The Royal Baby: The In-Laws

Part 3: Who will be godparents and what roles will Catherine's "commoner" family play?
5:31 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for The Royal Baby: The In-Laws
Every grandmother grandfather -- -- -- new bond is understandably. Proud of the new -- -- in the family. But just imagine the bragging rights if that new -- turned out to be fair to the British. His -- what -- -- on the new babies rather extraordinary extended family. What grandma and great -- this little kid acts. In the blue blood corner with Queen Elizabeth the Second -- -- the country and an empire for sixty. And in the red corner Kate's mom Carol a one time flight attendant. So humble beginnings she's gone from being held mine is still -- -- NN mother of the pitcher's current. And she's not -- -- to the future king Carol Mendelsohn is is a very formidable woman I mean she has fans format finally -- You know and custom ranked in the middle class funding and seeing the second most -- finally Milan. Quite impressive. And Smart money is on -- get -- grandma get your hands Dixie. Now the -- has a right. The power granny she's done three -- -- -- -- know alone about the decent thing he's content to simply not unlike the militants of bees and hands on loans. Because what I wonder how many diapers the queen ever actually changed and I've heard queens and kids have to make appointments to -- When they swing -- palace. William who clearly misses his own mother -- will welcome. Middleton involvement he loves the militants he loves the fact that he's indicted in medicine will be -- -- -- can do the washing up. Lets -- know little. The queen might be a little intimidating she has that look and she has an army -- I think -- Might win the grandma face off. -- when the time comes for the official babyface is in the rather luscious white drawing room -- great -- Melissa's eyes. Who will be anointed don't parents a virtual reporters who -- the time. This -- -- good pumpkin Harry is a no brainer he's a perfect godfathers footloose and fancy free. And -- don't child just might make you think about settling down and he already told Katie Couric he's dreaming of more domesticated existence. Its problems for kids since those were very young and so on farmers and -- Percy someone is willing to take on the general. And he can be responsible as he showed on his recent. US visit these children seemed quite taken with him. The other shoe in. Eight sassy little -- it let it -- and spice when wills and Kate just get. Two perfect candidate anything in discreet but that also can faction -- seems to get a little bit wearing sent there is a real love pit. Is this campus and stay in the Tibet kind of some soon known soon. There's the trademark limelight deceiving dairy. And she -- party planning but surely she would -- -- christening marks. If they have more. Festival the -- -- like to -- Steamy scene is a little bit self indulgent -- ask people to come to -- and brings us we chest pain didn't know it. Victoria sometimes remove the oil from the royals themselves. But banks in the gulf there's another possibility -- little bro James good looking Rick dams if see in the semi naked snaps on the Internet. Just take -- word from. He's reportedly engaged to a leggy TV presented -- don't let him. I actually minerals isn't done (%expletive) and I kind of Ralston into the kings can you can access to kind of it's -- when -- human societies and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- consumption means no ratings NN Petra news and then so that's. Maybe three -- -- that upper crust brits would never -- And could happen -- of six. -- usually attacks in the middle of the aristocracy they have somebody. Megan Wilson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it's been a couple of Williams well -- -- with funny names were talking. We have found some brush with a delicious -- Thomas -- -- and -- Other possibilities Diana's brother Charles Spencer -- that lady's closest relative. -- side of the family and I tried Johnson's williams' relationship with his uncle. Isn't frost. I expect him he's outrageous. He's covered -- -- another definite -- his case rather rich uncle Gary. Brother -- Middleton back -- self made millionaire once allegedly caught in the tabloids staying offering reporters drugs and prostitutes. He denied the allegations. -- -- -- Some want to live in -- teeny -- -- team. T on Wednesday saying that he bringing wants to be around to help raise his speech exits -- and we must make -- -- -- coming to Heinz. Which brings back to grandma Carol Carol. -- I think it's in wait Chelsea is formidable as the -- We'll have a lot to do with this -- is something which might be a very. Very good thing I think and linking every now and then needs of serious injection -- new movement.

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{"id":19754948,"title":"The Royal Baby: The In-Laws","duration":"5:31","description":"Part 3: Who will be godparents and what roles will Catherine's \"commoner\" family play?","url":"/2020/video/royal-baby-laws-19754948","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}