Regis Philbin: A Bronx Tale

Part 2: The morning talk titan grew up playing stickball in the Bronx.
6:51 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Regis Philbin: A Bronx Tale
-- is back. Its -- region and makes your rates is as simple as good evening -- again. You know what they thing. You can take the boy out of the Bronx but I had no idea how they don't -- the -- In this -- at all and around here regardless -- and regions is royalty this is done Regis Philbin asked this week. I love that guy and everything that we -- Everyone loves in the region. Nice stuff he well almost every -- like -- and oh -- and labeled the he was raised on Krueger avenue during the depression. On the bottom floor of the two family home. We'll help you feel -- Powell and he was really Regis that it is BP. -- -- -- -- -- It big dude that huge hit over the balloon agents so they paved paradise. Every -- parking lot out of this thing. Regis says neither his dad in the first generation Irish American and marine nor his -- and Italian American full time housewife. Had. Any clean of their -- guilty pleasure and I was afraid to tell them that I have to stay in this house six years old. -- in WNEW which was key radio station New York City. And every night at 930 Bing Crosby would have a half hour songs. I thought he was my friend after awhile and -- we -- it like that -- a date but it was time to -- thirty minutes with being. Every bloody night what are some -- on every time it rains it -- just -- with the words. And his -- to happen. Don't you know each cloud contends. It is having thrown at them. It wasn't until years later on graduation day -- his beloved Notre Dame that Regis finally fessed up to -- -- this dream. And I -- -- Obama but take you know exactly what I predicted when they were all excited so we -- -- the musical opened the door and I -- -- And as I was thinking I could see my -- -- -- her eyes with tears but not tears of joy and. Could no no don't just -- -- and my father a tough Irish guy it was a box it was a very. I could see that he went with the -- -- I could see these things. But that's in the Bronx that Max candy store he was hit -- the minds. -- -- -- -- And inseparable from childhood friends as -- Sarah -- and Tom -- and then Natalie -- infidelity Alley a nickname for everybody. Yeah I have to tell me give me that there -- other three just like at six head but lowly rated Jay Witasick me. There wasn't much chance of that. Especially since these former altar -- and we're always under the watchful eyes of the sisters of our lady of solace. Who -- from on high. Gary none -- this is very. They're like yeah -- live all right I want -- we it's the next day. That -- slippery get except when they weren't hanging out of -- candy. They -- Conte a -- that's been here for nineteen years. I'm -- that best boxing -- high winds hastened. -- that's the latest. And it's -- he confessed he had some show business aspirations of his own destiny he won the biggest thing -- -- like going to be completely. The good of the -- the lowest since it. -- You watch vacated -- Martin may be. Definitely -- not cancel. -- Okay. -- -- I -- and headed to his alma mater. -- -- -- I think it had a great influence on me. And then not -- isn't religious but it was very disciplinarian as well. And while he may have might get his easy excuse religiously -- -- yeah indeed. I was not a great student as -- well yeah yeah. -- averaged just savage but I went to these as Crosby's. -- -- And despite his passion for singing he told -- he never once -- cardinal -- stage. Which ironically was named in his honor last year. Kelly I don't think about a about -- and I don't -- -- -- types that and I told plummeted. What it was like the vehicle and there and they would have their own reviews of their plays -- musicals that digs and and here I was dying to but I just -- letters might have. -- you just didn't have a -- -- but I know the exact. At last Italy looked like when I was the -- bill. Classic when he twelve decided to surprise they're being salon. We just established a scholarship program here making it possible for five students. To attend cardinal -- every year I've tried to personally thank you for the help Scottish of the -- given my parents and myself. It has helped us significantly it. And -- thank you very familiar enough for me for other students -- -- going to think. One thing that I like to pass on to all of -- -- is what I told Katie outside. -- -- Sorry Diane. That I didn't participate. In something that I wanted to be -- -- Could've learned did hear an affinity if you have any of those streets. And -- doubtful. That you have the ability with the talent to fulfill that dream. You know don't be frightened by just died. So it thrills me to come back -- thrills because sealed a -- guys. I'm very proud. -- that. And pursue your dreams I know that's little hackneyed saying in my does -- -- whatever you want to be Gil good enough debate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The it.

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{"id":14978754,"title":"Regis Philbin: A Bronx Tale","duration":"6:51","description":"Part 2: The morning talk titan grew up playing stickball in the Bronx.","url":"/2020/video/regis-philbin-bronx-tale-morning-talk-show-host-plays-stickball-live-nyc-2020-14978754","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}