Reba McEntire: Flourishing Decade After Decade

McEntire has had one of the most successful show biz careers of the last 30 years.
3:00 | 10/26/12

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Transcript for Reba McEntire: Flourishing Decade After Decade
The -- catch me if you -- comes to mind when you're talking about the one -- only Reba McEntire. Make that just Reba -- last name necessary. Just try to keep up with -- she's zooms around from concerts to a new six -- cheering on her son at the races. But after three decades in the business the finish line is still nowhere in sight. Here's Chris Connelly. McIntyre it's a very different kind of facts day. You -- it -- here I'm very proud living. In the makeshift garage for the speedway in Monterey California. What do when -- little son Shelby helps to prep the number 51 sports car he's driving today's rates. -- -- Killing her -- it's a little Perrier. What do you like to say they have right before it gets. -- -- -- -- They're looking. -- -- -- -- -- -- Reba has built her career on -- weird you introduce yourself to somebody here is sell -- -- Yeah I'm not -- -- -- -- of the TV actress hitting them when I come here I am -- moment. And gain. You -- me it's always been that way going back to the days in 1993. When Shelby needed a lot less horsepower. -- -- -- -- -- He did a lot more hair's breath which way do you like this jacket to Jesus or little flatter and -- He then he's done it every decades Reba McEntire has -- he deflected freedom. Hers is one of the most successful show business careers of the last thirty years. Scores of countries -- Devotion to and from her fan base triumphs until -- On Broadway in the musical Annie get your -- -- -- -- -- Our -- -- -- all her life success has meant taking chances in being doubted. As a child in Oklahoma she and her siblings -- the singing McEntire. Revote was a barrel racer trying to emulate blue rodeo champion father. -- was lack you're not good at Morgan doing this NAS -- Montana supreme nobody will always wanted to -- you're not good -- Those -- that was hurtful but it was true -- it was reality. And when I realized that that's when I really focused in in -- -- one was good and that was saying. 1974. -- his rendition of the star spangled. Before the national rodeo finals but we do -- -- -- recording the. Big hits. From the plane would follow by the mid eighties future future looks to be doubted -- those closest to her. In 87. My manager and my husband at the -- and both tennis it will you've kind of -- Betsy. We'll just kind of -- -- -- mean what's it like to hear from your husband at the time you've -- It's very hurtful because -- -- thought I've gotten my foot in the door I thought I won't that he. -- don't -- the Atlas Mountains lethal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Someone else snow figured that reboot was just getting started Norville Blackstock then her pedal steel -- one person was always. Saint you would do is not what's that moment like when you go from someone -- -- working with -- and it's an analyst. -- -- When somebody stands behind you beside you -- Just once she had her own doubts -- -- as a country western star Reba McEntire Savannah were killed today that tragic night in march of 1990 wounded when their private plane crashed into mountain area. When she lost her touring band and the plane crash. I've got Austin was lineup. I would. -- could get back on stage with them. Her next album for my broken heart was a somber tribute to her bed that connected with her body. After its -- album Reba is still connecting -- -- fans. Her inner circle includes star Kelly Clarkson. Advantage by -- husband and results of dating Brandon black -- -- steps up. I just love to see them together they are just -- so beauty in. They're meant that she can donate his coffee creatively it really is still at a record it. -- ends the week from tonight. -- the sitcom world very quietly. -- Malibu country here on AB. BC market. Disney land added. NN this lame horse -- the -- in in the front of the drugstore we've seen did you like under sixteens -- -- -- your lines down you know what you're doing -- -- Florida -- Got kids although there. -- -- -- This. -- -- -- -- -- Singer actress hunter manure today -- carelessly awaits the next opportunity. To take a big -- when you hear. And when feels like the right thing what would feel like here you kind of. -- -- your children know he can do it but perfectly to its.

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{"id":17576973,"title":"Reba McEntire: Flourishing Decade After Decade","duration":"3:00","description":"McEntire has had one of the most successful show biz careers of the last 30 years. ","url":"/2020/video/reba-mcentire-flourishing-decade-decade-17576973","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}