Was This Relationship Targeted for Being Same-Sex?

Act 2: The parents of the 14-year-old alleged victim speak out.
3:00 | 02/15/14

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Transcript for Was This Relationship Targeted for Being Same-Sex?
Get your billion back America. "20/20" returns. Once again, Matt Gutman. Reporter: "Free Kate" became the nationwide rallying cry for Kaitlyn hunt's army of supporters, coming to her side as she faced a looming trial. There has been a massive campaign all week on her behalf. Reporter: The peppy Florida high school senior had been arrested for having a sexual relationship with a ninth grader, a 14-year-old girl. Did you love her? Mm-hmm. Yeah, I loved her. A lot. She was like my best friend. Serious jail time. She's not a pedophile. She's this beautiful girl. Reporter: Kaitlyn hunt's family and supporters complained loudly that anti-gay bigotry was driving the prosecution. Bias on the part of the state and the younger girl's parents. Those supposedly bigoted, biased parents? Jim and Laurie smith. She definitely took our daughter's innocence away. In a way that should not have been done. Reporter: When they were informed their daughter was involved with an 18-year-old, they say they don't even remember being told it was an 18-year-old girl. 18? My daughter's only 14. She's not allowed to date yet. I knew that my daughter wasn't emotionally mature enough for any 18-year-old. Reporter: If Kaitlyn had been a Kyle, would it have made a difference to you? If it was Kyle, it still would've been wrong. Reporter: But the hunts dug in. Kaitlyn rejected plea offers that would have let her avoid jail. She and her family insisting that she was the victim, because of her sexual preference. You know, this thing is so wrong. I just want to do everything I can, everything I can to beat it. To win and get her, have her life back, our lives back. Reporter: The smiths say they want their lives back too. Lives they say have been threatened in menacing phone calls like this one from people on sidelines, watching the case play out on television. It means that I'm going to have to come and murder you. Reporter: They've been accused of being anti-gay. But what if your daughter came to you and said, "Mom, dad, I'm gay." We've asked her that, and we've talked about it. And it's not really the issue for us. She's our daughter. We're going to love her no matter what. We love her until the day we die. Reporter: They told me today that they would accept their daughter, whatever her sexuality might be, do you think that's true? No, I do not. I think that's a lie. I've always thought it was a gay issue for them. Reporter: And from the time the young girl ran away and wound up, as they would later discover, in the bedroom of Kaitlyn hunt? The girl's parents say, that was one of the worst days of their lives. Laurie, of all the things that we've talked about, your daughter going missing seems to be the thing that is most painful to you. Why? I thought someone had come and taken her and my only thought was I should've been there. I'm supposed to take care of her, and this is my baby. Reporter: But the smith family had not heard the last of Kaitlyn hunt. In spite of the judge's order forbidding any contact whatsoever, police say Kaitlyn had been exchanging text messages with the other girl. More than 20,000. Sending her nude and lewd photos and videos of herself. And most damning, there was intimate physical contact. I wonder if you feel that you made a mistake here. If I made a mistake, hmm. Do I think I made a mistake by dating someone in high school? That I went to school with and I played basketball with? No, I don't think I made a mistake. Reporter: Do you think you made a mistake by sending her 20,000 text messages, including nude pictures of yourself? Yeah, I think that was a mistake. Reporter: But you kept up the contact, even though you knew you shouldn't, why? I needed closure. I felt like I had none when it first happened in February. You know, I was like forced to stop talking and forced to stop dating, and I just got wrapped up. Reporter: 20,000 text messages. Nude pictures. Videos. I think Kaitlyn hunt forced our daughter to stay in this relationship when our daughter didn't want to be in this relationship. Reporter: The judge ordered hunt to wait out the rest of her time before trial in the county jail. The girl who dreamed of being a songbird, now finds herself growing older as a jailbird. Her hard times obvious during our interview with her parents when Kaitlyn called from lockup. Okay, relax, relax. Tell me what's -- well, what happened? It's okay, calm down. I know. Calm down, honey, calm down. Reporter: Kelley hunt says Kaitlyn was upset, fellow inmates were harassing her. The parents try to put on a brave face for their daughter, but afterward, they can't hide their pain. I'm so sorry. Reporter: I don't think anybody can imagine what you're going through? You can't. I mean, you just, I don't even -- I just can't really describe it. It's so hard. I mean, she's just a little kid, you know. Reporter: Do you think of Kaitlyn hunt? Do you think of her as a kid, like your daughter? Or do you think of her as an adult? I honestly think of her as a child. I think that if she was an adult and she thought like an adult, then this would not have happened. Reporter: Should it be legal for someone who is 18, regardless of sex, to be with someone who is 14? It's a tough question and I don't know if there's a right answer. What I know is that two teenage girls in high school that consent to a relationship, they shouldn't be felon for it. Please raise your right hand. Reporter: Ultimately, there would be no trial for Kaitlyn hunt. In October, she accepted a plea deal that would keep her behind bars for a total of four months followed by two years of house arrest and a long probation. Hi. Reporter: We are there in the central booking room where Kaitlyn is being processed for her release after spending 120 days in jail. The now 19-year-old finally returning to once-spirited self. Looking forward to two things. Fast food. I really want salty fries from McDonald's. Reporter: And family. How is my mom? Is she excited? Reporter: But first, ever sent reminders of her felony offense, a parole officer and an ankle bracelet monitoring all of her movements. Deviation from your schedule and approved schedule is a violation of your supervision if not approved. Reporter: Outside the jail, Kaitlyn's family and friends gather for the big moment. I can't wait for my baby girl to come home. I can't believe it's you. I'm like in a state of shock still. Reporter: When the family finally arrives at home, the first hugs in four months. I didn't think she would be like this at all. As long as I'm home with my family and I get to see everybody every day, then I think I'll be okay. Reporter: Then, a special delivery. Oh, my god, let me smell it. Reporter: A happy meal for a girl happy to be home. How does it feel to be back? Oh, my gosh. I love it. I'm so excited. It's not even real. I thought high school was bad. Jail was bad. Reporter: You said that you didn't regret it. You still feel the same way? Yeah, I do. You know, I feel like everything happens for a reason. You go through things in life for a reason, you know. So, I might not know what the reason is now, but I will, you know, one day. Reporter: You have new bracelets. No, I've had them. Reporter: You've had them, but this one's new. Reporter: How long is it? Um, three years. Reporter: Three years? Yeah. Reporter: Has this turned you off women? No, no. I'm still with my girlfriend. Reporter: No, not that girlfriend. A new one. 27-year old L.T. The two have become inseparable. As for her former freshman flame, Kaitlyn insists they've had no communication since being released. No, nothing? Nope. Reporter: Like it never happened? Yep. Reporter: How do you feel about that? Pretty happy about it. Now I just want to put it all behind me. I want to stay out of trouble. I want to do the right thing, and then get it over with, so I can move on with my life. Reporter: The smiths say their daughter is moving on too, focusing on school work and sports. A relationship called out of bounds cost them so much. One lost her innocence. The other, her freedom. Both lost their love. If you had been one of those parents, how would you have reacted? Let us know on Twitter. Wait until you see what's coming up next here, cops, and this time, they're the ones

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