Phone Calls From a Kidnapping

Part 3: Richard Shenkman called a reporter while holding Tyler at gunpoint.
8:03 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Phone Calls From a Kidnapping
-- -- Throughout the morning Richard -- and had been taunting hostage negotiators. As he held his ex wife at gunpoint in -- suburban Connecticut home. You want to -- just -- let me know now Richard you know thou art -- art and and I haven't you know -- -- had to -- people he had -- one well I don't believe it's also did you really wanted to either. I'm telling you I get -- and -- Meanwhile other police officers were discussing among themselves. How best to negotiate with some -- What's the -- areas east negotiators. It was what -- he wanted to go to work or we're trying to establish. More control of the situation because it doesn't really just want to run things are around like crazy and -- that Irish situation. If we give them too much he's. Think he actually you really want to -- this whole thing about a peaceful manner now we're really afraid of -- murder -- here. And they had good reason to be afraid. When Chapin -- police -- stalling for time meeting his demands he would press on guns and Nancy's head and start account. Parent he would get 26. -- seven and they would do something. That would appease him and Wolfenstein. I don't want you to count any more about an hour I'm down -- that's -- I'm but I don't try to talk to I don't believe. OK I don't in the I don't. He has a gun pointed. He's going to count to ten. And pulled the trigger and he got as high as. Six -- send him. -- and let them and then look listen. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah he's counting what is Scandinavia land audio -- and see how I am giving me another -- -- haven't got mad at me -- and -- hit and Internet address. We've had been through probably four. -- announced by that time. And each time that I thought this was it Nancy instinctively knew that in order to stay alive. She had to keep shooting -- home -- spent a lot of that day. Trying to talk him down from and various rages that he had. And dealing with things like. When he gave me the -- to holds that he said he was thinking about paying what. And explain to me how he had something set up to hang me if nothing else worked. Out -- -- We -- -- which had been in -- lol I can't wait until it's well because they got -- contraption. That -- gonna say that missile platform that I have it has remote control. He would come down sometimes for awhile. But they were just temporary. Coming periods waiting for something else to happen by one in the afternoon in another act of shocking bravado. He called a local newspaper reporter Karen floor -- the skies. Got his wife at gunpoint -- threatening to blow up the house what -- you call me. One of Florence colleagues -- the day newspaper began videotaping their conversation. One up -- they would have that day. Why -- you have your wife they are explained. It. Trying to imagine he wants you to put your head and -- Is -- -- an intimate moment is he trying to recreate some kind of romance a lot of what I did that day was trying to establish -- Some kind of connection with him to make you realize. That I was -- human being during the third polishing and encourage Nancy to speak to -- Good evening and thank you can't back. Definitely. But in his final phone call there was a chilling reversal. But to administer last right it's something -- new believes would never do. If you comply with that demand in coming give somebody last -- it's almost like giving him permission to kill -- -- -- -- I don't understand why you want a priest to give her last straights if you're not gonna harm her and check it. Here and it. She and honestly I left that last conversation knowing it was -- last conversation. Hoping that he wasn't going to hurt her. I just kept thinking is this going to be the end insist that this is the time he's -- actual people -- turner. Eleven agonizing hours had passed an anti -- I was summoned Ashland. Because it was. Emotionally. Exhaust. Handcuffed -- the same man who was holding a gun to her -- Nancy made a last ditch attempt to enter. -- I had actually grabbed for the guns and he. Backhanded me. To the floor and and learned that wasn't a wise move. He didn't kill me at that point he didn't do anything other than. It hit me that I didn't do that again. Outside police were calculating their next move. Why does a waiting game we get the gambling position tactically we get a good view of the house -- -- gathered -- south Windsor police. Late in the day -- been called to tell them they should speak to Nancy -- one last time. Myself some random candidates Richard or so -- talk to hand in the -- Nancy. But she said I'm okay. Whole family was waiting at the police station and she had called a couple of times and allowed me to talk to my sister's three children. -- Just one. Thank you. We say good night. Some of the things I think points out of my mind. And I was listening to her voice for the first time that day she. He sounded frightened and she sounded harried and he was in the background. And she was trying to say divide us and telling us that she loved us. They can't meet my mother and Richard on speakerphone and she's saying good night. So my brother and I told and we left -- And we told king trustees saying. Any -- at Lenox. Twelve hours into the -- darkness is beginning to set -- -- police decided to make the move. The police had any robot that they sent up the driveway. And that. Ranged him. He started screaming at them on the phone to get the robot out of the yard or she's dead. -- -- -- -- -- -- this Staten Island grundy Kendall you get. Trekking across the house. And saying we're going in the basement we're going into the this is it I'm done with them I'm done with you. And I started skiing at that point -- that I don't don't make me go in the basement I don't want to die in the basement.

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{"id":15461722,"title":"Phone Calls From a Kidnapping","duration":"8:03","description":"Part 3: Richard Shenkman called a reporter while holding Tyler at gunpoint.","url":"/2020/video/richard-shenkman-tyler-nancy-police-kidnap-abduct-murder-15461722","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}