Hate Crime Trial: High Stakes

Part 3: Using his text messages, prosecutors paint Dharun Ravi as a bully.
6:25 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Hate Crime Trial: High Stakes
On February 24 at the Middlesex County courthouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey just four days before his twentieth birthday. Now room -- gets the trials and demand. Curiously few of the facts of the case are now in dispute the issue is what was going on inside the heads. John room -- and Tyler Clemente. First -- It is a question of whether he is -- hater where his actions motivated by anti gay bigotry. Tyler's family and prosecutor Julia McClure and -- Yes these acts were purposeful they. Were malicious. And they were criminal. We're gonna paint you in the opening statement this guy's a bully here is cool. And he wanted to -- this poor fragile game Kidd. I was a part of that review with. To have. Her saying -- in the world that I was mean spirited and all these horrible horses -- cruel cruel. Do you see why the prosecutor feels that that's the right word I think. That's the way wanted to detain me. Stormed the stakes are high conviction could mean ten years in prison and deportation. To his native India. -- Defense attorney Stephen Altman insists his client is no cyber biggest. It was local and snowballing. And he never ever did anything to suggest you -- targeted to truly for any reason. At times the witness stand looks like a college recruiting poster the best and brightest of Rutgers University. These are your friends these are your intimates. Now they're up there deciding whether or not you are free. I was the first Eyewitness News if Paramount before -- awkward. Having where -- what to do Molly Wei the friend who was there the night Robbie set up his web camera to spy on Tyler for the first time. She cut a deal with prosecutors to testify against him. Click to video button and it. And after that popped up and in next. Tyler and his -- and they are kissing but she describes rahlves reaction as one of surprise. Not malice. We saw something that we expected CE and delicious. It just felt for years. -- rob these close friend Michelle playing. Then took the stand to recount a string of texts exchanged with -- soon after that first incident. -- -- you're really -- me go with some -- Birmingham. And what was his response after you said that he was going to be indefinitely from the Internet. Robbie also texted her that his web -- was aimed at his own bed to keep the gaze away. These emails were taken as a whole these -- these communications. To paint a picture of you as somebody who had a problem with this kid on some level because. Of what he was the truth there is com. Really want to kids talking none of it was being said seriously we weren't. Expressing serious feeling deep feelings that we had friends say they never saw any anti gay bias and rob -- either they say he seemed so -- -- Like he actually foaming at that -- with a nice guy. He said he didn't have an issue with homosexuals and that in fact he had a really good friend that was homosexual innovation -- at all. But the toughest thing for -- -- defense to explain and is that second attempt to spy on Tyler Robbie says the second webcam incident wasn't even his idea. He says it was another resident in the -- who wanted to keep it Tyler committee's thirty year old boyfriend. So he wanted to see a guy -- says. Vote -- -- -- webcam like it was. On Sunday. And -- -- -- can sort of -- was guy is and so I can see who this guy is ordered they wanna see Tyler fooling around with this guy none no no wanted to see I mean. I don't know any my -- so wanna -- The two guys and especially you know that with each other and that's -- and every answer my mind that Iran would watch it for that. But prosecutors say that's exactly what was on rob his mind and he invited other friends to watch he says be careful -- could get nasty. What did the term it could get nasty mean to you. -- I could possibly seeing. Another man with an honor him. That other man the mysterious and -- who had sex with Tyler in his dorm room. Robbie suspected he was -- predators but prosecutors consider him another victim of -- spying and intimidation. So he is shielded from courtroom cameras. MB testifies students at Tyler's dorm were staring and laughing. But other witnesses may explain why I think he describes that guy. Who was invited over. As somewhat older so that was the more scandalous part why it was scandalous robbery is guilty if he purposely intimidated Tyler. But under New Jersey law he's also guilty if Tyler felt intimidated regardless. Of -- intentions I do. ERA Tyler what did you see after finding out he'd been seen kissing a man on webcam wrote this. Tyler is quite upset and feel uncomfortable kind of prefer as a -- -- case and we like to see some sort of punishment for their -- Also police say Tyler was obsessively checking -- -- Twitter page. 38 times over two days including the day he -- Even checking from beginning at the same when I -- him because we're appears very little room is a living together we want -- -- kinda seems like he was -- -- twisted because he was worried about what you said. I don't think that's true because on. He'd been checking it since day one. Prosecutors say Robbie tampered with witnesses and evidence. Deleting nearly a hundred phone and Twitter messages what was going on in your mind why were you doing those things. Problem I was trying to fix what happened. Robbie says of the time he was still thinking the incident was a school infraction. Not a police matter. As the jury begins deliberating Robbie says he feels a measure of satisfaction. What did you think was going to happen. I don't know -- -- progressed. I thought -- out. We're doing -- -- -- Astoria.

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{"id":15991844,"title":"Hate Crime Trial: High Stakes","duration":"6:25","description":"Part 3: Using his text messages, prosecutors paint Dharun Ravi as a bully.","url":"/2020/video/ravi-tyler-clementi-rutgers-roommate-gay-hate-crime-bully-15991844","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}