Revenge for Real: Devastating Losses

Part 2: Steve Nunn loses his governor's race and his father.
7:43 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Revenge for Real: Devastating Losses
In the news. Good breeding and horse racing the proper pedigree can make all the difference between win place and show. And the same goes with politics. So in 1996. When a Kentucky thoroughbred like Steve -- marries the young Philly Traci -- run the daughter of a coal mining magnate. It seems like a perfect pairing a superior bloodline. It's how was the matter. The -- was wonderful and not trailing that I experience the best of Steve -- and on that that. For a time the whole world is their dance floor. And he would always tell me you know enjoy this enjoy this moment life is so fleeting. And I've got Tracy with me -- -- She's great she is a special woman. For all of intact -- later and problem. What was the future for Steve Miller the future -- -- Motivated perhaps by his own experience Steve -- finds his signature calls protecting victims of domestic abuse. He co sponsors legislation that would have an ironic echo years later in the morning bill for 55. Makes -- -- death penalty offense when a person named in a domestic violence order murders to protected individual. This is going to touch tremendous number of families strips -- coming. But Tracy knew that all was not well with steam. For years the -- strange -- between her husband and his larger than life father had been left to fester. He made his own way. But yes he was still going on sun and he knew that you know he had a torch to better if you will because it was public. Finally in 2002. Traci manages which should have been the final piece in the puzzle for her husband's success. A reconciliation. Between father and son. And they were literally hugging. And kissing and telling each other everyday. And I remember sitting back and watching in saying. I have witnessed a miracle from from god that I mean -- this is America. Backed by his -- sides. Is ready to take its gamble of his career home run for governor in the Republican primary. I'm proud to work for the values and ideals of the Republican party for the benefit of our contestants in ask -- to support. Statement. His father's endorsement is pretty steep. Trail with his father. But it millions gubernatorial campaign is intended to highlight the -- warm and Fuzzy bond between father and son ends up. Only emphasizing this stark difference between. As a debater none looks out of busily. -- -- Related to outer banks. And the race. He ran for governor was -- inflated and and it was -- -- I don't think the public thought he had much of a chance because. Barber -- Lester get that he. Right years grounder back -- -- Steve -- loses the primary. Badly and -- congratulate. -- -- -- The loss is a bitter disappointment. In it's do that with. After one final Christmas together. And even greater loss rule. He would lose his hands. His family is still dealing with his sudden then we're we're struggling quite frankly because. It was so. And what would it mean. Stays whole identity. As a human being. Was I'm -- on sun. When that was gone. Through art -- staying. -- -- -- Lou we -- him. He's buried under an epitaph. Of his achievements. He leaves Steve 650000. Dollars and one Major League identity crisis. He starts to change. In some small some not so small ways what do you see. I see Steve actually becoming his dad. Either consciously or unconsciously. Started -- -- that's close issues. Telling people he was Louis arena and he. Absorb that -- if you will and -- his dad. And that wasn't the only spirit Steve was -- and in large quantities bureau unadulterated. Doug wish to all factory. Now. Saying. He knew he ought to quit news too much too many times. Too much too many times. That becomes a running theme and not just with -- it turns out Steve has inherited something else from his -- The middle of the twentieth century. It was presumed that men in public life. Strayed from mother -- out. We'll was one of those -- I think Steve Nunn was one of those men to. -- story wasn't spotted -- night event with a walk. Having sex and Stevens told that story was the light Goodell -- died -- -- this -- -- wanted to know. And on this racetrack Steve manages to match his dad did convince them Wednesday that he was around their -- Three of 41. He was an accident and he smelled anything people this said well yeah that speed -- -- Some poisonous and -- -- He was going women. And knows what it. Here's what else sordid trysts -- no tell motels and cruising for cheap sex on sleazy web sites like sugar daddy dot com. He was called a womanizer -- did -- get this reputation. Stated. Well he aren't that he was in -- thing. Medicated by nothing but his beloved Kentucky -- it's these problems are so outrageous and so indiscreet. They take a heavy professional. -- for some reason his political. And dreams and ambitions just seemed to -- weather dot. Longtime Republican state representative Steve lost this. 2006. None loses his seat in the state legislature to a relative unknown. The pull of the -- name now overcome by the bush of the none reputation. It must hurt because it was a referendum on the -- -- And now Steve's marriage just like his purpose sits on the rocks he. Says Traci. Get away from me I don't want her -- you know he want me gone and then outlines gone. But just as everyone is ready to write off Steve -- a new woman enters his life. A woman whose love and family connections offer him a roll back to the halls of power. And maybe one more chance to fulfill his father's expectations. But the ghost of the -- -- -- through haunting his son eventually Steve would be come into play his father could have never imagined. Or -- You think he -- he didn't -- he.

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{"id":15924434,"title":"Revenge for Real: Devastating Losses","duration":"7:43","description":"Part 2: Steve Nunn loses his governor's race and his father.","url":"/2020/video/revenge-real-devastating-losses-15924434","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}