Shot in His Own Driveway

Part 1: Raul Rodriguez shot Kelly Danaher at Danaher's daughter's birthday party.
3:00 | 09/14/12

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Transcript for Shot in His Own Driveway
We've just seen what happens when a community bans together against the neighborhood bully. But what happens when all those warning signs get ignored until it's too late? You're about to see. In our next story, what starts as a birthday party ends up as a homicide. Question is, did they see it coming? You think you got stuff on me? Reporter: The commandment is love thy neighbor, but that's hard to do when thy neighbor is a knuckle head. I like you, too, man. Reporter: Turns out, we can't all get along. And revenge is as easy as uploading the video. Every knockdown, drakout dust-up watched worldwide. Suburbia becomes disturbia, where no trespass is forgiven and no fence is high enough. Are you seriously doing that? Pick that up. Reporter: Getting into it over what the dog did. Come on, baby. Reporter: Would you believe this brawl, which has entertained thousands online, is over branches? You know, you've been blocking the -- here's the judge next door caught keying the carnd then passing sentence on himself. What do you think the penalty for that is? Maybe $1,500, misdemeanor. Reporter: Neighbors complain. Neighbors quarrel. And sometimes neighbors do much, much worse. Get away from me! I said stop right now or I will shoot you. Stop! Reporter: Huffman, texas. Close to houston, but a little bit more country. The kind of place where neighbors borrow tools and bring covered dishes when there's a death in the family. Tell me about it. Nice place? Yes. We loved huffman. We loved living there. Reporter: Mindy danaher grew up here and returned to her family home with her husband, kelly, a teacher and their 3-year-old daughter, peri. And I would always describe huffman to all my friends there as just a sweet little town. Reporter: This is their neighborhood on oak noll drive in huffman. That's peter fornols. He lives next door, with his wife. Across the road, it's terri hackathorn and her family. And her prized german shepherds. Then, across from them, donna and raul rodriguez. He's a former firefighter. They have a blended family of six kids. Donna rodriguez says the community really came together when disaster struck in 2008. If we needed something or they needed something, we worked with each other. I mean, during hurricane ike, everybody came together out there and got the tree out of our house. Reporter: But two years after ike, on a saturday night may 2010, a man-made catastrophe is about to hit the neighborhood. That dark night began as a sunny day with cupcakes and candles. A double birthday party for mindy and peri danaher. The party was really fun. Everybody was there that we love so much. And we were just eating and opening presents and just hanging out with all of our friends and family. Reporter: As it got late, there was some drinking and karaoke, and, according to raul and donna rodriguez, the birthday party becomes a nuisance. Why don't y'all turn that down? Hi husband called the constable's office to come and have them turn it down because it was so loud. Reporter: The police come and go. But the karaoke continues past midnight. "Hit me with your best shot." ♪ Fire away ♪ Reporter: Fire away. Words that will become much more than lyrics as rodriguez begins to boil. Stupid idiots. People are stupid and they're drunk. ♪ Come on baby ♪ Reporter: How was he when the constable left? Irritated. Very frustrated with him that they did not do crap to take care of the noise. Ken, my fiance, came and woke me up and said that, "i think there may be trouble fixing to happen. I just saw raul leave his house and he's walking down the street." It's a little after midnight, Reporter: That is the voice of raul rodriguez, still speed dialing the police. Now he's also marching toward Í I have one request. Will you teach me the cha-cha-cha? (laughs) IT'S A DEAL. (laughs) It's a deal. Wow! (Daymond) THAT IS HISTORY. (Kevin) WOW! Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Congratulations to you, guys. You guys are gonna do great. Now go back and sprinkle bedbugs in every hotel and restaurant you can. (laughs) Yes! (laughs) Yes! We did it, baby! All five of them. Whoo-hoo! Barbara, your greed almost killed that deal for all of us. Yeah, you're a savage. Bedbugs--my best friends. They're your relatives. Well, it's a great business. Having all five sharks get in the deal together the danahers, with a video camera in his hand, a handgun on his hip and 28 rounds of ammunition. I wish these cops would hurry up and come out here. These people are drunk, dr unk, drunk. Reporter: Rodriguez encounters mindy's dad, james storm. Why don't y'all turn that down, please? Hey. Hey, well, who are you? I live over here. Turn it down. Hey, don't go hollering at me, buddy. I'm hollering because you can't hear me. I've told y'all and told y'all, repeatedly. What do you mean I can't hear you? I can hear you screaming. Well, why don't you turn that garbage down, please? Some of us are trying to sleep. Reporter: Then, tell telldy danaher appears out of the darkness with some others from the party. Rodriguez pulls his gun. Don't come any closer, please. I said stop right now or I will shoot you. Stop! Get back! Get back. I'm in fear for my life. Get away from me. Get away from me. Pull a gun on me? Yeah, I told you to stop. And my life is in danger. You got weapons on you -- Reporter: Danaher's friend jamie tyler was there. Now, was kelly approaching him, like, with his hands out, like he was ready to fight? No, not at all. Reporter: Was he yelling? He was asking, "what are you doing down here? What's the problem?" So he threw his hands in the air and he backed up immediately. Reporter: Tyler and the others call 911. Yeah, there's a guy in the street with a gun. He's pointing it at us. Reporter: Rodriguez, still recording with his video camera, holsters his gun and also calls police. I've got about 15 people here. They're wanting to kick my ass. They want to beat me down. I had to draw my weapon to stop them to keep them from coming to me. I felt my life was in danger. I drew my weapon and then they stopped. Reporter: Rodriguez says he's scared and in danger. Yet he doesn't try to leave. Okay. They're going to escalate this. Okay, look, I'm going to defend myself. I'm going to have to defend myself. I'm going to have to defend myself. Reporter: Then comes the moment everyone would regret. Kelly's friend ricky johnson makes a move. Laughing at him, approaching him, you know, like being silly or goofy to the camera. That's when the shooting begins. Look, I'm not losing to these people any more. I'm just going to just tell them to stay back. They're drunk. They're swearing. rodriguez shoots Reporter: Rodriguez shoots kelly and the others then rush in. Marshall stetson is shot, and then kelly danaher at some point, is shot also. Harris county 911. There are gunshots being fired. Shooting off his gun. Three people -- so many people shot here. Reporter: Three shots from rodriguez. Three men down. Johnson and stetson are wounded. They will survive. But steps from the party celebrating his wife and daughter's birthdays, 36-year-old kelly danaher, husband, father, schoolteacher, lies bleeding to death. His friend jamie tyler takes danaher's hand and hears his last wor I was holding pressure on his arm and talking to him and holding his hand. Just telling him that, you know, help was on the way. And he just -- I mean, he talked back and forth to me a little bit and telling me that it hurt. It hurt. And he just faded away. Let go. I just immediately felt the absence of him, because I needed the comfort -- someone to comfort me. And it would have been him. I mean, I just -- I needed him. Reporter: Deputies arrest raul rodriguez and put him in jail. But he is confident he'll beat the charges. When we come back, you'll find out why. We'll also hear what his neighbors know. The secret life of raul rodriguez that could change everything. As soon as he stepped foot out that house, he made a choice on what he was going to do that night.

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{"id":17242605,"title":"Shot in His Own Driveway","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 1: Raul Rodriguez shot Kelly Danaher at Danaher's daughter's birthday party.","url":"/2020/video/rodriguez-raul-kelly-danaher-birthday-party-driveway-shooting-2020-17242605","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}