Revenge for Real: Murder in the Hamptons

Part 1: Danny Pelosi meets Generosa Ammon working on her elegant townhouse.
8:58 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Revenge for Real: Murder in the Hamptons
-- of revenge -- with a wealth and murder have always fascinated us from the ancient Greeks to Shakespeare. Consume waves -- by the new drama revenge this season. When the story is fact not fiction there's a whole new dimension. Tonight we bring you here to the glamorous Hamptons for a murder most ran the first in twenty years. Off season is cold desolate disquieting. Especially at a mansion on middle lane with the murder that happened years -- goal is not forgotten. Then a trial but it didn't answer all the questions. This twisted tale began as many do. With a love story. When I was young I drive over the fifty ninth street bridge. -- become -- in the morning and still be dark. All lights be turned. And to strengthen the guys my trial is a Mormon. Informing him -- -- to be -- -- and single. Are -- going to find her. Twelve years ago Danny Pelosi. An electrician from Long Island did sign a woman of these dreams and the beautiful and very wealthy Jenna -- him. He was working on her Manhattan townhouse. I used to sleep in my truck in front of the building she showed up at the job when morning -- my work is to not. Sleek and trucks. General look so good in the room at the -- stand hope hotel on Fifth Avenue. Where she was staying during the renovations. Only guys that worked for -- did not want me to have an assailant had to -- right Danny. If you actually put -- -- -- side. They went to drinks at the hotel bar and achieve a close look Holmes walks glad to -- And I can tell you this much. She set her on the -- across -- stay at home told me three terrorists. How she was not about to make -- first -- here. After the third journalists that commission. And that's where stock. And. She was -- -- She was beautiful. She was different. And she'd introduce Danny to a whole new world of luxury. Money and high society splendor. It would be no simple affair Jenna Rosa was not only rich and -- she was married. And her husband's -- and then a lawyer and self made millionaire. And made a fortune in Leveraged Buyouts. -- it was brilliant handsome and a benefactor of the arms. General Russo who had spent part of her early life in Foster care was an aspiring artist. Barely making ends meet in Manhattan real estate when she met head in the early eighties according to vanity fair's Michael schneerson. A single man and a very well. She was -- rental apartment agent he has sort of the lowest rung on the ladder he was looking for apartments. -- deployment. And apparently forgot about it or just failed to show. And the next day at the office he got an angry call from this woman who was the cancellations that how dare you standing up. And he was sort of charmed. She was. Firing. Ted asked general Rosa update. Three years later they were married and moved to the elegant and expensive upper east side -- Adopted twins play and -- Movies with every luxury including. That handing. General some occupied herself decorating their many homes. Side townhouse. Castle in England and then East Hampton mansion at 59 middle lane. Spending and sometimes -- Thousands. A landscaper who went with generous to a nursery. They picked out. Tulips over and English change. And as he said to me you know troops actually machine changes little -- from morning -- evening did you know as the light changes and any rain. Maybe in plant and -- 600 to -- from what -- -- And over the weekend he came back to find her -- -- -- crazy woman ripping out all the tulips and because the -- was Ross. And she was jealous convinced Ted was having an affair. Suspecting -- had a baby. -- another woman. And -- Danny Pelosi. Working class neighborhood on Long Island. And I had a lot of so when I hit a lot of I really dead I went firm is a guy who walked into electrical job to becoming -- -- Not that she knows. Let him be the Boston she was demanding perfectionist. Something that -- standing. She would have us actually build the floor and frame it -- field wiring -- in -- -- -- It's. That she made huge illegal. Actually educate all flora. -- -- all over. Some never be 45000 dollars for work things. During worship perfectionist in your personal relationship she wouldn't let me walk down Madison avenue white -- -- -- Because. It was -- prop. There was nothing proper about standing. In fact he was a convicted felon and arrested seven times imprisoned twice -- drunk driving charges. -- -- -- to seeing I was sent me away without them I gave with courage and clearly there. -- you have to -- I -- just being -- -- former lightning from me. They -- in -- Jenna Rosa flaunted her relationship chanting her husband's -- knew all about it. If you're a very vengeful. And paranoia and irrational -- -- seem to be ex wife. What better punishment to and slept. Then challenging Afghanistan hope in the 15100 dollar A night suite. We hear new boyfriend the electrician. And the kids. Right there in the next room. And having Danny. Essentially be their surrogate father drove -- absolutely no sense when of course Tennessee taps apparently about 70000 dollars. I'm -- thousand dollars a month -- on just Tristan home builders. Position -- -- back sandwiches and absolutely. Great that's really relatives -- -- We have. I mean I know how I would react if my ex wife -- -- today especially when -- fighting over money. -- was convinced Ted was hiding hundreds of billions of dollars and wanted her share. She even had Danny help install surveillance cameras in the house on middle lane this hi -- Ted. It was the water rose as he was taken things that she was looking to catch him. She wanted hard proof just take -- look here's Ted stealing a 100000 dollars worth of wine. So the way it works is from a remote location you could look at his computer screen. And see what was going on in the house at least -- the cameras were general sweatshirts and home. And access to be chats from. Yes the divorce battle got ugly. -- himself and -- it didn't generous and had expressed on more than one occasion. Her intention to John. But he didn't you know one -- angry. -- seem to be ex wife says. How seriously do you take to. Eventually Ted in Jenna -- arrived at the negotiating table the first offer ten million dollars. -- -- -- -- -- They should take the money and run its -- students to sit come her way I come from ten million dollars forget it I'm died but she didn't listen to about ten million dollars. She hung in there. She hung in there and then before we -- it. We have an agreement between she had -- -- 25 million dollars up 25 million. She was right she was absolutely right. It seems only Jenna Rosa was satisfied. The fighting had come to an end it was Friday October 19 2001. The final divorce settlement would be signed on Monday. But what happens that weekend. Changes everything.

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{"id":15873523,"title":"Revenge for Real: Murder in the Hamptons","duration":"8:58","description":"Part 1: Danny Pelosi meets Generosa Ammon working on her elegant townhouse.","url":"/2020/video/revenge-real-murder-hamptons-15873523","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}