Revenge for Real: Politician Kills Ex

Part 1: What drove Steve Nunn murder his ex-fiancee?
1:10 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Revenge for Real: Politician Kills Ex
Tonight we go to a place where forests farms like this -- playgrounds for people -- big names in big money. Blue bloods from Kentucky thoroughbreds in their own right but with some ugly family secrets. Our story begins with a life of promise leads to romance but ends -- revenge and murder. -- a warm summer morning in south central Kentucky it. Pastoral cemetery becomes the setting for the final act of a tragedy. One that would echo clear across the blue grass stains in and young. He's it was just unbelievable it's the most desired story probably. -- Kentucky history typically we don't deal with influential people. Involved in common side. A lone figure approaches the grave a beloved former governor Louie B -- it's the late governor's 56 year old son Steve. -- to face the legacy he failed to live up to. He was so or that he was mad he was -- -- he was unemployed and broke. Dropped. I was concerned about Steve. May be heard names left. In his mind -- Steve Nunn is a victim. Driven first to -- then madness my his former fiance Amanda Ross head at all and when -- lost at all. -- -- -- He has driven from the scene of his revenge and his parents final resting place. He used the word -- -- revenge plane and sent -- and he slits his rests just -- and -- dripping blood on the stone marking his mother's grave. At the same time police are trying to find him talking to his ex wife Tracy Cameron. We -- -- there had not long history. And I wish you cannot sit on no in my heart he would be and his dad mom cemetery cemetery that cemetery -- -- Minutes later law enforcement is on the scene. About that time they noticed mr. Nunn -- -- and if Dennis. He stands up turns away and raises his weapon. They were shocked that I -- but I wasn't sure what I was hearing I think she wanted to die. And only get. The Kentucky's Steve none knew was a world of pure bred horse racing a pretty women in fancy hats. And a fine barrel aged urban. None had a taste for all three. I -- you I'm. He'd grown up in an elite insular realm of country -- charity events. Debutante balls a realm that Lexington radio host and society may -- -- wiley has been observing and enjoying for decades. It's the scale of entertaining was lavish -- the only -- dinner jackets and formal gowns and jewels. Privilege and powers seemed to be his birthright ever since his father -- was elected governor back in 1967. As a teenager Steve is a kind of prints number one son for an entire state. Lexington has its fair share of stately homes but the governor's mansion just up the road in Frankfurt -- -- -- What does it mean to be a -- In Kentucky to be a nun in Kentucky there -- power behind -- game. And and I -- the next few years but it's a double edged sword. Governor Louie -- standing 64 and one of the most talented politicians of his era is a larger than life figure in every sense of the term. Being his son it's no walk in the bluegrass. Steve on -- his father's respect one and his father's good to didn't want to just filed Islam and Steve I see someone who. Wanted to please his father in. Who wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. -- frost covered politics for the Louisville courier journal. Watching as the affable and handsome youth and -- celebrity in the shadow of his father's fame under the only son. Such powerful. Successful. Overwhelming kind of politics. Much can be expected out. And I think that Lilly expected. More from Steve then he should -- if you were -- design your phone. He would not design -- enough. Larry four he was governor -- budget director. While he admired his boss' political skills he aboard held Louis treated his adoring son going -- The man of ridicule. And I think Steve unfortunately grew up in -- -- After his father leaves office the family would eventually relocate to this rural estate. Now it is Steve's time. He attends law school and as a stint in business before inevitably. Entering politics. Winning a seat. As a Republican state represented. Thank you mr. baker ladies and gentlemen -- house. This is really -- public health issue floor. Steve was -- mere image of his -- they're physically. This politically ambitious. -- There was some logical thing to do. But if Steve has the desire to be his dad it's not clear he has the requisite -- or the toughness he was not willing. -- was a quieter gentler. -- people would say things like -- he yet he'll never be his father. And all the while the Specter of -- expectations. And hangs over him and it grew as time -- -- is there watching. Predictably the legendary governor Louie Nunn is neither amused -- impressed by the meeting the accomplishments. Of his son. In their interaction. Both public and private you could tell that. Steve never quite measured up and -- his eyes and he didn't. There's love. And then there's conditional and there was a lot of conditional love in this -- and my family politics to be the ugly -- politics involved it can't. Steve is becoming more like his father but liking him less and less. Behind the gates of the -- family -- some ugly secrets threaten to destroy an already tense relationship. In 1994. Steve's mother Beulah divorce is -- and seeks a restraining order against him. Things allegedly come to a boil and an altercation. With -- -- intervening to protect her. Steve thought she was going to be disappointed -- news fight and his father. Back yard. -- apparently he attacked the governor and it did rupture -- their relationship. It ended here. -- handwritten letter with the now elderly former governor saying he would not tolerate any further physical abuse for years. Father and son who wouldn't speak. The nuns are political dynasty disintegrating. -- the seeds of tragedy take grew. What happens next we'll shock everyone people were still it's. -- still.

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{"id":15924396,"title":"Revenge for Real: Politician Kills Ex","duration":"1:10","description":"Part 1: What drove Steve Nunn murder his ex-fiancee?","url":"/2020/video/revenge-real-politician-kills-15924396","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}