The repercussions from Nassar sexual abuse case: Part 6

Former gymnast Larissa Boyce said, "This is the beginning of our fight," as MSU's president and athletic director resign.
3:09 | 01/26/18

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Transcript for The repercussions from Nassar sexual abuse case: Part 6
Reporter: They've dcribed themselves as "Warriors," an "Army," a "Sisterhood." When are we all going to go on a vacation together? Reporter: Their bond formed through bravery, these women vow to meet every year on this date when justice was served. I have to say something extraordinary happened in that courtroom this week because of you. And the courage that you had to stand up and tell that man what he did to you. The judge called you sisters. Sister survivors. Sister survivors. You are sister survivors. This is the beginning of our fight. It really is. And not just with what's happened to us, but fighting for other victims of abuse. It shouldn't take an army of women speaking in court for people to do something. It should take one person saying that this happened to them and D- them being believed and taken seriously. This is way bigger than Larry ssar. I'm so glad that he is where he belongs to be and will be there for the rest of his life, but it's time to make change in usa gymnastics to protect the children, the future of our sport. Reporter: And change has already begun at msu, with the athletic director and president stepping down this week, which came as welcome news to some former Michigan athletes. Knowing that this woman will no longer be a part of that because she aided and enabled somebody to cause so much harm to so many young girls and women, I feel like I'll be able to be proud to say "Go green" again. You will be believed, and you should speak. What I'd like to see moving forward is the United States congress, which created the U.S.O.C. In 1978, initiate a full investigation and find out what happened. I'd like to see serious criminal investigations of Michigan state, of the U.S.O.C. And of U.S.A. Gymnastics. And if there was criminal behavior, they should be prosecuted. Reporter: And in Texas, law enforcement is investigating the famed karolyi ranch training center, where so many women say Nassar abused them. What lies ahead for these young women is as varied as their stories. To have these brave, brave incredible women who came forward and who weren't silent. To be with these people who gave me so much courage. To shift my perspective from shame and guilt and powerlessness to how I am now I guess using my voice and being the light. ???

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{"id":52644205,"title":"The repercussions from Nassar sexual abuse case: Part 6","duration":"3:09","description":"Former gymnast Larissa Boyce said, \"This is the beginning of our fight,\" as MSU's president and athletic director resign. ","url":"/2020/video/repercussions-nassar-sexual-abuse-case-part-52644205","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}