Queens of Country

Stars reveal their favorite female country music singers.
3:00 | 10/26/12

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Transcript for Queens of Country
You've just seen some of the best in the business but did we include your favorite country female? If we didn't, don't worry because we've still got the incredible carrie underwood to close us out. She's in the middle of her record-brea record-breaking cross country blown away tour and about to find out who other stars have been blown away by through the years and caught up with her at the staples center in l.A. Hello, katie, hello, everyone. I'm joining you from the middle of my tour. I loved being on the road this year and having the opportunity to see so many fans each night and first got the chance to perform before many millions of people when I was on "american idol" but grew up with country music in my heart and the night I joined the grand ole opry was the crowning achievement of my career. God bless you. It means the heart of country music. Reporter: It meant so much because so many great women have shared that stage. At the heart of country music, they make for one powerful chorus of inspiration. For some theirs is a classic choice and fall to pieces over patsy cline. When I was in college, i thought about pie girlfriend cheating on me and she broke up with me and I went and I put on "she's got you ♪ about 37 times in a row and cried the whole time I went through it and loved patsy cline. I'm going to cry right now. The coal miner's lawyer loretta lynn has a certainly songwriting style. ♪ Well a lot of things change since way back then ♪ she was her truest in her life and she's just down to earth and just a really special person. ♪ This one is for the good ♪ singing out for the girls everywhere my friend martina McBRIDE IS HERSELF THE FAVORITE Of many including little big town. You can't help but think about this category and not MENTION martina McBride. Oh, yeah. Tger of all singers and is such a dear friend of mine. For me I just can't pick one favorite but dolly parton and reba McEntire are always near the top of my list, touring, television, movies, they do it all. And I'm not the only one who loves these ladies. Country style luke ryan has a hard time choosing too. I would definitely say reba would be up there. It's kind of her and dolly parton for me. ♪ You can't stand to lose ♪ you hear stories of how reba in her meet and greet and when i meet people I want to engage them like reba engages you. One of my favorite female country artists probably got to be reba. She's done broadway, television and goes on stage as good as any headliner ever. You can't talk about country music women without mentioning dolly parton. ♪ Jump in the shower ♪ we have a dream of doing a duet someday. We have a collective band crush on dolly parton. One of the best artists in country music. Great songwriter and took her career in a lot of different directions from acting to opening up a theme park and constantly changing. The stars of abc's "nashville" take their vocal inspiration from some of the leading ladies. ♪ Let's give them something to talk about ♪ an artist I've been inspired by is bonnie raitt. ♪ Love ♪ she transcends all different kinds of music. I probably have to go with miranda lambert. She has that edge butse amazingly heartfelt songs and those beautiful lyrics. One of my favorites is helen. I like that. I like that edge. With so many strong voices, everyone has their own favorite. I'm going to shea shania twain. We had a chance to perform with her. Amazing, amazing swinger. Current, carrie underwood. ♪ I've been cracked across the sky ♪ she's phenomenon fwhally talented. Beautiful. Me aç@ CMAs THEN I'M GOING TO CHANGE IT. ♪ just a great person to look up to. I got to sing with her at the finale of "american idol" which made my life.

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{"id":17577043,"title":"Queens of Country","duration":"3:00","description":"Stars reveal their favorite female country music singers.","url":"/2020/video/queens-country-17577043","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}