Regis Philbin Hearts Fax Machines

Regis Philbin won't use his cell phone he still dabbles with "latest" gadgets.
1:24 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Regis Philbin Hearts Fax Machines
Now we got some my favorite clips Regis -- and 11 thing I always admired about you. Was that you were always on the cutting edge of the latest technology you helped introduce people. Two new kiss from Seattle look at it and and let's take a lot. Other risen revolution in communications industry now you can send cards at newspaper. Walk on -- fax machine for the price of a telephone call. Been around for a long time now why are you just now getting excited about and we ask this how many people here heard about fax machines before the show. Really that's aggravate me. I -- I like pat iPad. Actress -- badly and openness that usually Scott don't count on. One -- that over slide -- -- so it's. -- -- -- -- -- You have an and they use it really know what the numbers really can we use a computer and no no no. Real -- And went. It's. Got to sit there and type something done on a computer it's ridiculous it really should you know.

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{"id":14949892,"title":"Regis Philbin Hearts Fax Machines","duration":"1:24","description":"Regis Philbin won't use his cell phone he still dabbles with \"latest\" gadgets.","url":"/2020/video/regis-philbin-hearts-fax-machines-cell-phone-dabbles-latest-gadgets-entertainment-2020-14949892","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}