Rich Kids 2.0: Social Media Gives New Ways to Show Off

Instagram and other social media give the high-school jet set new ways to show off.
5:34 | 06/29/13

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Transcript for Rich Kids 2.0: Social Media Gives New Ways to Show Off
"Teen confidential" continues. Once again, david muir. We all post things on facebook and social media, moments of accomplishment, proud milestones in the lives of our chu children. But the so-called 1% are posting photos of how fabulous they are, all the time, everywhere. Rubbing our faces in it. Some people, though, are eating it up. Here's nick watt tonight with the school show-offs. Hi, my name is laura. Reporter: Welcome to a day in the life of laura. Going to be spending the day with us. Say hi. Reporter: Here's what laura is doing this summer. Yep, she's hanging out in a yacht in the south of france. She's an international brat setter, a band of the bold and the brash, ridiculously rich teenagers who were born this way. Laura, who calls monaco home, tells us her interests include travel, vip partying, fashion and luxury. This is really bad service. Reporter: Laura likes to upload her lavish life onto instagram. Here she is in capri, miami, paris and london, staying in a hotel I could never afford. I'm in love with these ones, should I take them? Reporter: Laura is just 18. She's still in school. Laura is an rkoi. That's a rich kid of instagram. A whole bunch of snot-nosed millionaires who post snapshots of their everyday lives on this photo sharing social network. The most fanatastic/awful, depending on your p.O.V., Are collected on this tumblr page. You know, posing with private jets, stepping off yachts and a 16,000 pound, that's nearly $25,000, bar tab run up in a london club. Yes, they really do this. And people really follow them. You're like at the zoo and you're like, "what are these people? How are they living?" It's almost like studying another species. I think it's interesting. Reporter: Dina gachamn writes about the 1%. There's been that world always. It's just so in our face now with social media. Reporter: These kids started out posting picks for their friends, you know, kind of like the rest of us would post shots of a great burger. They post a bentley. It can get obnoxious. It's like all right, enough with the pictures next to your car. I put up one picture of the private jet. I'm not going to be obnoxious and put up a million. Reporter: Meet michelle madonna. In her teens, she almost had a pop career with a single called "i'm a brat." And a short-lived reality tv career. Now she's a designer. A real life material girl who actually works. I design flower headbands. Reporter: Daughter of a big time businessman, she will be a fashion mogul by 30. I love being the center of attention. Reporter: Her instagram -- bikinis, music festivals, and rolling with the it girls. People get pissed off at other people having fun. But life's not always fair. Reporter: Why do they show us this stuff? Within their world, they're probably just like, hey, I saw your yacht, here's my yacht. But there are some people you kind of get the feeling they want to rub it in people's faces. Reporter: Now, this is my favorite teenaged instagram post of all time. A groomed, young stallion, posing with a horse. You grew up privileged? Blessed, I would say. Reporter: We came to orange county, california, to meet the most interesting teen in the world. My name is bradley scott montgomery. Reporter: These are the kind of photographs bradley scott montgomery posts. A bentley, caviar, box fresh croc-skin shoes. Have you ever taken a shot and thought that's just too much? I've caught myself on a few of the beptley pictures. Reporter: Brad's parents apparently made a little money in finance. Hobbies -- business. Favorite clothes -- fine cut suits. I like italian. Reporter: Favorite meal -- business lunch. Who talks about business lunches? Brad montgomemontgomery. Virgin mojito. Reporter: Age? Well, the kid's just 18. He's just graduated high school and he wears french cuffs. But and here's the but -- sometimes teens use social media to create who they want to be. And I'm afraid we gradually real iszed that brad is not all that he seems on instagram. That horse -- isn't his. The horse is actually a good friend of mine's. She has a stable in her backyard. The bentley isn't his, either. Brad actually drives a ford focus. I've gone on road trips in this. Reporter: Stain on my seat, as well. And the caviar? I still at this point haven't had caviar in my life. Reporter: Try and look rich? Maybe brad just likes the online love. Did it work? Reporter: Now, don't get us wrong. He's well off, just not own your own bentley rich. And brad might really make it one day if he works as hard at the investment company he just founded as he does cultivating his suave online persona. Meanwhile, back in monaco, laura tells us she has some vague ideas about "creating something." There's an opening party at the port tonight. I think I'm going to need to buy heels. Reporter: Laura, I suppose, has already made it in life, without even trying.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Instagram and other social media give the high-school jet set new ways to show off.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"19529976","title":"Rich Kids 2.0: Social Media Gives New Ways to Show Off","url":"/2020/video/rich-kids-20-social-media-ways-show-off-19529976"}