The Royal Baby: Lessons From Diana

Part 5: Barbara Walters' exclusive interviews with Diana's former private secretary and bodyguard.
6:05 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for The Royal Baby: Lessons From Diana
So much has changed. They on the city's nuisance can disguise and then tries stepped out of Saint Mary's hospital to -- -- this new. Says he wants just this morning the inevitable comparison to his mother Princess Diana but in many ways Diana and paved the way for a new kind of growing -- Harrington and sending -- to -- As mother of a future months. Senate definitely break with royal tradition and was much more faction and nothing to a situation than we had seen -- -- -- generations across. From the -- -- -- Diana rebelled against the royal tradition of arm's length parents and Prince William was the first to -- -- come to be born outside the palace won't follow up questions on what might be another royal affairs. That is why he reports to see if Larry says -- -- breast fed up close to come close to being -- that the second but what we -- at least that. Queen Victoria until the very IDS breast -- was disgusting. It may be bad -- to discuss. Those loyal -- but many people are wondering what -- -- -- Irish ourselves exactly Waltz. Nice and in this country to which is depressing news -- business -- Diana down with them our tradition of taking long trips and the -- -- instead she insisted on including nine -- Williams on an official visits. -- -- -- Finally. And a gradual process but it was -- was brilliant because night. By the looks from the -- banking Prince Charles Diana and young -- and -- kid by thousands on the trip to Australia he was. Very well -- for both of them because it. All the problems facing. They would walk down a crowd of people that he would take one side she would take me out that he -- -- -- disappointment from the he's on his side and he was sitting just comforted. That overwhelming. Attention to Diana drove away -- into her marriage a lesson not lost on William and Kate. Do you think that Kate has learned not to of the chateau where you she easily just get behind -- just -- she -- -- to be she's -- support him. It. And now both -- have to get used to taking the back seat as they -- -- grabs this spot. -- young Prince William is content and media spotlight -- he was the first air not to be home school. There's nobody -- can walk this could bring him on his fifth day. Donna said in this -- and there's been a lot of photographers and you'll lose Corso that you need to behave yourself and he whistled just -- -- said to his mother just below the pink cap. I don't quite -- refuse. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- issues that what are -- gonna get this for the rest of your life. We arrived the school there was ninety photographers journalists. That was the beginning of millions increasing distrust of the need. Despite the constant media pessimists Princess Diana insisted on giving her sons had -- -- -- can do. This century was young royals had grown up and isolation away from the symptoms can actually. The queen Lindsey young talent they had to bring an outside company to -- -- congress just did she would have 1010 and age to -- nicely. He sings champions and -- she didn't want to reduce current issues -- is still. Princess Diana's chief of staff -- -- this -- William and the boy who's accused. She made sure that they experienced things like going to the cinema queuing up to -- -- McDonald's. -- -- Those sorts of things that -- experiences they could shed if -- friends. Clinton told NBC news last. Even cheaper -- -- Boston in my life and parents growing up and how -- things and hundreds there's things -- very much wanted to secede. The -- moves in real life comes. -- confident enough about his reality bites can be quite -- -- contestants on -- he's on just how lucky and privileged. Cemented his home. And quite sure their -- returned to the saying I'm trying to give him Prince Charles has much news and with the new addition to the phantom Lehman case and facing another more modern challenge his camera and -- -- wreck happened only -- case Friday night. Simply because they say scientists only concisely and Kate walking in the conflict that they -- they snapped paycheck ankle that eloquently tech. Suddenly it's round of wells and springs signal attack like magazines. William -- the dangers -- the media frenzy -- to -- sixteen years ago his mother died in a car accident. While being -- Paparazzi waiting. ET. And millions media he is adamant that they aren't just. -- you can absolutely confident and I mean in his mind the median of the once accused mom. The tragedy provided a final -- I'm Diana. -- -- -- -- Last year two French tabloids published on March and found himself can't. And -- finally decided to fight back to becoming the first senior member of the -- I'm too soon and find -- except on the nine. When McCain went ahead tonight anyone compressed cross -- was extremely touched his -- he will be -- could be T moves to protect this child the case is ongoing. I don't expect this new dad to simply hide his family and -- The -- to Kensington Gardens is at Princess Diana yeah and I think we naming taking anything tonight taking his child on its plant. -- seeing -- this child. Can understand -- and read and -- his pitches I'm sure that we didn't look at his mother and helped -- -- something tangible ways to present in this child's mind. -- there would be a very -- grand. It's.

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{"id":19755140,"title":"The Royal Baby: Lessons From Diana","duration":"6:05","description":"Part 5: Barbara Walters' exclusive interviews with Diana's former private secretary and bodyguard.","url":"/2020/video/royal-baby-lessons-diana-19755140","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}