War of the Roses

Part 4: Shenkman used a film as a blueprint for torturing his wife.
6:03 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for War of the Roses
It was a -- not even Hollywood could have created. -- hostage standoff. Carried out by -- man obsessed with the war of the roses I'll still be used as a blueprint for torturing -- -- Inside -- his house he forced Nancy down the stairs and handcuffed her to a Bible he'd screwed into the wall. He handed the phone to me and said. Tell them. Tell -- what's going. -- -- handcuffed to a walk and comfortable while. He's got a gun -- my head. Negotiators said to me -- you are right and said no. I'm not he's got a gun he's gonna kill me she said his -- working. And make sure you've really got -- guns. Okay -- if you believe them. What video did he shoved the gun didn't actually get you ahead please don't ever happened not anchored OK can help -- -- say yeah. That -- the plant which I thought it was so far. And said goodbye to my kids in my -- I prayed for some dignity to get through whatever came next. But what came next cod Nancy by surprise. Shake been turned and ran back up the -- stairs. It was the first times he has left her alone all day. Thought this is it. I just got a chance and I'm gonna take it. Thank been trying to unscrew the bolt out of the long haul and I yank it out the rest of the way I. -- -- out of the room. Across the basement. To the back door. Although she Aikman had warned her that he had rigged the doors to blow up if she attempted to escape and Nancy decided she had to risk. In the -- swat -- sniper Peter Allen had his rifle -- trained on the basement to war. And I look through the scope and I see a woman. Coming up the basement door -- my partners and there she is open the door. I ran out across the yard and I started to climb the fence and one of the swat team. Fellows just appeared out of nowhere. So she turned around. Saw us I was running over and noticed she was wearing handcuffs they -- on the realized that we have the possible costs. After twelve terrifying hours Nancy was finally free but -- Aikman was still holed up in the house with his gun. At that point our sniper team leaders comes back over the radio and he said snipers stand down. With Nancy out of harm's way the snipers no longer have the authority to shoot shape and on site. But only seconds later he ran out the basement door looking for her. When he saw police he quickly turned and ran back inside. Mr. shank -- and probably missed meeting his maker by about citizens. It was a very narrow window. That is. Determine whether or not this guy was gonna go to trial or. Go to mortuary. Nancy was taken to a local hospital where she was reunited. With her children. Doing so many emotions going man I'm so happy an interesting -- and snow. Angry that Richard kind of -- actually -- minutes. Emotional -- that -- -- lives their lives because. They're he had demonstrated. He was willing to pull a chair and came out when. I'm mark on my forehead from. Barrel of the gun. Seeing them very clear and -- on her forehead he made me realize exactly how close. It -- came to losing her. You're brave woman I don't know it's very very over. You do what you have to do what. Back at the house statement was enraged. Insisting the hostage negotiators that Nancy returned -- he would take his own line. Hello what up jacket you have to save my life. Return I have not come out of this happens -- I'm ready to blow it -- the only way I wanted to admit to get back and talk. -- mental police that he had 65 pounds of explosives in the house. Yeah. Try to. India -- not -- anything about -- -- credit card and what I do something I want to hear you do sound. In an attempt to flush -- now the police shot tear gas canisters into the house. Suddenly erupted in flames. Fire department start to move into position but as they do that. They start to hear what sound like gunshots they say it would fight fires some issues that. As the house burned down around him it appeared as though -- would have followed through on his final threat. Destroying all that was left of his life with Nancy and killing himself in the process the house is burning. People are calling to him. -- -- -- That time we figure he must be dead. But remarkably -- survived. Figures -- -- -- 99% of the house that burned. And here that are crawling. Wish Aikman now behind bars it looked as though Nancy's ordeal was finally over who. What she would still have to face him one final time. -- And over forty years of practice I've never seen. A criminal defendants. Say anything like what I heard -- and judge do we -- the corn. It was a waste -- time to meet a rocket stage for the rest of my life about a Phillips. -- its -- Gypsy that purpose.

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{"id":15461787,"title":"War of the Roses","duration":"6:03","description":"Part 4: Shenkman used a film as a blueprint for torturing his wife.","url":"/2020/video/richard-shenkman-tyler-nancy-police-kidnap-abduct-murder-15461787","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}