Self-Defense or Murder?

Part 2: Raul Rodriguez claims self-defense but prosecutors say it was murder.
3:00 | 09/14/12

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Transcript for Self-Defense or Murder?
this man is guilty of murder. Not one thing that he did out there that night is self-defense. Reporter: In houston this past june, raul rodriguez is on trial for shooting his neighbor and two other men. I guess the state's theory is that somehow raul rodriguez went next door because he wanted to kill somebody. Reporter: But he may have the law on his side. Texas' self-defense law, which does not require citizens to retreat from trouble before using deadly force. Anybody that knows the law would have thought that they had a right under those circumstances to stand their ground. Reporter: Rodriguez says he followed that law. But what he and his lawyers call justified, prosecutors call murder. rush him. He keeps saying he's afraid. He uses the gun. Why wasn't it a justifiable shooting? This was not a case where raul rodriguez was standing his ground, but where a neighborhood bully was approaching unarmed individuals and looking for a reason and a circumstance where he could shoot his gun. It wasn't murder. Reporter: What was it? It was -- it wasn't murder. I mean, I -- I had to defend myself. Yes, sir. This is raul rodriguez again. I called earlier, about 20 minutes ago, 25 minutes ago. I'm still standing out here on the middle of the road. I'm videotaping everything. Reporter: Rodriguez says he simply went to the end of danaher's drive the way at midnight because their karaoke singing was too loud. ♪ the next thing he knew, as he told the police dispatcher, a drunken mob was threatening his life. You know, it's just me against everybody. I've got -- I've got -- look. There's about 15 people here. Look, I'm in fear for my life right now. I am in very -- that's why I drew my weapon. I'm in fear for my life. Please help me now. Reporter: Was there any part of you that was looking for a confrontation that night? No. Reporter: So, to him, his reaction was reasonable and justified. And according to him, the video he recorded that n proves it. Proves he tried to get the police to handle things. I brought my video camera because I really believed that, that if I had documentation of this that we could take this to court. Reporter: You also brought a handgun and a lot of a yes. But I had a concealed handgun license and it was perfectly legal for me to carry that weapon. Reporter: Did you need to bring a handgun and ammo to that situation? I carried a firearm everywhere I went. Reporter: Important to note, he had a license to carry that gun. And he certainly doesn't seem like a murderer. Rodriguez is a former firefighter, former navy man, military policeman, husband with six kids. He has no criminal record. And his version is that he pulled his gun on kelly danaher and some others from the birthday party, the first time, after only danaher came at him. You need to stop right there. Don't come any closer, please. He walks right to -- right towards -- right up to me. Reporter: And? And I tell him to stop. And he still keeps coming. I'm telling you, I'm telling you to stop. I said stop right now, or I will shoot you! I tell him to stop. And I said stop one more time. And I drew my weapon, I said, "if you don't stop right now I'll shoot." And so he "whoa, whoa, hey, hey, whoa." And so, he backs up. Reporter: Why did you need to draw the weapon? Because I'm not going to sit there and fight with somebody. Reporter: Where was the What was he sayingt made you think there was going to be a fight? The man walked up to me and to me I perceived it as threatening. Reporter: Still, he would put his gun away, but drew it a second time when he says one of danaher's friends, ricky johnson attacked. What did you think was going to happen? And I thought to myself, this guy's going to kill me. And I seen the look in his eyes and just -- hatred. And I seen him pull a weapon, and just as he was doing that, he started to cackle. Ha, ha, ha! And brought it to bear like this, and that's when I grabbed my weapon and I fired. Reporter: Rodriguez shoots ricky johnson then he says kelly danaher, father of 3-year-old peri, the host of the birthday party and some others rush him. So he shoots them, too. And kelly danaher, he comes running at me with everything he's got. And I've seen an object in his hand too, it looked like a knife. And it's just like, this running at me, "look what you did , , I'm going to kill you." And I was, "no, no, no, stop, stop, stop." Pow pow. I think shame on him. And no, his life was not in danger. I think that he thought that he was above the law, just a little bit smarter than everybody else and I think he was waiting for the opportunity to do that. I do. Reporter: Prosecutors agree. In court, they ridicule the image of a now remorseful man supposedly reluctant to shoot. On that particular day he didn't have glasses on, he wasn't wearing a suit, he had guns strapped on him like gun smoke. "I am the law in these here parts, this is my neighborhood." Reporter: Neighbor after neighbor takes the stand, unmasking a deeply disturbing side of raul rodriguez. I label him like the schord bully. He always had a problem with somebody. Oh, he -- he thought he ran this neighborhood. The neighbors actually would alter their lifestyle to appease this man. He would wear his weapon down to the bus stop. Neighbors had even called the police about that, that he had his gun on when they're taking their kids down to the bus stop, and there was just no reason for that. Reporter: Rodriguez, they say, always armed, would confrontation anyone he believed was driving too fast or playing their music too loud. There was one family that we talked to that he had called the police on them more than 200 times. He poisoned cats. He would walk onto someone else's property and shoot the dog because he knew that dog had trespassed. Reporter: Rodriguez does admit he once shot a neighbor's dog that strayed onto his property. And so I shot him. I shot him twice. Reporter: Did you think about calling animal control or the police? It would take them an hour, two hours to get there. Reporter: So, your answer was just to shoot the dog? That dog was in my yard. That dog was threatening and yes, I shot him. Reporter: The neighbor from hell? Maybe. But does that make rl rodriguez a murderer? I'm not cold in any human and I'm not a monster. They made me out to be some evil person and -- that did all kinds of horrible things and it breaks my heart. To know that people said that about me, because I'm not like that. Reporter: Raul rodriguez says he is a good man. And more importantly, he says, that video will show he's a innocent man. But listen closely and prosecutors say you'll hear his true intention.

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{"id":17242660,"title":"Self-Defense or Murder?","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: Raul Rodriguez claims self-defense but prosecutors say it was murder. ","url":"/2020/video/rodriguez-raul-kelly-danaher-birthday-party-driveway-shooting-2020-17242660","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}