The Trial of a Raving Gunman

Part 5: Shenkman's defense lawyer presented an insanity defense.
6:19 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for The Trial of a Raving Gunman
It was a -- -- -- -- -- -- would be her last. And handcuffed to a walk and he's -- -- I had her ex husband raving man with a gun when he threw her hands. -- its hands and threatening to shoot yeah all I'm not what I am and what Rick -- I'm Linden and then -- -- more than a hundred police officers kept that day for twelve hours. I'm -- I'm don't try to accurate and brilliant young and you're not doing anything I have because. Until Nancy incredibly -- game. At his trial last October in Hartford Connecticut. Richard shape and was spacing -- ninety years in prison for taking his ex wife hostage in their family home. His lawyer Hugh -- Presented an insanity defense -- insanity defenses a defense of last resort for suitable for criminal defense wars. This is a very difficult sell notwithstanding the fact that I personally thought Richard was for a long time. Had -- from one of the most interesting portions of the trial I think was when they played the tapes of Richard with the police. -- all those conversations. It's this -- -- -- the Clinton -- so it's not something that he must have been very reactionary who lived there are here right. This would not. I also think it was -- for him because. No jury that heard that was going to find him not guilty of committing these crimes. After a three week trial it took the jury less than five hours to convict him on all counts but it wasn't over yet. Nancy and her family would face have one final time at his sentencing earlier this month. Nancy and her son Peter reading their victim's impact statement told the world what it would mean is shaped and were ever to be released from jail. I am going to change -- since I was three years old Angel and he threw us out of the house -- it's that. -- is explosive. And unpredictable anger. Will be forever part of my child -- but for future generations of our and we need not suffer the same news if you received the sentence. He deserves. I was lucky enough to survive that day and everything that came before it. For mr. -- this will never stuff. And in a surprising twist that shocked even his own lawyer -- but also made a statement. As you myself right now as a Prisoner of War POW. In July 2006. Yes -- Tyler declared war. She fired the first shot in the famous war that Tyler's by filing for divorce. And over forty years of practice I've never seen a criminal defendant. Say anything like what I heard Richard say to judge Dewey and the court. Yeah it was a waste of time to -- don't -- -- -- for the rest of my life a lot of perks -- Nancy Tyler gives -- that purpose. Incredibly in open court -- and threatened to kill Nancy. Catching an elaborate plot to hire a hit man. From his prison cell one long experience professional assassin has the Green light for me to -- Connecticut self proclaimed poster child. The domestic violence I've never seen a sentencing like that -- I've been covering courts for quite some time blue magic might arrogance and announcing to his sport. But -- -- your killer to gun down the NC Tyler -- change. And a maximum security prison. -- delusional -- and nobody is still believe it. Judge Julia do -- to -- hankins claims of being a POW. Now the reason you're here to -- -- isn't because your Prisoner of War and actually stay -- for your report is an insult to any American -- -- -- -- -- You're here because of your own conduct and nothing more but judge rendered her decision her total effective sentence of seventy years. When your mandatory minimum seventy years imprisonment and -- the sixty. Three year old that amounts to a life sentence -- you and for Nancy it's the Specter of Richard -- -- looming over her is finally gone. And Nancy now works with domestic violence survivor networks in Connecticut. She hopes that her experience. And help women understand the consequences. Of staying and an abusive relationship. I really thought I could handle it. I could pacify him. But what I was really doing is just delaying. The inevitable and -- -- making it riskier for everybody. Nancy says that looking back. She wished she had reached out to friends and called the police were often a lot of women think if I call. It's gonna put him over the edge and he will get worse is that what you're thinking to yes but your advice to women now call. Com and get help and at least make sure people know about what's going on not just you. And all -- shapeless threats continue even from behind bars -- is committed to moving on with her life. Even though he's in jail he still feel that he's in control -- he has control over it. Well I think school would like to but her daughter Victoria acknowledges that no one in the family. Can afford to let their guard down. I ain't stopping them my concerned for her safety -- going frankly I think they're going to be a lot -- careful four and for the rest of our lives. It's trying to strike that balance of living -- life. -- Knowing you have to be. Aware. Because when you come that close to move not living your life any longer. It makes you very countries. What you have left. And I'm just gonna live. Enjoying every minute happens to -- him. And if you'd like to find resources and how to deal with issues of domestic violence. Go to our website Slash when he when he.

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{"id":15461820,"title":"The Trial of a Raving Gunman","duration":"6:19","description":"Part 5: Shenkman's defense lawyer presented an insanity defense.","url":"/2020/video/richard-shenkman-tyler-nancy-police-kidnap-abduct-murder-15461820","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}