Was faxed her interactions with him kind of planted the -- for his -- Prosecutors say there were no delusions just a methodical premeditated plot to kill rusty he -- him. What you don't usually -- that notion she lives quote of the car and what was happening -- -- head. She denies an affair but even her former close friend -- -- -- didn't believe -- injury admit or deny. Affair with her boss at that time after them. When she told you know. If you believe. -- my heart. Really want to. But you couldn't believe. Citron's testimony led to a jaw dropping moment of courtroom drama. When she left the stand -- stood and gave her a long warm hug in front of the jury. But outside the courtroom where the jury couldn't see. Andrea approached her again citron's lawyer -- -- witnessed what happens next she tells him. I understand you had to do what you have but now you can have to live with it she says that -- an ominous way and then she gives. -- -- -- another kiss but this kiss it was like the kiss of death. After the courtroom hugging Andrea is barred from the courthouse for improper contact with the witness. This case is also about one bad. Real good. -- Long and it's not. Andrea has not been charged with any crime but as they close their cases the prosecution and the defense have one thing in common. There's scathing accusations. Against the victim's white. In this case. Was in -- -- But the trigger. I respectfully suggest was pool. Injuries. Jamie. He's trying to prevent the -- Andrea -- Adulterer. To please wall. And master. Manipulator. I have never heard words like that used. By lawyers. Being a closing argument. Ever. Ever it was a free drop against the Andrea. As for handing the prosecution says he was anything but insane. -- -- Q what he's. He calls he -- his wife. Because he wanted his money. -- he wanted his life. And that makes you keep pace yeah. Today. All day every day because he is saying he knew the difference between right. District attorney Robert James -- any evidence of pennies manic episodes. That he didn't think. Andrea is doing this stance towards. You know -- well yeah. He did on that kissing hugging that it falsely. He's having an affair. -- You can't make it. -- -- He similarly dismisses the description of -- alleged abusive childhood. Wins. We should all -- so bad I -- Both sides and with a passionate plea for Justice. Kennedy. -- -- Was manipulated. -- -- -- -- A year and a half after rusty was shot dead. There -- would you please -- -- there is a verdict we attorney bonds that exit out why. -- -- -- -- It is a -- for the prosecution. Penny Newman will go to prison not a mental hospital. As -- judge gets ready to issue his sentence Newman stands and for the first time speaks in court -- so so so sorry for their loss. -- Newman's apology is too little too late he is sentenced to life behind bars with no chance ever of -- -- Countless family and friends who -- person they loved and admired. And respected who saw him arrested in chains. Charged and now convicted. During had these remarks today prior to sentencing. The one time that he lost his composure and began to cry. Was when he was talking about himself. Today he realized. Oh my god I will never this -- and shed tears for himself to tears that -- never -- for rusty. Amy Newman is an evil man. Andrea snyderman issued a statement saying she was quote the grateful for and relieved by the verdict. Describing her husband -- amazing man. She has denied any involvement in his murder. But Kennedy's lawyers still believe the wrong person -- paying the price for Rushdie's death. I think that he was pong and her hand she's -- -- you think she belongs in prison that it. I believe she should be part. The district attorney will say -- he plans to bring charges against Andrea. He says their investigation into -- murder is ongoing. You believe she's guilty of murder. I believe that she participated. And the in the death of her husband now what I believe in what I can prove. Are are two completely different things at times -- Rusty Stanley says until they know more about -- his role in his death there is only partial just. Do you believe she actually. Conspired. To have -- shot and killed. We don't know how she's involved she's all. And we need to know we need that's what's investigation needs to continue we need to know losing answers and we -- that those answers soon cut we have any peace. When we don't know. For them the pain of their loss remains as powerful as ever. In my dreams. Becomes law also -- door just like he always did he needs them -- was going in the right. Hit so much more to offer the world. The world is so much -- as he's not here. And so much -- of course our rusty young children who are now living only with their mother and without a father. What -- you tell Sophie and -- about their dad. They -- and so he wanted nothing but the best for them. -- -- motto was to treat sick he had hoped that. -- -- -- It's a good guy. That he was great.

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{"id":15942366,"title":"Prosecutors, Defense Accuse Wife","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 5: Prosecutors and defense lawyers believe widow had a role in the murder.","url":"/2020/video/prosecutors-defense-accuse-wife-15942366","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}