Regis Philbin Packs Up His Office

Katie Couric takes you behind the scenes as Regis prepares to sign off.
1:40 | 11/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Regis Philbin Packs Up His Office
How would tell you just had this wonderful -- for 25 years of trying to pack it all up I now that's so sad he's that we just. What you've been through something like this when you left The Today Show your office. It was a genuinely -- continent not -- not quite like this like now now could I wasn't there as long as you may fifteenth and you fifteen years but -- People she'd love Regis facilities and significant outbreak -- -- -- just doesn't. It feels guilty you have -- weddings right and don't hear somebody sent read somebody. So hustle back and you're keeping. Word -- but beyond that show the I think it on the -- got the -- there yet -- as he -- who is -- -- you'll be glad he's he's he's our producer he's producing our ABC show. Oh my god doesn't -- the -- -- -- Seven. You're lesbian Gelman and that's really bad you know these producers mildly when -- -- very consistent let me just -- -- -- produced should be doing now. Yeah Antioch. -- I think had a mustache -- a shadow. -- and move that's Lou O'Connell favorite guys in the world. Okay. And -- -- this is great so what do you don't get what should do all this stuff but I. Got a call hello I'm not. When I -- it -- many why all this stuff can they had been. What I know seriously give -- a special room even if I don't I don't know to tell you the truth I got a big house opened Connecticut that. -- spirit I think you're gonna have to have a -- room.

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{"id":14960964,"title":"Regis Philbin Packs Up His Office","duration":"1:40","description":"Katie Couric takes you behind the scenes as Regis prepares to sign off.","url":"/2020/video/regis-philbin-packs-office-14960964","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}