Caught on Video

Part 3: Rodriguez thought a video tape he recorded the night of the party would clear him.
3:00 | 09/15/12

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Transcript for Caught on Video
Reporter: In a quiet a country town, huffman, texas, a story as old as cain and abel -- neighbor killing neighbor. Was it justified or was it murder? It was an unjustified and unreasonable killing. Reporter: At a trial in houston in june, prosecutors argue is answer the right here in the video raul rodriguez recorded the night he shot his neighbor. We see kelly danaher, hand on his heart in the last minutes of his life. The video rodriguez thought would clear him. Look, I'm not losing to these people any more. I'm just going to tell them to stay back. They're drunk. Who on earth in the history of the world takes a video camera to tape themselves when they think they're going to murder somebody. Reporter: Do you believe that raul rodriguez went down there that night to quiet the party or to get into a confrontation? To quiet the party. I have no doubt in my mind. Reporter: Why did he bring so much ammo? Well, he's the kind of guy that -- that when he steps out of his house, he has his gun and an extra clip. That's just his mentality. Reporter: His attorneys say rodriguez was afraid of kelly danaher that night. He has the right to pull a weapon if he feels like he's in fear of his life. This guy was not going up to raul to shake his hand or pat him on the back. Reporter: Kelly danaher was going up to him, why? In your estimation? In raul's mind, he was going up there to -- whip his ass. Reporter: Where does that come from? He's the one who whoops ass, not kelly dana her. You need to up coo it down. You need to keep it down. When I go in that house and i come back, don't think I want be equal to you, baby. Reporter: They say the loud laugh from ricky johnson signaled danger. It wasn't just the laughter. It was a cackle. And he was hell bent on attacking raul. It wasn't a huh-huh -- an attack. Reporter: How do you know that he was hell bent on attacking raul? You can hear the cackle on video, and you can hear it get very loud. Reporter: And what does that cackle mean? It's a maniacal laughter. Like I'm coming at you. He's hell bent on attacking him and seriously beating him up. That's what would have happened. Reporter: Rodriguez says the men were armed, just like he was. Were any of the people who came from the party armed? No. Reporter: Did they recover any weapons from the scene, other than yours? I don't know. Reporter: You know the answer. I don't know. Reporter: The answer is no. Okay, I don't know. Reporter: His lawyer says he may have mistaken a flashlight on danaher's belt for a gun. They didn't find any weapon from him that night, and he was not known to be a man who carried a weapon. He was not having a reputation for violence. He was a p.E. Teacher in an elementary school. I'm not -- I wasn't known for violence myself. Reporter: Yes, you were. You have a reputation in that neighborhood. You don't have a criminal record. It's all talk. Reporter: You don't have the police report -- it's all talk. Reporter: You got a lot of talk. It's all -- it's talk. Reporter: Rodriguez did have a conceal ed handgun license and knew all about the texas stand your ground law, which allows you to use deadly force if you are in fear for your life, with no obligation to retreat. I am in fear for my life. Reporter: And so the most damning part of video, prosecutors say, is the sound of rodriguez repeating that phrase like a mantra. Look, I'm in fear for my life right now. I'm in fear for my life. I'm in fear for my life. I'm in fear for my life. He thought those buzz words, the parroting of the statute would save him. What we have to know about this case, ladies and gentlemen is that, to this man, those words are rhetoric. Those words are rehearsed. And those words are fiction. He has instructed me before on what to say if I ever had to drop somebody, to ensure that i wouldn't get in trouble. Reporter: Neighbor terri hackathorn. What did he tell you? To tell the authorities that I was in fear for my life. If somebody messes with you, all you got to say is you're in fear for your life and you can kill that son of a bitch. He would try to convince anyone he came in contact with, hey, listen, if anyone sets foot on your property, you can blow them away. Look, I'm in fear for my life right now. I'm in fear for my life. Reporter: You know those are phrases that have meaning in the law, right? Now I do, yes. Reporter: You didn't then? Well, I did, but that's just what came out of my mouth. I was truly afraid. Reporter: But the jury doesn't buy it. At the end of his trial in june, rodriguez is found guilty of murder. You shall be confined for 40 years -- took this picture with you. Reporter: Kelly danaher's widow, mindy, now raising htheir daughter on her own, tries to keep his memory alive. She says the verdict is a victory for the whole neighborhood. Their children can enjoy being, living in that neighborhood like we did when we grew up. Reporter: Donna rodriguez and her children moved away from huffman soon after the shooting. She said they didn't feel safe. Mindy a mindy and peri are gone, too. Mindy says she's satisfied rodriguez got what he deserved. But she can't picture a future without her husband. And that hole that I'm missing in my life, I mean -- no one can ever fill that. How can you replace that? He's not replaceable. Reporter: The neighbors who remain say rodriguez would have nothing to complain about anymore. It is quiet. Nothing to bother them, except the painful memory of a life that was lost.

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{"id":17242716,"title":"Caught on Video","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 3: Rodriguez thought a video tape he recorded the night of the party would clear him.","url":"/2020/video/rodriguez-raul-kelly-danaher-birthday-party-driveway-shooting-2020-17242716","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}